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‘Hidden Figures’ honors brilliance of NASA women

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The top redemptive movie for the first week of January is “Hidden Figures.”

Opening Friday, this outstanding movie is based on a true story about an amazing team of African-American women during the American Civil Rights movement and space race of the 1960s.

It is primarily about brilliant African-American women who provide NASA with important mathematical data needed to launch the program’s first successful space missions. – READ MORE

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  • jubadoobai

    It is noteworthy that these women achieved wondrous things before the establishment of the meme that ghetto is authentic and to be educated is to act white. Today, these women might be bogged down in the ghetto lifestyle of babies with different daddies and the entitlement mentality. Thank God they lived when they did and can serve as living proof that blacks thrived before being shoved back on the new Democrat plantation that imprisoned minds and deprived people of rugged individualism.

    Trump is right. There is huge potential in the black community; a black woman myself, I know this to be true. I long for the day when American blacks abandon the cultural morés of the thugocracy and, like these three women, fulfill their true potential.

  • Sudo_Guru

    They will, At least one of them will contribute to the other inmates with her straight A grades, Everyone needs a tutor.
    Anything Prior to this malicious act has NO barring whatsoever. And to suggest that is down right idiotic. Great things about opinions everyone has one! there kinda like assholes.. you can smell most of them talking shit, you know CBC,CNN,CBS,WT,NYT. wow so many FAKE news publications.