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Glenn Beck Falls In Line: Trump Headed To Big Victory As FBI Investigation Sinks Clinton

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“The race is over … Trump is going to win this thing,” reiterated Beck, who has fiercely opposed the GOP nominee.

According to Beck and Burguiere, while Trump was likely trailing Clinton by eight points just one week prior, the reopening of Clinton’s FBI investigation has likely unraveled her campaign and reversed any lead.

“Let’s say that he was eight points, that’s fair to say, eight points behind last week,” Beck said.

“He should win this by five points,” he declared. – READ MORE

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  • daisychain

    glenn beck who???

  • Mina17

    We have better memories that Glenn Beck might want to believe.

  • mutantbeast

    Beck deserves tolose everything. It was patriots who made him who he was and then he deserted Patriots for the Hilldebitch. Let him fall hard and not recover anytime soon. See if his Mormon gods Mittens, Hairy Greed and Flake the fake can rescue him.

  • katzkiner

    Who cares what “open borders” Beckie says?
    He devolved into a worthless silly idiot several years ago.

  • where freedom once lived

    Beck, you’ve made your bed, now get LOST!

  • lapin.grove

    I hate GB. He is a dry drunk with brain damage.

  • Jackson Furst

    I have news from Beck….Trump was closing in on the polls BEFORE the FBI things was announced.