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FAKE NEWS FLASHBACK: Butcher of Benghazi Hillary Blames YouTube for American Deaths, Muslim Unrest (VIDEO)

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In a surprise speech today, Hillary Clinton warned Americans about the dangers of Fake news and how it puts regular folks’ lives at risk. Yes, you heard that properly.

The same shameless woman who has bestowed so much pride onto the United States with her years in public service, with recent selfless career highlights low points that included:

And the list could go on and on. For pages. From decades of misdeeds.

Just another lie from the undisputed Queen of fake news and moral bankruptcy. Clinton’s rambling speech today conjures up memories of her and BS-artist sidekick, President Barack Obama telling the American people that the deadly attacks in Benghazi were sparked by a YouTube video. Then, in an even lower move, Obama and Clinton released an apology TV and radio ad in the Middle East and Pakistan, vowing that the U.S. government had nothing to do with the release of the now-bogus inflammatory video.

Meanwhile back at home in the U.S., a father of a Navy SEAL killed in Benghazi said Hillary told him: “We will make sure that the person who made that film is arrested and prosecuted.”

She was right. That poor guy was arrested and jailed.

Only now, years later, we all know Clinton and Obama were both lying to America. No video sparked the Benghazi disaster. These lies were a poorly-veiled ruse to cover up this not-so-dynamic-duo’s chronic blunders in Libya that were solely responsible for the U.S. deaths and threatened Obama’s reelection in 2012.

A new low even for this Godless lot.


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