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Gary Johnson Crushes Libertarian Hopes with 3 Little Words: “What is Aleppo?”

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The Libertarian candidate for president has apparently not been keeping close tabs on the Syrian civil war that has decimated the country and created hundreds of thousands of refugees. As TalkingPointsMemo details the entire conversation…

“What would you do if you were elected about Aleppo?” Mike Barnicle asked Gary Johnson on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“About?” Johnson asked.

“Aleppo,” Barnicle repeated, referring to Syria’s second-largest city, which has been hit in recent weeks by a series of devastating chemical gas attacks and targeted bombing strikes on its few remaining medical facilities.

“And what is Aleppo?” Johnson asked sunnily, to the astonishment of the “Morning Joe” hosts.

“You’re kidding,” Barnicle said.

“No,” Johnson replied. – READ MORE

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  • Sovereign_Citizen

    Gary Johnson is what happens when the smaller political parties get into such a hurry to hire/bring aboard a “Well-Known” person that they fail to ask basic questions to determine the person’s IQ such as:

    Do you know what socks are? or What does 2+2=? Or this doozy; If Johnny is too stupid to make it either as a repub or dem, why the hell would we want the moron?

    Now, all of the work the Libertarian Party has put in to be taken seriously as a legit alternative to the big two has been for nought. Though, a buddy of mine pointed out that they have shown they are just as stupid as the big two with this guy…

    You get what you pay for.