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Fox News Actually Offered Megyn Kelly $100 Million Package to Stay

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Mediaite has learned that Fox News offered Megyn Kelly even more than has generally been reported, a whopping $100 million package to stay put at the network and continue hosting her highly-rated prime time cable news show. A source close to Kelly says the offer, which included $25 million per year for four years, came directly from Lachlan Murdoch, Executive Co-Chairman of News Corp and 21st Century Fox.

Our sources tells us that New York Magazine reporter Gabriel Sherman‘s “scoop” on Tuesday that Kelly went begging for $25 million late in their negotiations talks is entirely inaccurate. We are told, unequivocally, that Kelly never even countered Fox’s generous $100 million offer, because she had made up her mind to move on. In fact, the Fox offer is far higher financially than the one she ultimately accepted from NBC. – READ MORE

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  • yennikcm

    she should go work for the Onion…more her speed

  • Amy

    She’d rather go hang out with her other liberal friends at “That” fake news network.

    I couldn’t be happier.

    And a big welcome to Tucker Carlson, who won her coveted time slot. A “Real News” program!