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FLASHBACK: Mccain Wanted Dirt On Trump From Foreign Spy

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Sen. John McCain said he did ‘what any citizen would do’ in turning over the dirty dossier, which contained unconfirmed secrets about the president-elect, over to the FBI.

The Guardian charted the path of how the dossier came to be and how it was that McCain got his hands on the controversial documents.

The story of the dossier began with an investigative firm in Washington, D.C., being tapped by one of Trump‘s primary allies to dig up some opposition research on the Republican hopeful.

In turn, that firm outsourced the research to a ‘retired western European former counter-intelligence official, with a long history of dealing with the shadow world of Moscow’s spooks and siloviki (securocrats),’ explained the Guardian. – READ MORE




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  • Glen Mirenda

    This guy is such a piece of SHIT….. Wish he was left to D—e in Hanoi…. Absolute traitor.

  • JoanieBaloney

    John McCain must be worried that he is a member of the swamp which President Trump wants to “drain”. McCain is 75 and needs to retire. He should really be a Democrat but uses the GOP for some reason. And who paid for McCain to fly his minion over there to get the “Dossier”? And you know someone had to pay this guy who put together the dossier, so where did that money come from? It is our tax dollars that John McCain is wasting to try to take down our president. Now who should perhaps be up for treason?