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FOX Insider Confesses: News Queen Megyn Kelly Unwanted & Loathed at FOX; Toppled by Hannity & O’Reilly (Video)

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The Megyn Kelly act got old very fast for her Fox colleagues and producers, a Fox News insider said Tuesday. And when Kelly made up a story about Donald Trump threatening her, she sealed her walking papers with the network.

“Everyone we work with hated this woman,” the Fox insider said. “She changed so much and made it impossible to like her.”

The situation at Fox, the network insider said, simply came down to this: If Kelly stayed, then Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reily were free to leave and possibly work for ousted Fox News legend Roger Ailes, whom Kelly accused of allegedly sexually harassing her.

Hannity and O’Reilly had grown tired of defending Kelly’s partisan “journalism” both on screen and off screen and her on-air feud with Donald Trump, the Fox insider said. After Kelly alleged that Trump threatened her before the presidential debates — a bogus claim believed to try to jump start Kelly’s lackluster book sales — the Fox insider said that proved the proverbial last straw for the top talent at the network. Both Hannity and O’Reilly have clauses in their contracts allowing them to walk away from Fox absent Ailes’ employment with the network. They could walk out the door at any moment and freely join another network or as many feared, a news startup launched by Ailes to compete with Fox.

Newly promoted Fox co-president Bill Shine cut a deal with O’Reilly and Hannity. By agreeing to stay on at Fox uninterrupted, Shine guaranteed to allow Kelly’s contract to expire absent negotiating an extension, the Fox insider said.

While Hannity openly called Kelly a Hillary Clinton supporter on air, O’Reilly instead used back channels to quietly express his dismay with her to Fox News brass. The insider said O’Reilly had “major issues” with Kelly, especially because she would do anything and say anything for ratings in a quest to top his show’s numbers.

But beyond Hannity and O’Reilly, Kelly was simply despised by several dozens at Fox. The insider said Kelly’s star inside the network tumbled in 2016 after she alleged Ailes sexually harassed her in 2006 after giving her a hug she didn’t like. Ailes resigned this summer from Fox.


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  • Shelley O’Hara Plunkett

    She always struck me as the “popular-girl” type. I don’t think I would have been hanging out with her in High School…..or beyond. When she used Alan Thicke’s death to push her book, that pretty much ended it for me. She had been losing credibility with me for awhile and that was the icing on the cake.

  • Fee-fi-fo-fum

    Who is going to be in charge of cat fight mediation at NBC??

  • Mela

    I never did like Megyn. I always disliked her smug, know-it-all arrogance and that snarky bitch attitude…and then she does that helpless, innocent, raised eyebrows, “What?” look after she asks a really sick question…like she is an innocent little girl unknowingly asking a full-bitch question. Can’t stand her.

  • Glen Spicer

    People generally get what’s coming to them and when they try to be all that, it usually backfires. Just ask Obama. People find out in the end who and what you truly are, and you are suddenly knocked off your pedestal. It is best not to climb up there on your own. It usually ends badly. Both Obama and Kelly were Legends in their own minds.

  • John Kearney

    Won’t make any difference where she goes, her persona has been found wanting and her star power has lost it’s shine.

    She is in essence a lost cause and will eventually just fade away to a blip.. and good riddance I say !!

  • RevDrEBuzz

    Ah, Katie Couric is going there too…oooh!!! Bitchfight!

  • Les Deplorables for Trump

    She will follow in Katie Couric’s footsteps. There are plenty of opportunities in the lying MSM for an attractive sellout egomaniacal arrogant leftist bitch.

  • Les Deplorables for Trump

    I am so glad she is leaving Fox News. With the addition of Tucker Carlson there is hope. Though Chris Stirewalt also has to go.

  • John Rosenski

    … thank God & greyhound she’s gone… hopefully, her replacement will keep me from switching channels so often.

  • Harry Callahan

    NBC is where personalities go to die. Karma

  • lynnbaber

    Ditto on all counts.

  • Mayumi Mishima
  • Divider in Chief

    In a year or so it well be Megyn Kelly who?

  • Stevo Schmoll

    Kelly joins MSNBC to become queen of Fake News!

  • Rosalyn Portello

    I wonder who will be carrying her snooty face out and will she still have her “Ziggy Stardust” hairdo and makeup.. just awful!!!

  • ILConservative

    I would add Juan Williams, Jemu (?) Green, and others I can’t remember because I change channels when they start their diatribes to the list of those who have to go. After just a few times, I stopped watching Kelly a long time ago.

  • ILConservative

    Sorry! I hit “post” when I wanted to add a line. I don’t mind opposite views to mine but I do mind completely unreasoned views and refuse to listen to them.

  • Chuck Benedon

    she’ll be good at helping with faking the news, good riddance.

  • Natasha78

    OH grow up fake news, Megyn is a tramp and she did herself in, her book tanked, she is 100% fake news, lost her access to headline news and now you want to try to reverse it. Megyn brought this on herself and she will be a burden to the next channel.

  • JoeSmith06811

    that’s ok, i’m sure Trump will drive her to cut her hair even shorter at nbc. he really did turn her into a self harming parrot.

  • Pojo

    You forgot Julia whatshername. What a shrew she is.

  • bcliff

    Add Dana.

  • buck

    Happy to see her go. So sick of her “Nice to see you again” to EVERYONE even if she fought with them. She is so fake and clearly there only for her own glory.

  • RedPillPlease

    Good riddance! I hear she’s headed off to NBC to be with the other fake news generators.

  • kat

    NO NO NO, not Dana. She wasn’t that far removed from being a Kelly. Or did you mean add Dana to the gotta go list? Then, OK!

  • mackd

    And that hag Dana Perino. Always trashing Trump.

  • maribel

    Her co-conspiritor from day 1. Both bragging about planned attack days before debate. See tape. Her behavior throughout indicates not nearly as smart as she thinks. Soiled a very good nest.

  • maribel

    Geraldo? Definitely past his “use by date.”

  • maribel

    Bet the other Fox ladies “loved” having to push her failing book.

  • Turner

    She could go to a backroom casting agency for some work.

  • Half Full

    I love Martha McCallum- she’s well spoken, professional, respectful, & not an obnoxious
    loud mouth like Kelly.

  • John from NY

    I don’t know if there is a bigger phony and attention whore than Geraldo.

  • bailintheboat

    E. T. the Walrus:

  • kap man

    Get rid of Shep too!!

  • WOW, I came to “Truepundit” because I’d heard it was the biggest purveyor of faked news… and YEP! This story was so poorly done I can’t imagine even a poverty-stricken journalism teacher giving it a passing grade even when bribed.

    Number one sign of a faked story: repeatedly claiming an unnamed insider who wishes to remain private is the only source you have, and not corroborating even ONE little word.

    This site’s comment sections are actually humorous in how gullible and eager-to-believe the readers are, and how happy they are to be convinced of what they already believe so bad.

  • Trashing trash is a good thing though. Why whine about it?
    Dishonest Donald is garbage of the lowest order.

  • AHAHAHAHAAAA, nothing like posting an obviously faked Photoshop to support your opinion… especially on the Internet’s best-known fake news site!

    (No, seriously, this did make me laugh, thanks for that. With Draft-dodgin’ Donald inching closer to the White House it’s been hard as heck to laugh at anything.)

  • But Ailes said Shep gave the best head.

  • bailintheboat

    It could be they have watched her news coverage.

  • Teresa Ganim

    Chuck Todd is the loser in this fight. In 2 years Megyn Kelly will push him out to be the moderator for Meet the Press.

  • Scarlet63

    So, coming to this conservative site and making that comment –you want to stir up a mess. Vapid.

  • Diane Bush Levine

    I won’t miss her or her style. Never smiled and was always harsh. Martha McCallum, Tucker in his new spot, Fox & Friends (Steve Docey, makes me laugh), Out Numbered (Harris is super), The Five (- Dana, Kimberly, Eric, Juan and Greg are Great), Fox News is super at all times, Special Report, Bill O’Reilly, and then Hannity – and yes, Brett – Fox is Fair, Balanced and Unafraid!! I love and watch Fox News ALL the time with my husband!!

  • Eddie James

    Scarlet63 are you conservative or left wing nut job? sounds you don’t like free speech that true ..carrie you are right

  • Ripperbravosix

    Eddie, you’re not too bright, are you? Please tell us how making a comment about stirring up a mess is anti-free speech? Sounds like you may need to go back to elementary school.

  • Ripperbravosix

    You’re really smart. (No, seriously, you’re really, really smart)

  • cynic728

    They are best friends.

  • cynic728

    Shephard Smith could go too.

  • cynic728

    along with her dog Jasper…so sick of hearing about her dog.

  • cynic728

    Yeah, NBC is not where you go to advance your career. Haven’t seen a tweet from Matt Lauer…is he on board with this new announcement…you know how he destroys people’s careers behind the scenes.

  • bcliff

    Once Fox realized Kelly viewed Trump as everyone whoever bullied her rolled into one, she had to go.

  • bcliff

    She’s even turned Gutfeld into a wimp. Sad.

  • A.) THANK YOU for signing your response as “Vapid”. It was ultimately superfluous of you, but appreciated all the same.

    B.) For the love of everything holy — do NOT call a fake news site a “Conservative” site. That’s exactly what the Left has wanted, and you’re on your hands and knees giving it to them. Have some self respect. You make ALL of us look bad when you equate nonsense fake sites with Conservatism.

    Dishonest, Draft-dodgin’, Defraudin’ Donald IS garbage. He will single-handedly ruin the USA if he is not stopped, and he’ll no doubt do a good bit of damage to other parts of the world as well. I am a lifelong Conservative and I wept openly that I could not vote GOP this election.

  • gayle318

    Spot on!

  • Kochvilledi

    A hug, a single hug, is sexual harassment? Ha! She should have been a woman in the construction field in the 1970’s. She wouldn’t have lasted a day if that’s what she considers sexual harassment.

  • Scarlet63

    Vapid is you. Conservative sites are not fake news sites. Pretty sure you are confused.

  • Scarlet63

    Gross AND vapid, I see.

  • yestradamous

    She loves her dog, but he’s not that smart or cute. Kind of a dull boy with weird coloring.

    Glad she likes him, but I don’t get what’s so adorable about him.

  • hendrix

    I day put a show with Judge Napolitano and Judge Janine togeather…have ACLU Lawyers, senators, democrats and other nitwts come in to be interviewed or provide a legal view of the daily events . It might be interesting to watch the fireworks.

  • DeeDee

    she got old for viewers like me as well! couldn’t stand her tween facial expressions and antics!

  • Scarlet63

    No, I said it first, you plagiarized my comment. What snarly arrogance there, Carrie.

  • Scarlet63

    You do know dishonest, draft dodging, defraudin’ could describe Ted Cruz, don’t you? Also Rubio, Obama, Bill Clinton. Who is your candidate?

  • I never said you didn’t “say it first”, you child. You did say it first, but you falsely said it about someone other than yourself. I simply corrected you. That is not plagiary — that is a correction.

    As for [your] arrogance… well, it’s getting easier and easier to see how your comments are no more than thinly veiled projections of your own actions. I suppose many fake news site readers have your affliction?

  • Bill O’Reilly always used to say, “You cannot excuse bad behavior by pointing to the bad behavior of others”. That is a very true statement. And I’d add that only weak-minded people do it. {Please let it be obvious that YOU just did it.}

    Instead of accepting a bottom-of-he-barrel candidate ***simply because some of the others also sucked***, howsabout you do something INTELLIGENT instead — and start nominating rational, competent people instead? WHAT A RADICAL CONCEPT. Donald has filed bankruptcy more times than all of the other candidates put together, yet his most ardent gullible supporters call him the greatest businessman! He”s been married three times (and has written in his own books about how he’s cheated on every woman he’s ever been with), yet his little mental-midget minions say what great integrity he has. He has four anchor babies (from two foreigners), yet the Yosemite Sams believe he’s anti-foreigner. There are revered photos in his hotel lobbies of him BOWING to exceedingly wealthy Saudi businessmen… I wonder if his clueless taint-cleaners also excuse Crooked Donald’s reliance on Saudi money? OF COURSE they excuse it! They’re STUPID!

    Yeah, I know that stupid people make the mistake of assuming that others are as stupid as they are, and this is another place where you’re wrong: I am NOT as stupid as you are, therefore I am not going to bring up *my* candidate’s name. Because all it would do is A.) force you to go look it up, and B.) start tearing him down even though he has done NONE of the things Crooked Liar Donald nor the others have done.

  • LOL.

    p.s. Neither Barack Obama nor Bill Clinton were running btw. But don’t let the obvious blind you or anything.

  • kat

    I thought Janice the weather lady was besties with Kelly and joining them, Julia Banderas.

  • kat

    Sometimes it’s hard for others to understand the bountiful talents and cuteness of our dogs! I won’t fault her over her love for her dog but she may someday regret not having a child.

  • kat

    I could not vote for McCain. We all have our limits.

  • kat

    Where did you see the pictures of Donald bowing to Saudis? I would like to see them.

  • kat

    Someone plagiarized one of my tweets today. That was a first… and by someone with thousands of followers.

  • kat

    Ummmmm… now that’s kind of funny. Do you remember when he tried to run someone down in a parking lot in Florida over a parking spot?

  • Trump Tower lobby, Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th Streets in Midtown Manhattan. He also had photos of himself with various other “celebrities” and other non-hoi polloi.

  • Scarlet63

    No need. I’m conversing with a blind mouse.

  • Scarlet63

    Boy did you spew a novel to avoid answering who your candidate was.

  • C.R.

    An unwanted hug in itself–is in no way sexual harassment. Megyn Kelly is a godless, sexually perverted, Marxist democrat whore.

  • Scarlet63

    Crooked liar? Statistically and Wikileaks proven to be Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Also, the entire DNC, and Donna Brazile.
    Brush up on Current Events, sprinkle salt over your left shoulder, give alms to the poor, and you’ll have a better year. Less bitter and all, walk on the sunny side of life.

  • I wasn’t avoiding answering. I was avoiding the hysterical, waiting-with-bated-breath dump you wanted to take on my answer.

  • WHAT?!?!?! Wow, it’s a good thing I peed before having read that, otherwise I’d have laughed myself into quite a puddle! Donald Trump’s truthfulness, if it can even be *called* truthfulness, is the lowest measured level than any candidate in decades. And Hillary Clinton’s truthfulness — among the top three contenders running in 2016 — was consistently rated AND PROVEN to be the highest.

    You exemplify the adage, “blissfully ignorant”.

    1.) You really, REALLY need to stop getting your, ahem, “””facts”””, from this fake news site (reminder: True Pundit is a verified fake news site whose stories are debunked by literally doing ANY fact-checking).

  • Scarlet63

    Very cowardice to not even say what candidate you support. You only spew anger and hate. Nothing good, support nothing, hate those who do. You need help.
    Now I know why there is a check and the word “verified”. You are! They nailed it! Certified and verified nut case.

  • Scarlet63

    Everyone knows Politact is a left leaning joke.
    Oh, ‘scuse me. You don’t because it fits your narrative and template. Simpleton.

  • Scarlet63

    PolitiFact is more interested in arguing politics than in running down one statistic or another. Journalists there are more pundits than fact-checkers. The problem isn’t that PolitiFact makes bizarre judgments. It’s that PolitiFact pretends those judgments are facts.

    While the Pulitzer Prize Board gave PolitiFact its seal of approval in 2009, two years later it appears ready to take it back.

    As liberal MSNBC host Rachel Maddow put it: “You are undermining the definition of the word ‘fact’ in the English language by pretending to it in your name. The English language wants its word back.”

    Who’s Checking the Fact Checkers?A new study sheds some light on what facts the press most likes to check

    Selection bias at Politifact?

    Study Reveals That Politifact Has a Serious Liberal Bias Problem

  • “”PolitiFact is more interested in arguing politics than in running down one statistic or another. Journalists there are more pundits than fact-checkers.”
    They don’t argue politics at Politifact, they verify facts (via video or multiple print sources) regarding statements and claims made by politicians.

    And as for disliking “punditry”, look at the fact-averse site you’re continually wasting time believing. For *that* matter, if you liked Maddow’s twist on the word “fact”, just think of how THIS site’s title is undermining the word “true”.

  • Thank you for signing your post “Simpleton”. It was entirely superfluous for you to have done, but appreciated all the same.

    “Everyone knows Politact is a left leaning joke. “
    And everyone but you knows that True Pundit contains neither truth nor punditry.

  • Scarlet63

    If you respect Politifact, and everything you say and show me is pro-Democrat— you have admitted who you really are.
    Who is your candidate?

  • Scarlet63

    And child, when you quote MBFC news, with zero credibility, you have made my day. May I quote MCARRY and convince you? Hahahaha

  • Scarlet63

    Who is your candidate?

  • Scarlet63

    Grow up. Who is your candidate?

  • I have not said nor shown you anything that would paint me as Pro-Democrat — nothing. The fact that you *think*, quite incorrectly, that I am Pro-Democrat only adds one more ✔ under your “not too bright” column. All I have admitted as to who I am is an intelligent person who doesn’t follow faked news sites’ absurdly obvious lies. I research independently before becoming certain about any wild claims.

    I reiterate that the only reason you want to browbeat “my” candidate out of me is so that you can once again avoid facts and instead throw your arms/words around like a belligerent Samsonite gorilla. All you want is an argument for argument’s sake. Hardly surprising, as anyone with any substance avoids your methods. Typical tRump-voting loser mentality. Thanks for ruining what was left of the GOP.

  • I made the day of someone who himself lacks all credibility? Wow, I must be talented.
    Or more likely, you’re just phenomenally easy to entertain. I mean, if you keep desperately holding onto the embarrassing thread that this site has ever said or done anything to exhibit integrity, then yes, you probably go into a fit of gleeful hysterics when someone asks you to pull their finger.

  • Now, now, junior — the grownup has already addressed this. More than once in fact.
    If “no means no” doesn’t register in your brain, then perhaps it’s a good thing I am keeping you safely busy on your home computer, where you’re statistically far less likely to be out hurting someone.

  • “Cowardice” is a noun, not an adjective. And despite being told repeatedly that I have no interest in handing you yet another thing to scream hysterically (and incorrectly) about, I am wisely choosing not to engage in your information-begging. Be an adult, and understand what the word “no” means. It is something only children cannot easily accept.

    And check your mirror — it has thus far ONLY BEEN YOU spewing anger and hate. I have tried repeatedly to get you to stop being hysterical, to stop relying on your steady diet of lies and tinfoil “facts”, but you prefer to keep projecting your own obvious behaviors onto others. Face it, you got corrected, repeatedly, and you still try to save face by clinging onto the now-disproven claim that True Pundit is either true, or qualified as a pundit.

    “Now I know why there is a check and the word “verified”. You are! They nailed it! Certified and verified nut case.”

    Hmm, should I tell the Samsonite gorilla that *I* am the one who included the ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ… yet you’re claiming that your brain is telling you that “they” nailed something, something untrue. And then you go on yet again to call me a nut case, a “certified” and “verified” one. Frankly, as long as you are the only one doing *that* certifying, I am vindicated in having perfect mental health! You keep pointing downward at the ground at screaming “it’s UP! It’s UP!” So far everything you’re claiming is diametrically opposed to fact, so, thanks for the constant, if accidental, compliments.

  • Scarlet63

    You just made an entire room full of people laugh at your cowardice when you said, “wisely choosing not to engage in your information- begging”. We all had bets you would continue to ridicule others’ political choices while hiding yours.
    Well done. I am now getting an expense paid dinner from the bets! Keep hiding.

  • Scarlet63

    “Typical tRump-voting loser mentality” after not wanting to have words thrown at you over YOUR candidate like a Samsonite gorilla.

  • Scarlet63

    Simmer down.

  • I bet you are indeed dumb enough to believe that I am dumb enough to believe that.

    And that means you were even dumber than everyone thought you were before (which hats off to you — I did not think was possible).

  • Scarlet63

    Love ya! Keep it coming! Cha Ching.

  • Aww, bwess your hungwy widdle heart.

    Hey count me in. I’ll start things off for ya with 25¢. Maybe you can upgrade your fries to large.

  • Scarlet63

    That hurt me so bad. You got me. I’ll cry in my pillow all night that mean girl was critical!

  • ThinkFirstThenVote2

    Are you forgetting Donald Trump (my foot hurts), Newt (I married my high school teacher and got her pregnant, John Bolton (Vietnam wasn’t worth fighting), and Dick Cheney (also married a girl and she was pregnant)? All draft dodgers during Vietnam.

  • Scarlet63

    So, you’re saying except for McCain, both Bushes, and Biden, they are all scoundrels?