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FOX News Cuts Off Inspirational Jon Voight Inauguration Speech after He Blasts Media, Mentions God

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This is the entire Jon Voight speech that was not preempted by Fox News’ national feed with Neil Cavuto. That speech was interrupted after Voight blasted the media and mentioned how God protected Trump’s campaign.

Voight mentioned media propaganda and was met with a fresh dose of censorship.

Shameless Fox.

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  • vastrightwing

    Remember, this is corporate media, not the press that used to do fact checking and reporting. The corporate media is in a giant feedback loop of self destruction as it continues its old ways of censoring what it doesn’t want to hear. Each outlet marches lockstep as the feedback loop reinforces itself. The inertia is too great for it to correct. It will ultimately collapse on itself.

    Watching the media implode in real-time is exciting to watch.

  • William

    Isn’t Voight also a birther? Was that propaganda?

  • GizaDog

    Wait what? This is the full video???

  • harrydweeks

    FBN had the entire speech.

  • powerxq

    “WASHINGTON (ABC7) — ABC 7 News has learned of a new development in the search for the killers of Seth Rich, the Democratic National Committee worker shot to death in the District.

    “I-Team Investigator Scott Taylor obtained the preview today of the art work that will be included on billboards and bus stops. It asks “Do you know who murdered Seth Rich”?

    “A $130,000 reward is mentioned on the billboards. D.C. attorney Jack Burkman is behind much of that reward along with D.C. Police and WikiLeaks. It also mentions a website — — that will launch today dedicated to tracking down the people responsible for Rich’s murder.”

  • Rocketmissile

    If you factor in the fact that his “birth certificate” is a proven phony. I wouldn’t call it propaganda. I would however, call you a brainwashed parrot.