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Hillary Clinton: ‘It Was Hard’ Not To Lose Control During Inauguration

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Hillary Clinton had a tough time attending Donald Trumps Inauguration. When asked about the Inauguration in an interview, Clinton recalls how hard it was for her.

“She was still in the ritualistic-process mode when she attended Trump’s inauguration. People close to her told me that she’d had doubts about being able to make it through without visibly losing control.” Rebecca Traister wrote in New York Magazine.

“Oh,” says Clinton, “it was hard. It was really … difficult.” But “at the time, we hoped that there would be a different agenda for governing than there had been for running.”

“It was a really painful cry to his hard-core supporters that he wasn’t changing,” she said, regarding Trump’s speech at inauguration. “The ‘carnage’ in our country? It was a very disturbing moment. I caught Michelle Obama’s eye, like, What is going on here? I was sitting next to George and Laura Bush, and we have our political differences, but this was beyond any experience any of us had ever had.”

This might not have helped either on Inauguration day: “Hillary Catches Bill Staring At Something — Or Someone.”

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  • oneworld65

    The sadistic beetch had some serious mental issues.

  • Caffiend

    Thank God she didn’t get control of the country. THAT would have been a loss!