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From Russia With Money: How The Clinton Cartel & Silicon Valley Got Filthy Rich Upgrading The Russian Military

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While Democratic lawmakers put on a Russian dog and pony show today on Capitol Hill, complete with fabrications from US Intel chiefs, a confidential report has surfaced illustrating how Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and the Clinton Foundation reaped untold millions from selling favors to Russia while Hillary was secretary of state.

Unlike the nonsensical partisan hearings on The Hill where there is NO proof of President Donald Trump-Russia connections, this report describes in chilling detail how the Clinton cartel traded US resources and political payoffs in exchange for possible hundreds of millions of dollars.

Where is the FBI Director James Comey when you need him? Oh right, he’s perjuring himself again about fabricated and fictional Trump links to Russia and his agency’s investigative theater show written to discredit President Trump.

(VIEW FULL REPORT: Government Accountability Institute)


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  • Patriot76

    The Republicans just sat there and asked not one question about Clinton money. Time to pull your thumbs out of your arses.

  • sickofit5

    After reading this why would Putin want anyone other than Clinton as President. It is the second time a Clinton has given away military technology to a major adversary. First Bill and China and now Hillary and Russia.