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Glenn Beck: Electing Hillary Clinton ‘Is a Moral, Ethical Choice’

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The Blaze founder Glenn Becktook to his Facebook page last Saturday to urge his followers to abandon support of Republican nominee Donald Trump, declaring that if such an action results in the election of Hillary Clinton, “so be it” because “[a]t least it is a moral, ethical choice.”

Beck’s latest missive was in response to the release of an 11-year-old hot-mic tape of Trump saying lewd things about women.

“If the consequence of standing against Trump and for principles is indeed the election of Hillary Clinton, so be it. At least it is a moral, ethical choice,” Beck wrote. – READ MORE

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  • Dogberry1

    Nothing surprises me anymore

  • Alti

    How embarrassing for Mr. Beck. The blood shed resulting from Hillary’s presidency (if she is elected) will be on his hands.

  • Sovereign_Citizen

    Would someone please bring a thorazine gun over here so we can put Mr. Beck down…he is going to have another nervous breakdown and really needs a nap!

  • JMES

    I stopped listening to his show and reading his website 2 or so years ago. I realized how wacko he was becoming.

  • Aquastar

    Beck, not content to continously shoot himself in the foot, has just dealt himself the fatal blow to any chance he could retain a semblance of his former audience.

    Contrary to reports, it was a self inflicted wound.

  • B. Terclinger

    Time for Cruz to redeem himself by slapping the crap out of Beck.

  • Ted Dolkens

    To suggest that electing killary to keep Trump out is hardly a choice that has anything to do with morals or ethics, both traits that killary has never had. Has this idiot been in a coma for the last few years? He obviously is very out of touch with former Secretary of State who is responsible for many felonies during and before her term of office and if successful in the coming elections will inevitably drag America into a war with Russia.

  • Ted Dolkens

    Maybe he wanted to say something about this incident but realized that any criticism of killary could be fatal?

  • whereugoingwhenudie

    Hillary Clinton officially on record as supporting the implementation of sharia over the Constitution
    Funny beck is with her

  • Hunter

    Beck has definitely gone off the rails. I don’t know what happened to him or when but he has absolutely lost his mind.

  • If you weren’t done with Glenn Beck already, this should be it…

  • “Ahem… I’m writing this… statement on my (aaaaie)… own free will”

  • ron44

    …Tha’s because he got to close to KILLARY and her diseases ..mental illness can be catching.

  • ron44

    Has any one noticed TRUMP was ok during the APPRENTICE run..NBC thought so..damned hypocrites, sanctimonious bastards.

  • Grunt with a PhD-MBA


  • huntress

    Why is anyone even reporting on what goofy glenn is supporting or not supporting???!! WHO cares? This guy needs to be committed to a mental institution. He is a fat, boozing, drug induced nut job. Go stick your face in some cheetos, and go away!

  • huntress

    Yeah well, his idiocy will affect the rest of us, not just blood on his hands!

  • james beapukin

    Beck is dead to me.

  • wonduh

    What a waste of air this dork consumes. Had he been in a ‘Nam foxhole or a base latrine, with his turncoat views, … hello fraggin. People did it for less they say. Give ’em a medal and ship ’em home. Weird huh.

  • Snowcat007

    The Beckster been hitting the bottle once again. Can someone give me one factual point on Killary, proving she is moral and ethical? Didn’t think so.
    TRUMP 2016!