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FBI Suspects Members of Congress Leaked Grand Jury Indictment to the Awans; DOJ Officials Possibly Implicated Too

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FBI agents suspect somebody in Congress tipped off the Awans that they would be indicted and now the criminal cases once-seemingly isolated to a group of rogue Pakistani IT specialists working for Congress suddenly has gotten much larger. And much more troubling.

Federal agents said preceding his arrest, Imran Awan acted like a man who was recently tipped off that he would be pinched and moreover, it was no coincidence Awan’s wife was whisked out of the country in March after sidestepping the FBI at Dulles International Airport to flee to Pakistan.

“She had cardboard boxes for luggage,” one FBI agent said. “The school didn’t even know she took her kids out.”

Now a faction of FBI veterans believe the couple’s puzzling behavior is explained by even more troubling revelations: Information about the Grand Jury convened to investigate Awan and his wife Hina Alvi for bank fraud and illicit money transfers was likely leaked to the Pakistani couple. Awan and Alvi were both former IT workers hired by Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Additionally, Imran and his wife — along with two brothers — performed IT and computer programming work for at least 18 more Democratic lawmakers in Congress. But it was Wasserman, the former chairwoman of the DNC, who kept the pair employed despite the booming criminal case.

Federal agents said it appears more than likely a leak could have originated from any member of Congress linked to the Awan family. Federal law enforcement sources believe officials in Congress were tipped off by a subsequent leak in the Justice Department or the hierarchy of the FBI itself. The Grand Jury convened in U.S. District Court in the District of Columbia on Nov. 13, 2016. Within weeks, Awan and his wife started moving money. Lots of it. To Pakistan and parts unknown, federal agents said. By the time Awan and Alvi were indicted on Aug. 17th, they had liquidated well over $2 million in U.S.-backed assets and property, sources and records show. That amount is likely to grow, as agents continue to work the cases.

And as much as $800,000 of that money was liquidated after Awan’s FBI arrest, exactly two weeks before his indictment.

It is no coincidence Awan began liquidating assets “like a mad man” in the days before his July 24th arrest, FBI sources and public records confirm. In fact, Awan closed deals on the sale of two houses for over $800,000. Both real estate assets were owned by he and his wife and he accepted buy offers on the properties the same day of his arrest. This was a small feat in itself because she was hiding 7,500 miles away in Pakistan. Awan was also lining up cash advances on credit line accounts and liquidating other financial instruments, federal sources said.

Federal agents said it is evident Awan was in a rush to liquidate assets prior to an arrest and indictment in a possible attempt to shield the real estate from prosecutors who could seize or freeze the couple’s properties.

These new revelations of high-placed leaks flowing from multiple branches of the government follow similarly disturbing news that when Awan’s wife was preparing to flee the United States to Pakistan, the FBI’s efforts to arrest her were blocked by now-fired ex FBI director James Comey and Andrew McCabe, deputy FBI director.

A disturbing pattern has emerged in this growing case where it has become evident that Awan has been helped along the way, including intervention by Wasserman Schultz who vouched for at least one Awan Congressional Federal Credit Union loans, a transaction which is now central to the indictment.

Awan’s strategy to sell his wife’s real estate assets while she was far from the clutches of the FBI might have paid off. Public records show just two weeks before the couple’s indictment, Awan closed on a sale of at least one Lorton VA home on August 3 for $617,000.

FBI agents may not have been aware of the August 3rd cash out at the time either, sources said. But they know now. Awan, by selling assets prior to the date of the couple’s indictment, may have again found a loophole to stay under the radar of federal agents, sources said. This is another reason federal agents believe he had some guidance on these matters. After his indictment any large financial transactions would be monitored by the Justice Department and Awan’s federal pretrial intervention case worker who reports to the District Court Clerk and ultimately Awan’s federal case judge. Awan’s assets would have been essentially frozen, with any sales pending the approval of the courts and DOJ, sources said.

Likewise, when Alvi was preparing to flee the United States, she liquidated retirement funds and wired mortgage settlements totaling almost $600,000 to Pakistan prior to her departure.
Federal agents said it was apparent Alvi had no intentions to return to the United States when  three weeks after her departure, Imram started listing his Hawkshead Drive home in Lorton, among others, on the market for $629,000. Then, approximately three days before his arrest, he dropped the sale of the house to $617,000.

Awan’s real estate agent edited the property’s MLS listing at that time to reflect the emotions of a worried seller, adding: “PRICE IMPROVEMENT! MOTIVATED SELLERS!”

Days later, it was sold. Again, on the same day Awan was arrested while trying to flee to Pakistan himself.

Alvi purchased the Lorton home in 2008 for $470,000 form Avelo Mortgage with less than three percent down payment, records show. The sale price of the home was almost $400,000 lower than the previous sale of $840,000. Avelo at the time was the residential mortgage arm of Goldman Sachs, generous and longtime personal and campaign benefactors of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee which was previously chaired by Wasserman Schultz.

Awan and his wife, as well as his two brothers are also targets of an investigation into an alleged procurement scam where the group is suspected of stealing equipment, Blackberry phones, and hacking House IT systems without permission.

Wasserman Schultz could not be reached for comment.

The lingering question is whether the FBI will be granted permission to investigate Congress for leaks which could implicate the Justice Department or bosses at the FBI.

Sources at the Bureau said they have their doubts.



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  • alvindawg

    This is why the whole leadership of the FBI and Justice Dept needs to be removed. We also need to be allowed to find out which members of congress tipped them off. As they should be arrested for treason against these United States. This is just one more source of the Russia did it. Will we see this pushed through, I doubt it unless Jeff Sessions steps up and does the right thing.

  • ~~~♥♥Baby Doll♥♥~~~

    IT was paul Ryan and john mcCain that tipped them off.

  • leelee

    How in the hell does someone with little or no credit get an $840k home for $470K???

  • realclearconservative

    La Cosa Nostra could take lessons on corruption from our govt.

  • TruePatriot

    Spy ring in congress! Go to George Webb on YouTube for the real investigative reporter who uncovered all of this and more. Luke Rosiak has never given Mr. Webb the credit for unveiling this disgusting swamp of corruption in congress, the FBI and the Justice Department. Rosiak from the Daily Caller has been reaping all of the credit which is a darn shame.

  • George has literally admitted to working for the mossad. Just so you know.

  • Jackson1961

    More evidence that the elite are insulated from the law. The FBI let this treason occur.

  • He won’t. This is a banana republic where they let commies attack elected officials in our capital on flag day.

  • Hyde

    This is Treason, of the firing squad variety…

  • yurlittledog2

    8 years of the most Corrupt Administration In American History and everyone wants to blame President Trump !!..Mr.President Please allow this Investigation to proceed and be unhindered. Sedition and Treason IS A CRIME !!!!

  • Jennifer

    and while he was liquidating assests he was still working for Debbie?

  • needahbeh

    They found a scapegoat…

  • A_V

    Hang her from the same tree as Irwan Awan…at the same time.

  • A_V


  • As George Webb and Jason Goodman @ CrowdSourceTheTruth have been revealing this is a deep swamp zone and huge scandal – mega corruption.
    Robert David Steel and Cynthia McKinney @ #Unrig are worth checking out.

  • Zaphod Braden

    Treason …… set up the gallows.

  • KelCee


  • GoldieGirl61

    Exactly! They don’t!! Not in the ‘real world” of truth and law. But, in HRC’s world anything is possible with the right connections!

  • Treep

    LOTS of illegal loans from the Congressional Credit Union.

  • Treep

    It’s quite plausible that DWS’s brother, Steven Wasserman (US Attorney for DC) tipped his sister off about the Grand Jury/indictments and SHE tipped off the Awans…who then began liquidating and moving assets.

  • Aaron Prince

    What’s wrong with that?

  • Aaron Prince

    Wouldn’t be too hard to find out.Nsa has been spying.

  • VoteOutDandRs

    And the media and dems are still raging about Trump firing Comey. It was under his orders that the wife was allowed to flee to Pakistan with over $12,000 in cash which is illegal. Clintons lawyer for their foundation is defending this guy. For being an IT workers, this family has a lot of political clout.

  • Kintbury

    I think they should concentrate on Comey and McCabe. They seem to like to blow out of proportion any thing Republicans do while they downplay or sweep under the carpet the real crimes committed by, yes you guess it, Democrats.

  • Look_A_Squirrel

    There’s no question this was a sophisticated scam with lots of help from people who know how to skirt the law. What Pakistani IT guy would know how to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars in computer equipment by getting a major on-line computer retailer to discount sales receipts to under the $500 reporting limit and make up the price difference in maintenance contracts? Awan did this time and again and, when questions were asked about $100,000 in missing equipment, got a democrat to fill out a form dismissing the equipment as lost and no one got suspicious.

    This screams inside job. Is Sessions man enough to investigate?

  • Look_A_Squirrel

    Cynthia McKinney is one of the most corrupt and ignorant rejected- elected officials you could ever meet. I’ve known her for 20 + years. She’s the idiot who threw a fit at the Capitol building for making her go through metal detector scanners. She yelled at the Capitol police for not knowing who she is and hit one of them. She then accused them of racial profiling:

    “REP. CYNTHIA McKINNEY: There are only 14 African American women members of Congress. So I don’t understand what it is about my face that certain members of the Capitol Hill Police Department can’t remember.”

    Amazingly, she was NOT re-elected.

    Stay far, far away from anything McKinney’s involved in — it’s bound to be a scam.

  • Mary Mister

    They all need orange suits and trump truly needs to clean house from top to bottom. And get rid of all obama holdovers which he should of done on January 21

  • Mary Mister

    Can you imagine where we would be if corrupt loser hillary had won? I can’t even think about it

  • KansasGirl

    Swamp people.

  • RUFortermlimits?

    When does the corruption in DC come to an end? Are we ever going to see justice rendered against these crooked scumbags on both sides of the isle??? Just because you are a DC water carrier or a politician does not mean you are above the laws of the land.

  • disqus_W47gpHId63

    Okay people… all know….Wasserman bit…h Shultz is guilty of something in a of this don’t you?!
    She is such a witch and has a hand in all the illegal activities of the Clintons…..Watch…she will turn up on a beach somewhere …as all the other Clinton witnesses to their shenanigans have! Assuredly with a suicidal tendency of course ….NOT! Anyway…we ALL know she is guilty in this charade f characters and probably sold out some top secret things to this corrupt middle eastern family as well!

  • disqus_W47gpHId63

    I think Trump should start up his “new” FBI! To investigate the fake one…as well as a new COIA and NSA…..let’s clean out this swamp in all these corrupt departments!

  • KelCee

    Yep-they will say,she just couldn’t handle all the bad press,she got depressed and offed herself!

  • Troyounce

    ..and the lawyer of Awan is married to the niece of DWS while the brother of DWS is Awans prosecutor. Can’t make this shit up!




    I agree, where is Trump Sleeping??? They should have been gone 8 mos. ago,


    WHY IS McCABE STILL THERE??? He has multiple investigations on him.

  • llewellynh

    Sessions seems to sleep 24/7.

  • Mask Agee

    Hello, I suspect Debbie’s brother and nephew in law. Her brother Steven Wasserman is Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Columbia.[6][7] The lead prosecutor Michael Marando is married to Debbie’s niece.

  • antiprog

    cynthia McKinney? CORRUPT

  • antiprog

    The Capital credit union backed them!!!! Put it in his wife’s name!

  • SouthernChick15

    Uh, Debbie Wasserman Schulz is a Senator in Congress, duhhh, you won’t have to look far to see where the leak to Awan about indictment came from!

  • KelCee

    Nothing but a big azz conflict of interest.
    The crap these people get away with is astounding.

  • Nata999

    Comey and McCabe must be investigated. They allowed a co-conspirator of bank fraud and possible espionage to flee the country.

  • Cynthia Mc Kinney – is probably one of the the most uncorrupt politicians in the country !
    Plenty of info about what Cynthia is working on the phibetaiota(dot)net and #Unrig

  • No way – she’s NOT corrupt. She’s working to end corruption.

  • Jan Laguire

    Screw Comey, take them all down and execute them for sedition.

  • Carolingian

    Seems like Debbie;s judgment is impaired. Apparently others as well.

  • momprayn

    ExIntel Steve Pieczenik (helped bring down USSR), one of the “good guys” in the Intel community says she WILL be indicted – no “ifs”. Another very interesting, informative interview today about Trump’s Afghanistan decision, Generals Mattis/McMaster, who he knows very well….
    says they’re lying and this is a disaster. Like me and many others, thinks Trump should have stuck with his “instincts”, as he said himself that he prefers usually.
    Amazing stuff. Must hear.

  • Vi Letlighter

    Kudos for an exceptionally informative and well-written article.

  • sekaer

    aaaaaand you have been successfully trolled by George!

  • AuldGuy

    Only the latest in a long line of corruption…

    Remember the Congressional check kiting scandal a few years back?

  • political correctness czar

    You Are Blocked Asshole

  • political correctness czar

    So far, apparently no.

  • How courageous of you. Goy!bye.

  • political correctness czar

    Think GREEN.
    Tall tree, and a short rope.
    Plus pay per vision.

  • political correctness czar

    How is he not TOLD to step down for conflict of interest, like Sessions did?

  • political correctness czar

    They are

  • Tim Hadfield

    Hillary’s friends are teflon coated too.

  • ButtercupKelley


  • VerifyEverything

    Comey’s name comes up again eh?!

  • L Garou

    The DNC Did Not commit treason! No way! Huh-uh. Not in a million years!!
    (yes they did)

  • R.C. Stewart

    Watch out for crossfire.

  • Of course. Wanna see a fascist get hit in the balls by police tear gas? FUNNY SMH at keep the people ignorant.

  • Mariaaburr


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  • Steve_o

    We’re going to need a bigger swamp drain.

  • Julie Charles

    Trump has nothing to do with this matter.

  • Shirley Cameron

    Just do it, drain the swamp it reaks of sewage and corruption. DWS should be
    Arrested for treason, she knew and can’t
    Tell me her hands are mudded.

  • Big Dave

    The head of this whole nest of snakes is General David Petraeus.
    George Webb figured this out a couple of months ago.
    Petraeus and his operatives have meticulously compromised almost every important player in our US Federal Government.
    Get him and you get them all.

  • Anniesdunbar


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  • Anniesdunbar


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  • Patrick Shannon

    I hope this bitch ends up behind bars.

  • 143040

    Get ready for the nasty fall of DWS and her fellow travelers in the Congress. The Swamp critters are exposed as the swamp is drained.

  • nancygohome

    Talking points this morning are that Awan and wife were indicted on matters “unrelated to their employment.” Curious that they are indicted on bank fraud with no mention whatsoever of the original investigation concerning equipment and unauthorized transferring of data, etc. Its time to starting connecting the dots. Other websites speculating that Awan is Guccifer 2.0 the made up persona the dems blamed for the fake “hacking” of the DNC emails to wikileaks – the very foundation of the “Russian Collusion” fantasy.

  • Harleyrose

    And the Foggy Bottom swamp-dwellers are shreiking in terror, twisting in the tangled web they have woven!

  • Harleyrose

    I know we are afraid to acknowledge the need, but these insane liars in media and DC Establishment need shut down!
    Hungry dog pits and chained to missile targets is starting to look more reasonable every day!!

  • TS 112

    5 0f the 6 “Awans” worked for Emanuel Cleaver D Mo., he is a ranking member on the housing and insurance, and the oversight and investigation subcommittees of the House Financial services committee. Coincidence????????

  • alenworn

    why do democrats go to the mat to protect these kinds of people, is it part of their SJW dna?

  • William the Resolute

    Investigate, indict and prosecute all who are guilty, equal prison time.

  • HistoryMatters

    It’s pretty simple. Wasserman Shultz brother was running the investigation. No matter what the Awans really did, the arrest would have played poorly for an already beleaguered Democratic party.

  • Dallas Aerospacer

    They never in a million years thought that they were going to lose th election. With Hillary in as president, and an anti American left bent DOJ, the corruption, graft and sedition could continue unabated.

  • JoAnn Dolberg

    Obviously, there are still too many who haven’t been paying attention to George Webb, investigative reporter, (youtube) who uncovered the fact that there were at least 20 “fixed” cellphones (Blackberries) among the Democrats who claimed their phones were stolen. Hillary’s server and John Podesta, Anthony Weiner and his “trusted staff,” Huma Abedine, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Barack Obama, Andrew McCabe, and on and on and on…the corruption is so deep and so widespread, that when anyone says, “Let’s clean the swamp,” all I can say is, “Good luck with that, but it IS time to begin.”

  • Jonney Quest

    Democrats do not like US Citizen IT Specialists because they are not deceitful. So they import the worst from other countries to push their narrative (of deceit).

  • democrat CockRoach

    The entire state department and DOJ needs to be fired. They work for hillary the whore.

  • paulmac58

    This is clearly an indication that the FBI, Wasserman- Schultz, and countless others are all conspiring to allow the Awan family members to escape from arrest and prosecution. It is only a matter of time when the facts are known. This reeks of a huge cover -up that is spreading throughout the Dept. of Justice, The FBI and perhaps even the CIA and NSA agencies. They do NOT want the truth to be known regarding their spying and surveillance programs that have been focused on allowing the government to interact with foreign agents and nations. I am not sure what they are attempting to conceal- be it a huge clandestine ring of pedophiles involved in the flesh trade, selling weapons to our adversaries, or drugs or any number of tangible items. In the meantime we are being distracted by the Alt- left with all these protests, tearing down confederate statues and memorials, and Antifa while our focus should be on what is going on in our own intelligence and law-enforcement communities.

  • FrozenNorthObserver

    Time for Mr Comey to answer to a grand jury.

  • Bill

    Really where is Trump this is Obamas goverment left over

  • Pat Engness

    The House Dems (up to 150 over a couple decades) are NOT “Victims”. They purposely embedded the Awan Family into the bowels of the government. Imran didn’t STEAL a Pile of devices, laptops, government Blackberry Phones, etc. in the house that Andre Taggart (ex-Marine with a still active Navy Intelligence wife) was renting…..he was HIDING Them! George Webb has been ON this for MONTHS. Him and jason Goodman of Crowdsource the truth went from office to office at the three House of representatives Buildings saying “Awan Awan Awan” MONTHS ago! Like George said starting at 27 minutes, WHAT has the Lame Stream Media, with all THEIR fancy equipment, $$ and connections, been DOING all this time??

  • Tiffany & John Soule

    The swamp MUST be taken care of. The future of our great nation relies on it. Trump is letting all the investigations fall into place, we need to be patient, once the hammer drops we’re going to see some political crime syndicates from both sides of the isle get locked up. That’s why the media has been attacking Trump this whole time, but never forget his hundreds of accomplishments since he was elected (here’s a list): – Trump has delivered on more promises than any recent president, I have faith he was put in place to go to war with the swamp.

  • rob

    Time to appoint another special prosecutor to investigate this revelation and the current ‘special prosecutor’ Mueller who is definitely not showing any independence from the democrat party.

  • lostinnm

    Crowd source is a wanna be
    George Webb is the man w/ his finger on the pulse
    a must watch..300+ days of investigation on Utube.

  • Marc Parish

    dont trust muslims

  • Bob332

    The ONLY other place where corruption rises to the level of the DemonRATS is……in Hell!

  • Jacques Devin

    Trump is right when he called for drain the swamp, the whole government is corrupt to the core and they’re getting away with it…

  • L Garou

    The DNC did not commit treason! No way! huh-uh. Not in a million years!!
    (yes they did)

  • Defiant

    Between Obama and his minions–especially Hillary–we’ve been left with a Federal government better suited to be administered from Tammany Hall than from DC. The height of corruption in the Federal government–but in the Democrat party specifically–is staggering to the point of absurdity. The problem is that even once they get caught…they double down and are allowed to BS their way off the hook. It’s sickening. And I NEVER thought I’d see the day when I lost faith in not only the “incorruptible” FBI, but in the whole CROOKED DOJ proper! Just a gaggle of grifters and pikers, hacks, lap dogs, and con men.

  • Joltin Joe

    Shocking, not!! He’s the capstone to the whole Clinton Crime Family

  • Joltin Joe

    Only republicans are stupid enough to recuse themselves it seems. #FAKEliberalRAGE appears and the R’s curl up and beg for mercy

  • bob e

    from the swamp to the sewer .. congressional treason at it’s finest ..

  • Aaron Prince

    Then you don’t support antifa facists and blm cop killers, right?They are terrorists.

  • Tom Hutson
  • Janet Faber

    The guy getting hit was with the antifa crazies.

  • Yep, a fascist – antifascist. They are sogay I’m Michael Douglas in this clip and I voted for Trump.

  • Kill the King

    Jeff Sessions will be sure to bury this.Hell McCabe is still at FBI

  • Jennifer Ann Mendez

    If he just found a buyer and accepted an offer of $617,000 on the home on the same day he was arrested, have they stopped the sale? Accepting an offer is not selling the home. The have to go thru escrow still. You don’t buy a home in 1 day.

  • David Reifsnider


  • catgirllover

    Maybe because he has congressmen who are keeping him from doing shit.

  • H. Zayre

    Can’t we all just…deport leftists?

  • Trump Stinks

    If you believe that….than you should believe that Russia hacked the vote so Trump could win

  • user4517

    Only on Trump supporters though 🙂

  • SJB

    DWS may well have been instrumental in that leak, if not THE leak. IMHO

  • Sky Angel

    That wasn’t a Trump Supporter that was Antifa member who called the Police Nazi’s

  • toehead2017

    James Comey will burn in hell.

  • halcrawford

    Nope. She’s even more corrupt than her Georgia legislator father – and that’s saying something.

  • Pat Engness

    So here we go again…..they want us to NOT Believe Our Own Eyes and suspend common sense…..just like with the JFK Hit! …….
    just like after 9/11….a Third Building neatly Imploded just like the first two even though it wasn’t hit by a plane= THREE Neatly Imploded buildings, NO remains of a plane in the Pennsylvania field, NO hole big enough (or High enough) for an a actual plane to hit the Pentagon. But there’s something wrong with YOU if you don’t believe their cockamamie story! So now you’re asking me to Believe that the same FBI/CIA/Government that goes around the World pulling off one Coup after another, didn’t know about what the Awans were doing last year?? Maria Bartiromo had it on her Fox Business Channel in December. George Webb, the lone Journalist/Videographer with a site on Youtube, AND Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller were on it in Jan. 2017. Crowdsource the Truth/Jason Goodman was reporting on it in February 2017. A Judge around 8 PM best guess actually did a Motion Of “Protection” after hours on Tues. Nite: to try to keep George Webb from entering a citizen’s Motion to Intervene, using a case where a Journalist proved that the Court MUST listen to further evidence in a case of National Security/Murder, etc. It’s not the Awans that need “Protection”…’s the American Public that needs Protecting. The Awans have already been purposely Embedded into government and then Protected, for FOURTEEN Years by these House Democrats! signed, a Bernie/Green Party Voter

  • flowers of fate

    everyone should call the dept of justice every day and list every investigation u think they need 2 carry out. the idea that the fbi told the court that they didn’t give tom fitton hillary’s emails bcs the public had lost interest is more than i can bear.