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FBI investigating major Islamist terror attack plot to disrupt US election

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US secret service agents are reportedly invetigating an attack being planned by al-Qaeda operatives on Monday November 7 – one day before the vote.

Locations believed to be on the target list include New York, Texas and Virginia, although no specific locations were listed.

Americans go to the polls on November 8 in what is being billed as one of the closest US presidential elections in decades.

The terror alert was first reported by US television network CBS News, which said its sources had indicated an attack was being planned for early next week. – READ MORE

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  • abeyer56

    Who do we know with terrorist ties? I thought her having her people burn down that black church was desperate, this is taking it to a whole new level.

  • 223 L&L

    If this were a true al-Quida attack it would happen on the day of the election while innocent Americans were at the polling place voting. I smell bs.

  • JonS

    I would not be surprised if the DOJ’s Loretta Lynch refused to issue warrants as it doesn’t fit Hillary’s and Obama’s narrative.

  • lyonslion

    So the one agency that is helping bring all this to light. plan accordingly please. Maybe an out of office day, you are our firewall.

  • kim swiger

    Lock and load kiddies the fun is about to start. Can Hillary become more evil than bill?

  • Doc Nova

    Why Monday? An attack on Monday only disrupts the election, maybe suppressing turnout by less motivated voters. Trump voters ain’t unmotivated.

    If you’re al-Qaeda and you want to kill infidels, you attack on Tuesday when they’re all together at the polls.

    Agree that something is not consistent here.

  • Nyght Magyck

    I don’t believe it. I feel like it’s more like U.S. government planning false flag attack to steal the election or worse implement Martial law and close down voting and raid as many Trump Supporters as possible and put false charges on them.

  • Jock40

    They’ve hit polling places in the Middle East in the past so I wouldn’t be surprised at anything the evil dogs attempt.

  • Jock40

    It could be the old double bluff thing, though. They figure they’ll be expected to strike on the Tuesday so they’ll get sneaky and do it earlier. Security should be excellent but the more eyes watching out for anything suspicious the better.

  • Jock40

    Good point, beats me.

  • IHC

    I would not be surprised if they actively planned the expected ‘false flag’! I won’t put anything beyond them but even more so because Obama used ‘AQ’ who no longer exists because they have joint ISIS. Also bubbling below the surface: Power grid eruption across America on election day.
    Stay vigilant – stay safe!

  • IHC


  • IHC

    Because they can get their s$it together and are beyond desperate!

  • IHC

    You say ‘terrorist ties’? Go no further than into Hillary’s term as SOS and her aide – the active muslim brotherhood member.

  • IHC

    If anything happens – it’s a false flag! Look back to 9/11 – major false flag that murdered more than 3,000 citizens. The global aristocracy have trillions of dollars at stake ergo they must stop a Trump presidency!
    On the other hand – AQ is ISIS! Since when is the Secret Service investigating pending attacks against American citizens? It’s telling ergo a false flag and may even is planned to bring about martial law.