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Feds fund study on health risks of looking at Confederate flag

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The U.S. government is funding research to show that Confederate symbols prompt a negative physiological response in black people, information some believe will be helpful in lawsuits aimed at removing them.

Jackson State University received $420,000 in grant funds, some from the National Science Foundation, to delve deeper into the physiological responses of black people to Confederate imagery after initial research allegedly revealed negative reactions, the Jackson Free Press reports.

Political science professor D’Andra Orey concocted a study that blends biology and politics by measuring the heart rate of participants, and how much they sweat, when shown different images like a t-shirt with the Confederate flag, or the Mississippi state flag that contains the Confederate flag. – READ MORE

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  • Cal Mito

    Allow me tell you a story about health issues and the Confederate flag.
    It is a true story, and a very sad one, in which my late husband Cletus and I play the main characters. We first met as history students at Austin University, where we found out a mutual passion for the Civil War era. As we worked on a project together, we talked about our own ancestors. Just as my great great grandfather was a Confederate, so were his great great grandfather and great great granduncle. This made him the proud descendent of Black Confederates. That evening, we went for a drink and fell deeply in love.

    This marriage, blessed with 3 children and 5 grandchildren ended abruptly by the sudden death of my husband. You should know he already suffered from a heart condition for about 10 years before his death, for which he had to try and keep calm. We were in Germany to visit my elder sister in july 2015 and had a pretty good time. On the 10th of july, we were watching the evening news in which the removal of the Confederate flag in SC was mentionned. Old Cletus cried out: “Hey, this sure ain’t good for my blood pressure!” I put my arm around him to comfort him, which brought me in a total shock by finding out he just seemed to have spoken his last words. We called the ambulance but all help came too late: the doctor declared us the cause of death was a cardiac arrest, most likely caused by a stress reaction.

    Conclusion according to the modern media/propaganda: the Confederate flag caused his death.
    Conclusion according to the common sense: the removal of the Confederate flag caused his death. Farther, this political correctness also broke 9 hearts within a happy family which could have had plenty more of quality time together. Please realize the fact that 8 of those hearts belong to black folks, my children and grandchildren, proud descendants of Black Confederates!

    I know, as a Catholic, I should forgive those who taunt the Rebel flag without even knowing less than half of its true history. I keep telling myself I should forgive them for acting like a herd of stampeding buffalo, blindly obeying the media and the modern propaganda that tell them what to do, before they even consider to do some individual thinking. The truth is: I can’t, at least not yet. I will however do it for sure on my death bed, in the presence of a priest, to be able to answer to the good Lord when I make my final trip to His Empire, but now, I don’t feel ready for it yet. To me, it still feels as if they killed my Cletus. To my children, it still feels as if they killed their father and to my grandchildren, it still feels as if they killed their loving grandfather.