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FBI Officially Confirms: True Pundit’s DNC Hacking Story Is ‘Dead On:’ Democrats Refused Federal Agents Access to Trace Email Leaks

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The FBI late Thursday night released an official statement confirming the shocking story True Pundit broke 16 hours earlier detailing how evasive Democratic National Committee officials refused federal agents access to examine its servers to trace email leaks and security breaches.

“The FBI repeatedly stressed to DNC officials the necessity of obtaining direct access to servers and data, only to be rebuffed until well after the initial compromise had been mitigated,” an official statement issued from the FBI’s Washington D.C. headquarters said. “This left the FBI no choice but to rely upon a third party for information. These actions caused significant delays and inhibited the FBI from addressing the intrusion earlier.”

FBI officials said True Pundit’s story, published early Thursday morning, accurately portrayed the challenges of FBI forensic computer experts who were ultimately handcuffed by the DNC.

“The story is dead on,” a FBI official acknowledged.

From the original True Pundit story:

The Democratic National Committee, who for months has publicly bellyached about a breach of its private emails by alleged Russian spies, has refused the FBI access to investigate its computer servers to trace the origins of the leaks.

Federal agents confirmed Thursday that despite numerous attempts to assist and help trace the DNC’s cyber security woes and gaffes, DNC officials would not allow FBI forensic computer experts to investigate the server leaks from inside the DNC. No access was granted unless the FBI agreed to not publicly disseminate its findings until it first consulted with DNC officials for permission, a federal source said.

The FBI didn’t agree to the DNC’s absurd terms. Instead, the DNC hired a private security firm to conduct an internal investigation. The DNC then forwarded that third-party report to the FBI.

“You complain about Russians hacking your box (servers) but won’t let the FBI full access to investigate unless you control the inquiry?” a federal law enforcement source said.”The identical behavior we see when a suspect lawyers up before talking to the FBI. It’s very suspect.”

Wouldn’t an organization want to pinpoint who accessed its private emails? What is the DNC hiding?

If the FBI did not conduct a thorough investigation of the DNC’s email breaches, then how can it definitely ascertain what roles the Russian state may have or may not have played in the hack?

The FBI is scheduled to report its findings to President-Elect Donald Trump on Friday.

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  • Ruben Palacios

    They have a lot to hide!

  • Amber

    That means they can say anything they want to. The problem is going to be getting we the people to believe them.

  • ILConservative

    I tried to add another comment on the “bombshell” expose’ story of, when was it, some time last century and discovered that comments have been closed. So I decided to ask my question here on a somewhat related story. Where’s the beef? When you promise to deliver a “bombshell” story and then don’t, you start to lose all credibility. Sure, you come up with some good tidbits but you can’t deliver on the “big story”. Show me I’m wrong.

  • huntress

    Gee dnc, watcha hiding??? Do you really think you have ANY credibility whatsoever with US citizens?? You’re digging yourself deeper and deeper into the laughing stock of the world.

  • Quest

    This reminds me of the #MH17 investigation being headed by the primary Suspects #Ukraine; MH17 FULLY EXPOSED!! You Won’t Believe The SHOCKING TRUTH About the Ukraine FALSE FLAG:

  • libertyluvur

    Time for the FBI to investigate the DNC as a whole. Looks more and more like THEY’RE the authors of their own demise, but more importantly, we have no idea what they’ve leaked to our enemies…which, of course, would be TREASON

  • Mark Byrnett

    The DNC couldn’t let the FBI look into their server because they would have seen HRC and BHO emailing each other from non-secure emails.

  • The Darker Side

    sounds like you should start your own news site. I mean, who does break big stories, the Wash Post? and just what the hell is a “big” story.true pundit seems to break a shit load. we aren’t paying either so many of us are grateful

  • ILConservative

    Maybe you would like to join me in this new site? Just kidding; I barely have time to check TP and other sites now. All I am saying is that TP splashed a big bombshell tease over 2 months ago about new information off Weiner’s laptop that has been reviewed by the NYPD that was very damning. Such information has not been put forward yet, thus my comment. Independent bloggers, etc. are the only places I look at now since I came to the realization that “established” news, like WAPO, are in the tank for every liberal cause imaginable. They have all turned into liberal/progressive propaganda outlets. But even indy bloggers need to follow-through on teases like the one discussed here or they begin to lose credibility. I fully agree that TP has done a great job, but have they bit off more than they can deliver on this story?

  • True Pundit

    A little inside baseball. We were the first and only to publish this story. After we refused to walk it back, Breitbart published exact story w/ their own source. Others followed. In the interim, we basically had to relocate because of security concerns. Everyone enjoys pie. Sometimes we can only get one piece. If Hillary is pardoned, this is over. If she is not, expect more pie. Cops will not risk their assses on someone who walks away with a pardon. Sometimes the stories don’t play out the way they should but that has little to do with whether the story was wrong. We stand behind this piece of the pie:

  • ILConservative

    Thank you for that clarification. That sheds much light on the why the details have not come forth at this time. I really enjoyed the “inside baseball” reference. However, it is somewhat disturbing that TP had to relocate due to security concerns, but that is understandable given that this is the Clintons you are talking about. I sure a hell hope that Obama does not pardon Hillary since she has not been charged, indicted or convicted of anything yet. But I wouldn’t put it past him since he is a truly despicable person and the absolute worst President ever. I would guess that Jimmy Carter is relived that Obama has taken his crown and I look forward to more “pie”. Thanks again!