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FBI & NYPD: Clinton Foundation Probed for Money Laundering, Financial Transactions with Islamic Terror Groups

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Money launderers who bragged on a secret federal wire tap that they could employ Clinton Foundation connections to funnel and cleanse millions in illicit cash have sparked a newly-minted FBI investigation into the embattled charity run by Hillary Clinton and her family, federal law enforcement officials confirm.

The money laundering allegations being probed by the FBI have been buoyed by recent revelations and evidence discovered by the NYPD from a laptop confiscated from Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin’s Manhattan residence. According to NYPD, several of the emails recovered on the hard drive disclosed sensitive financial details of the Clintons and their charity. That evidence is now in the hands of the FBI too, whose New York field office has opened a parallel Clinton Foundation investigation.

Federal law enforcement sources said the Los Angeles-based money launderers, who are part of a separate federal investigation, discussed previously using Clinton Foundation personnel to domesticate foreign funds that could not be legally brought into the United States through traditional bank wires and deposits. NYPD sources said Weiner’s email treasure trove contained correspondences regarding a company linked to President Bill Clinton and at least one offshore company, a South American affiliate of the Clinton Foundation. The emails also contained offshore financial correspondences, the source said.

Federal agents said one U.S.-based company is owned by Bill Clinton and according to linked banking intelligence discovered in emails, that entity disbursed millions of dollars via wire transfers through global banks to additional accounts controlled by the Clinton family and its charity. NYPD intelligence sources versed in anti-money laundering, said the emails and other items obtained from Weiner’s laptop paint a portrait of a complex corporate umbrella strategically formulated to seemingly operate and avoid law-enforcement detection.

“There’s sophistication in how this works and distributes cash to other accounts,” a federal intelligence source said. “Do we think this involves gun-running or drug-dealing criminals? Not intentionally, but the infrastructure is set up almost identically. Proceeds and income are being hidden the same way.”

Has the Clinton Foundation and/or affiliates underwritten or profited from terror groups? It is distinctly possible it has conducted business with terror-backed financial concerns, federal agents said based on a cache of suspicious financial activity reports filed by institutions with the U.S. Treasury which flagged transactions with known terror-linked cartels, including Islamic factions.

While the sophistication of the financial structuring and money movement may seem familiar to law enforcement, this case is anything but a normal investigation, notwithstanding its targets include a former U.S. president and secretary of state. Normal joint operating protocols between the FBI and Justice Department have been abandoned. FBI agents in the Los Angeles field office, where the money laundering probe launched have been continuously hassled by Justice Department naysayers who want the investigation spiked. Likewise, Justice Department officials have instructed FBI agents in New York City to stand down and abandon the inquiry. However, the Bureau has refused to buckle, especially after receiving corroborating evidence from the NYPD, FBI officials said.

Is the Clinton Foundation federal probe the work of FBI agents gone rogue? No. The FBI agents, with approval from headquarters in Washington D.C., have been sanctioned to continue the investigation, ignoring directives from Attorney General Loretta Lynch and her underlings, including Leslie Caldwell, Lynch’s point running the Justice Department’s criminal division.

Neither Lynch nor Caldwell were available for comment.

The FBI’s probe of the Clinton Foundation is actually a compartmentalized investigation. Field offices in Los Angeles and New York are spearheading the case but other offices are involved and contributing, sources said.

According to federal sources, transactions linked to Clinton corporate holdings have raised several regulatory eyebrows even beyond of the Justice Department, specifically in the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), a bureau of the U.S. Department of the Treasury that reports to the Treasury Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence. FinCEN’s mission is to combat and pinpoint money laundering for personal profit or underwriting terrorism through the collection, analysis, and dissemination of financial intelligence and strategic use of financial authorities, namely banks and investment houses.

According to federal sources, FinCEN is warehousing numerous Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) forwarded to Treasury from financial institutions for transactions from Clinton-owned entities, both in the United States and globally, all triggered by anti-money laundering safeguards. These reports are confidential but federal agents are using these filings as key pieces to the Clinton Foundation financial puzzle.

According to details gleaned from FinCEN, federal agents acknowledge the Clinton Foundation operates a menagerie of subsidiaries and corporate structures beyond the parent charity. According to law enforcement sources, the FinCEN revelations coupled with the emails recovered by the NYPD detail a complex myriad of shell corporations linked to the Clintons and their charity. FBI sources describe these financial entanglements as vast and global. And many defy normal operating procedures of legitimate charities, officials said.

Has the Clinton Foundation underwritten or profited from linked terror groups per the intelligence warehoused in FinCEN’s vast Treasury database? It is distinctly possible the Clinton Foundation has conducted business — knowingly or not — with terror-backed financial concerns or groups, federal agents said, especially because these are the exact suspicious transactions the U.S. Treasury mandates compliance and security officials in U.S. financial institutions to report to FinCEN under threat of hefty fines and imprisonment.

Triggered by such anti-money laundering controls, federal investigators, for example, said they have examined a Clinton-affiliated offshore entity that essentially is a multi-million dollar private for-profit equity firm operated like an unsanctioned U.S. hedge fund outside the regulatory reach of the Securities and Exchange Commission. That for-profit business however, is controlled by New York-based Clinton Foundation, a not-for-profit registered charity. Also, while the profits of the offshore company are taxable in its foreign domicile, the parent company — the Clinton Foundation — is exempt from the same annual taxes in the United States.

Likewise, because the affiliate of the Clinton Foundation operates as a private offshore company, no one — including regulators in the United States — is privy to its clients, its investments or whether it perhaps served as a front company to secretly commission pay-for-play political schemes and favors during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.

The challenge for the investigators? The Clinton Foundation and family have dozens of such affiliates and companies, an intricate corporate tapestry confusing to outsiders and intentionally complex by design.That’s why FBI agents in more than five separate field offices are working this case, federal sources said.


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  • The Darker Side

    Starting to make total sense now. Why DOJ is punishing FBI with inspector general investigation because Lynch can’t control FBI on this money laundering investigation.

  • David Pickles

    If there wasn’t anything to it, the DOJ wouldn’t be pushing so hard to block it, makes you wonder what else they have blocked in the last 8+ years.

  • csno

    I fear the Clintons will deof old age before the feds can unravel their doings. With CGI shutting down, can only hope the feds have supoeaned records and have already issued record retention orders. Course, perjury and obstruction of justice are Clinton specialities.

  • MrDoug Says deport all muslims

    I hope the DOJ jumps on the Clinton’s like a fly on shiet. They are murdering racist thieving scum

  • Alpha_Bravo

    I feel the Clintons are going down without an Obama Pardon. Guessing it will happen W or Thurs.

  • The DOJ is going to pursue this and chances are, this is going into Sessions’s hands. The FBI will have a new Director soon enough. They are going to have a field day with this one and no one will be immune this time. Everyone involved in this Clinton Foundation nonsense will be taken down — including GOPe idiots like McCain, Graham and Rubio. There’s gonna be a lot of moving and shaking in DC here, sooner than you guys think.

  • mikesbuffalo

    she is a total criminal and so is bill

  • politicallyincorrect

    No one has checked into the arms dealing billionaire uncle of Amal Clooney? He deals directly with that Clinton hotspot of Libya.

  • CrystalCoaster

    Just how massive would the Obama’s blanket pardon of Crooked Hillary have to be? Would Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Doug Band and others get one too?

  • CrystalCoaster

    Obama would submit it just before the inauguration ceremony, so no one would know until he’s long gone.

  • John

    I bet the Obama Admin. working in a frenzy to purge documents that could be problematic.

  • Amau Thomas

    Might make sense. Same way Clinton left office with his last minute pardon of Mark Rich with the recommendation and assistance of Eric Holder. The alleged closing of the Clinton Global Initiative/Foundation announced yesterday means the shredders are no doubt running full speed. Funny way to end a charity that supposedly has done so much good around the world. The same charity the Clinton’s were going to continue if Hillary was elected in spite of the potential conflicts of interest.

  • John Stan

  • pc25

    Hence all the last minute regulation. Keep the news administration snowed as they come in.

  • pc25

    which is why they are going after Trump now. They will claim all these prosecutions are witch hunts

  • BoomerJAZZ78

    I smell smoke!

  • The World Has Gone Mad

    Everyone should go to George Webb’s daily briefings on YouTube. He is compiling all the Clinton Foundation networks into one storyboard.

  • clarioncaller

    What would entice Obama to nominate Hillary for SOS? They personally dislike each other on a visceral level. Hillary had to offer him a sizable ‘chunk of change’ for this position because it was the linchpin, and cover, for her global corruption network.

  • Jeannette Carroll

    Article added to the citations of the ongoing citizen investigation “Where is Eric Braverman”. Video series by George Webb-

  • Bill Sims

    She’s gonna get probed alright. When she’s in prison.

  • clarioncaller

    Are those orange jumpsuits rated for ‘HAZMAT’?

  • RadioPatriot

    The lion’s share — 50% of the “take” — goes to POTUS. Senate Oil Investment Club splits other 40%. Rest of it (10%) funds Hillary’s GLADIOS.

    Watch Where is Eric Braverman Day 73

  • We hired him to do a job. That job is to re-establish law and order along with getting rid of waste and abuse. Time for the work to begin. Couldn’t care less what they think.

  • Joe Bleaux

    “Likewise, because the affiliate of the Clinton Foundation operates as a
    private offshore company, no one — including regulators in the United
    States — is privy to its clients, its investments or whether it perhaps
    served as a front company to secretly commission pay-for-play political
    schemes and favors during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of

    And they’re worried about Trump holding some stock in his name from his own company. LMAO

  • Joe Bleaux

    Those pardons dont hold up in international court…just sayin.

  • Republican Joan of Arc

    They have probably burned up several shredders already. This explains why Hillary was falling apart. She’s going to prison, and she knows it. How much do you think O’Bama was protecting her and is he invested in those schemes?

  • L Garou

    The Clintons make Benedict Arnold seem like a Boy Scout..
    Scum of the earth and so are their friends and associates.
    Yeah, that means you McCain..

  • joe bloe

    After Hillary and Bill, they need to focus on Obama

  • Lisa

    It is time that our government pits an end to the best Justice money can buy! This is all this is, money, paying off the investigation. She couldn’t get a job at Walmart as a Greeter with her backgroun! OK, idiot Left, check out your hero!

  • Giorno

    The Clintons will get Diane Feinstein to state the Russians hacked the Foundation to get the FBI to investigate her, or some utter nonsense that the MSM will support.

  • “Where is Eric Braverman” investigative series on YouTube… today’s “Day 84, Part 2” connects these dots….

  • “Ten Aircraft Carriers Aligned in a Row” by Paul Craig Roberts….Pearl Harbor #3 stage set in Norfolk, VA….

  • FBI is being blocked by Inspector Clouseau Comey and Keystone Cop McCabe….”Where is Eric Braverman ” on YouTube

  • Discochip

    Well well, we’ll find out in a few days won’t we? Seems to me that the Clinton’s will be looking for a pardon, and that can only be if the law enforcement wraps up the investigation before Friday at noon when the New Sheriff comes to town. Except, what if the New Sheriff, Trump, decides to first look at ALL the evidence that Sheriff Joe and the Cold Case Posse have concerning the status of Obama being an un-naturalized citizen as the Clintons, the original birthers, maintained. So, follow the bouncing ball folks, the new Sheriff, Trump, could conceivably rule that EVERYTHING Obama enacted including the 140 laws and 40,000 new regulations don’t count and any pardons – which are already numbered in the 100s including criminals and coke dealers – wait, where is this going? Seems to me that it will be like Obama never existed, Poof! No legacy, no Obamacare, no pardons to hand out like Halloween candy, and Obama can just go hide behind the new wall he’s building. What a great year its going to be.

  • Aeffesstoo

    or state court

  • MV

    The Democrats want their own IG investigation to look at very limited things. Trump should demand the IG give a report on what will be investigated….and if it doesn’t include looking a possible DoJ obstruction (unwilling to empanel a Grand Jury, making it difficult to subpoena records, etc.) – and if it doesn’t look at investigating the improper meeting between Lynch and Bill Clinton on the AZ tarmac, then Trump should report to Congress that he is firing the IG for ’cause’ – and will appoint a new IG with a mandate to conduct a more thorough investigation.

  • cygne noire

    They need to look at the sex trafficking and child exploitation. Nothing is more disgusting or more morally reprehensible.

  • Steve A

    Tell me how the Clinton’s amassed personal wealth of approximately $200 million since leaving the White House “nearly broke and in debt” according to Hillary. Pretty sure his pension and her government paycheck didn’t het them there. Pay to play, influence pedaling, numerous $50 million donations to their Foundation. This is going to be interesting!

  • Jamesmace

    No more phone calls…We have a winner.

  • Blues of Morderer

    you can be sure that the Clinton Foundation shutting down the Clinton Global Initiative is all about destroying evidence ahead of a possible prosecution.

  • dee

    They need to make sure to get Chelsea also. She is just as corrupt.

  • Chuck

    Last time they were subpoenaed, they destroyed 33,000 emails with zero consequences.

  • George

    I just hope that these cases somehow implicate Hussein

  • D.T. Baker

    I am very interested in hearing how HRC and Co. are going to “get a pardon.”

    If they did “nothing wrong…” a pardon for *what*???

  • Yukidongo

    Thanks. Going to have to get that out. There is a part 1, I assume?

  • Berferd

    Just finished watching a couple dozen installments…this is huge!!! I wish he’d develop a written synopsis, so much detail.

  • carpin
  • carpin
  • Larry Elliott

    now we understand why the shit heads on the left are so pissed off. the payola ride is about to com to a grinding halt and all those that are invested couldn’t get divested in time.

  • mc hammer

    Ever wonder why Comey has not been fired or forced to resign? Maybe Clinton and Obama know what he knows and he knows they can do nothing to him….job security …the DC way. Behind all the findings of Comey were agents who were ballistic he did nothing….supposedly it was a slam dunk against her….hmmmm, where there is smoke there sometimes is fire. Nothing surprises anymore……politics went from noble to corrupt once all the lawyers decided that is a better way to make it. And that is why so many have law degrees.

  • Hard Little Machine

    So the last thing Obama does on his way out the door will of course be a pre emptive pardon.

  • gerry d welder

    Throw in Pizzagate, the now worldwide citizen investigation and the mess becomes a mind boggling panic for these elites, it was reported the NYPD has a photo from Weiner’s laptop of Hillary and Huma in bed together with a female minor:

    Melanie Shaw Update 13th January 2017

    Melanie Shaw Given Two Years Following Secret Court Hearing …

    On Wednesday 11 January 2016, Melanie Shaw, the whistleblower on the horrific abuse of children which occurred at the then county council-run Beechwood Children’s Home in Nottinghamshire in the late 1980s, was given a two-year custodial sentence in a secret court hearing.

    Pizzagate | Pizzagate
    Should John Podesta and Tony Podesta be questioned for the disappearance of Madeleine Mccann? This is a list of facts surrounding the McCann …

    The Child Porn-Pentagon-NSA-CIA Link ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know Even though there is evidence, the Pentagon, the NSA, and the CIA do not want …

    “… every time they defile a little child they steal some of the child’s youth.”
    Secret Sex Magick Rituals of the Illuminati

    Pizzagate Properties Align with Forgotten D.C. Catacombs

    Andrew Klein (now a senior adviser in the executive office of the president) and Arun Rao, Chief Southern Division of the Human Trafficking Persecution Unit of the DOJ now involved in Pizzagate. How convenient for pedophiles, child trafficking and missing children.

    Besta Pizza is owned by Andrew Kline of the Human Trafficking …
    https:[email protected]/besta-pizza

  • gerry d welder

    I wonder how many Comet pizza twitter connections will be silenced before they can be questioned?

  • Nancy Stephens-king

    Oh yeah, that’s Obama’s DOJ! You better believe they’re up to no good.

  • 11Plunkett

    The 3rd paragraph from bottom…..this must be Fondo Acceso, in Columbia. Free Beacon wrote about this last november. I sent to several news stations asking how a non profit can run a for profit company in columbia…NO one cared.

  • Republican Joan of Arc

    Let’s take all their money then…..I’m sure they can get by on there “$200,000.00” speeches if anyone is interested in them anymore.

  • Republican Joan of Arc

    Let’s ask the Israeli Moussad to look into those offshore records. After what Obama pulled, I’m sure they will do it for free.

  • deAnna Rice

    MSM probably knows but already blacks out news Obama and Hillary don’t want us to know.

  • Mac mcintire

    IRS, fast and furious, reporters computers, spying, Climton in Benghazi, Climton foundation, Clinton’s use of emails that are classified, Clinton’s use of a unsecure server, Clinton not being sworn in when she gave testimony to the FBI, furgeson, black lives matter, rise in ambush of cops, rise in deaths in black on black crime in americas big city. Undocumented Syrians, undocumented criminals being released, the list goes on and on. Now they have their panties in a bunch because the DNC computers were hacked. That would be their fault. Not the fault of trump or the American people who do nothing but read tabloids at the supermarket .

  • Joe Bleaux

    We don’t need Isreal in our affairs. They caused enough misery on 9/11.

  • Joe Bleaux

    The sockpuppets are real on this thread.

  • Amau Thomas

    I read your post and felt a “thrill go up my leg”. The possible enjoyment this could bring to millions…dare to dream.

  • Rainlion

    Please provide anything credible to back up the “DOJ wouldn’t be pushing so hard to block it”. If find it hilarious that you are so willing to believe an unsourced article full of baseless allegations.

  • David Pickles
  • harrydweeks

    Trump better not ignore this investigation and tell Sessions to prosecute them to the full extent of the law. He can’t just let it go. These people are traitors .

  • libertybells2

    Hope we get a new NSA and CIA director, especially the CIA MUSLIM head Brennan.

  • libertybells2

    Um..perhaps i knew, but right now need to ask who is Eric braverman? I do have many senior moments.

  • libertybells2

    How can you pardon someone who has not been charged with anything? I’d rather see her not given a pardon so Trump can have access to her criminality.

  • Joe Bleaux

    Watch George Webb. Braverman was CEO of Clinton Foundation who spoke out because none of the money for Hatti was going toward helping the people. He leaked info and emails to police.


  • libertyluvur

    Karma baby, Karma!!

  • Luckylucylou

    I hear the scratch of a pen signing a presidential pardon. Poor Bill. He’s going down while the wifey blames it all on him. “I din know nuttin'”

  • AllentownDave

    Happy days are here again. The Clintons’ ride is almost as goods as the rap they face.

  • Rebekah Hansens Bonis

    HA! I was just about to post a link. His videos are getting attention!

  • beaumecs

    shredder on fire!

  • Steve Gallegos

    Why isn’t story in the other news media’s? I guess “True Pundit” wasn’t paid off by ABC News, CNN, MSMBC news media not to disclose the true facts to this story, and we also don’t think that the ignorant women who were demonstrating in the women march didn’t want to hear the true facts that Hillary and her Clinton Foundation was Money Laundering, Financial Transactions with Islamic Terror for favors, the same counties that women has no rights at all, which included, human rights, education, working, and even no rights to drive a car, majority of these women don’t even know why they were even out their demonstrating, they were just following the other liberal women that may have some personal problems with men themselves, and just throwing some anger against men?

  • CumExApostolatus

    Interesting interview with George Webb where he tells us a bit more about who he is:

  • Paul

    1. HSBC funded several Clinton Foundation ‘projects’
    2. HSBC was embroiled in huge money laundering/tax evasion suit in 2012
    3. Loretta Lynch was in assigned to investigate
    4. HSBC got a small fine & no one went to jail
    5. HSBC appoints James Comey as Director in 2013

    Connect the dots

  • Carly

    What a great article and so many interesting comments! Does anyone have any recent updates or interesting insights to share? Last post is a month old. I sure hope this investigation is gathering steam as new POTUS and AG in place!