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Gowdy: Even Trump’s Critics ‘Are Saying He Did A Good Job’ (VIDEO)

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Trey Gowdy broke down Donald Trump’s joint session speech on Fox News Wednesday afternoon.

Dana Perino first noted that while Republicans interrupted Trump “more than 100 times” with applause, “the Democrats were pretty much sitting on their hands, not doing anything.”


“It was very different from the previous six State of the Unions,” the South Carolina Republican agreed. “During joint addresses, I always sit by [South Carolina Sen.] Tim Scott, and he’s getting older so it was a little harder for him to get up as much as he did.”

“I thought I was at a wedding for part of the night,” Gowdy joked. “Because the Democrats were in all white.”

“His message was consistent on principle, with the platform he ran on but the tone was very persuausive, even consiliatroy, and I think even his critics this morning, begrudgingly, are saying he did a good job.”


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