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EXCLUSIVE: How The Nation’s Spooks Played The Game ‘Kill Mike Flynn’

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National Security Advisor Gen. Michael T. Flynn (ret.) — who resigned Monday — was the victim of a “hit job” launched by intelligence operatives, Obama government holdovers and former Obama national security officials, according to former intelligence officials who spoke with The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group.

The talk within the tight-knit community of retired intelligence officers was that Flynn’s sacking was a result of intelligence insiders at the CIA, NSA and National Security Council using a sophisticated “disinformation campaign” to create a crisis atmosphere. The former intel officers say the tactics hurled against Flynn over the last few months were the type of high profile hard-ball accusations previously reserved for top figures in enemy states, not for White House officials.

“This was a hit job,” charged retired Col. James Williamson, a 32-year Special Forces veteran who coordinated his operations with the intelligence community.

Noting the Obama administration first tried to silence Flynn in 2014 when the former president fired him as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Williamson called Monday’s resignation, “stage Two of ‘Kill Mike Flynn.”

Former intelligence officials who understand spy craft say Flynn’s resignation had everything to do with a “disinformation campaign” and little to do with the December phone conversation he had with the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

They charge officials from America’s top spy counsels leaked classified government intercepts of Flynn and President Trump’s conversations with world leaders and had “cutouts” — friendly civilians not associated with the agency — to distribute them to reporters in a coordinated fashion.

The issue of leaks was a prime topic for Trump when he tweeted Wednesday, “Information is being illegally given to the failing @nytimes & @washingtonpost by the intelligence community (NSA and FBI?). Just like Russia.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this before,” Retired Col. James Waurishuk, who spent three decades in top military intelligence posts and served at the National Security Council, said in an interview with TheDCNF. “We’ve never seen to the extent that those in the intelligence community are using intelligence apparatus and tools to be used politically against an administration official,” he said.

“The knives are out,” said Frederick Rustman, who retired after 24 years from the CIA’s Clandestine Service and was a member of its elite Senior Intelligence Service.

The intelligence community’s sprawling bureaucracy is organizing to topple the Trump presidency, Rustman charged in an interview with TheDCNF.

“I would not be surprised if Trump did not finish four years because of the vendetta they have out for him,” he said, calling the move on Flynn just a “mini-vendetta.”

Williamson told TheDCNF in an interview, “I truly believe it’s orchestrated and it’s part of an overall strategy. The objective is to piece-by-piece, dismantle the Trump administration, to discredit Trump. This is part of an overarching plan.”

D.W. Wilber, who has over 30 years of experience in security and counterterrorism with the CIA and the Defense Department agrees.

“It appears to me there has been a concerted effort to try to discredit not only General Flynn, but obviously, the entire Trump administration through him. He just happened to be the first scalp,” Wilber told TheDCNF in an interview.

Williamson agreed, telling theDCNF, “There are individuals who are well versed in information operations — we used to call that propaganda. They know how to do it. It’s deliberately orchestrated.”

Retired Marine Col. Bill Cowan, who often interacted with the intelligence operatives in combat zones, believes Mike Pompeo, Trump’s new CIA Director, must clean house. Otherwise, the administration will encounter four years of attacks.

“The director, Pompeo, if he doesn’t get a hold of the agency and its personnel, he can expect four years of this: clandestine, undercover disinformation, misinformation, psychological information to undermine this administration and this president,” he told TheDCNF.

Charles Goslin, a 27-year old former CIA operations officer also believes that many insubordinate intelligence staff are working within the National Security Council within the White House.

“With the NSC, I think that’s where the leaks are coming from on calls to foreign leaders. That’s where they undermined Flynn to the point where he got hammered,” Goslin told TheDCNF in an interview.

Goslin noted, “When Trump came in, even though they were able to staff key NSC positions, for the most part it’s still staffed by previous administration holdovers and bureaucratic appointees.”

“I don’t think they have any loyalty to the current administration,” the former CIA operations officer said, adding, “the NSC is going to be a hard one to fix.”

All of the former intelligence officials say the rage against Flynn dated back to when the decorated general headed up the DIA. There he garnered a reputation to balk at the “politicization of military intelligence” in order to conform with President Obama’s world views.

Flynn refused to downplay the threat posed by the Islamic State and other radical Islamic groups throughout his two-year reign at the DIA. He was fired after offering congressional testimony that was at odds with the Obama administration’s posture on the Islamic threat.

Waurishuk, who interacted with Flynn as deputy director of the Special Operations Command and in other security matters, said Flynn was a “straight shooter” who always demanded accurate threat assessments and never bent to continue pressures of political correctness.
Waurishuk worked in military intelligence in the Obama administration. He told TheDCNF Obama officials “know Flynn and they hate Flynn because he would call them out. So, this was their opportunity to wage what is a personal vendetta in some respects.”

California Republican Rep. Devon Nunes, the chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, has promised to hold hearings on the leaking of classified information to reporters. The date has yet to be set for the hearings.

(Daily Caller)

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  • #RestoreTheRepublic #KillTheTrogenHorse #CIA #FBI ??!!

  • Sad. Our intelligence agency Obamanoids are actually making those agencies less honorable than Russia’s. What a sad day for America. But I guess that’s what leftism always brings. The Russians discarded Sovietism like contaminated clothing, and like fools we picked it up.

  • alittleunwell

    Flynn spoke with the Russians while Obama was still in office, that’s illegal. It’s strange that when he resigned a Russian spy ship showed up off the coast of Delaware and is still off the East coast a day later. Two days before Flynn stepped down Russia broke an arms treaty with the US by firing missiles that both countries agreed to ban. Nothing on these incidents from the White House. Nothing from the White House on North Korea’s missile test last week. Three serious incidents and nothing from the White House.

    Flynn needed to step down. What he did was illegal and supposedly he lied to the Vice President and maybe even to Trump. That’s not acceptable! I don’t believe Obama is behind Flynn’s take down. I do think it’s possible that Trump is so hated by the CIA and FBI that they would want him out of office. Still, these are career civil servants that don’t operate on whims but are dedicated to serving our nation.
    Time will tell.

  • CoCo

    The Trogen Horse. You people are amazing.

  • PLJ

    It isn’t illegal at all. Hence no charges. Precedent shows that Obama did just the same with Iran.

  • martine81585

    This disinformation campaign claiming that Trump colluded with Putin is the new Red Scare. It’s neo-McCarthyism, as if the original McCarthyism wasn’t an embarrassing enough chapter for our country.

    But at least back then we were in the height of the Cold War. Now the main struggle is with radical terrorism, and the media is in a tizzy over Russia? Why? We have more in common with Russia than ever. They are not the Soviet Union any more.

    Without the media echo chamber, this story has no real support. Buried in every article is one line saying no evidence of collusion has been found. Flynn is hardly the first American to speak with international governments during a transition. Such communication is normally lauded.

    What exactly is the agenda of the leakers? To bring down Trump? I guess by definition, a populist President has no natural allies in DC, and we are seeing in real time the ramifications of what it means to be an outsider wading through the Swamp.

  • Sunshine43

    Sedition at it’s ugliest!!

  • Sunshine43

    You, ALittleUnwell, are much more than that, you are gravely unwell if you believe the claptrap you just wrote. There are a slew of civil servants that would jump at the chance to kiss Obama’s directorial ass in his endeavor to take down President Trump. Obama is a psychotically sick and evil man who continues with his rampage to take down America. He despises everything good that is America. You’re yet another loon who follows a tyrannical despot–>OBAMA!

  • Linda JJ

    Everybody involved in this sabotage of our president is committing subversion and maybe treason. Trump must show no mercy when these people are discovered.

  • Patriot76

    Take the top 5 layers of the NSC, CIA and the W. H. people and fire them while running the investigation.

  • dfw63

    Time has shown that McCarthy was right. Failure to understand that when it was happening helped to get us here.

  • alittleunwell

    They’re terrifying. They’re absolutely out of their minds.

  • alittleunwell

    I didn’t vote for Obama and I did not support his policies. I think there are a lot of civil servants that would love to see Trump gone but that doesn’t mean they’d betray their country.
    You really need to gut back on the hyperbole. It’s ridiculous.

  • alittleunwell

    It’s treasonous.

  • kak6154

    There are a lot of Obama sycophants who would do just that. You need look no further than Valerie Jarrett. She’s been awfully quiet, hasn’t she? I didn’t vote for Obama either and I never trusted him. Apparently, for good reason. I knew several weeks ago this “resistence” was not spontaneous. I knew someone was behind it. Obama? You bet. That petulant little child can’t stand that what little is left of his “legacy” is being eroded. Aleppo will end up being his legacy and deservedly so.

  • PLJ

    Obama did exactly the same wrt Iranian nuclear deal. Was that treason? Why haven’t the certain of these nuclear arrangements with the Iranians ever been disclosed?

  • Chris Gough

    This is definitely going to make serious efforts play out with chess maneuvering to sniff out the moles. It will take the entire 4 yrs to sniff them out. Tragically, this is also the effort to demonstrate that the Intelligence Community is dysfunctional and projects a major weakness of power to the world and our enemies. Our enemies may exploit this dysfunction and this makes for a powder keg. The Era of spies is back.

  • Ronnie Moncrief

    Good thing Trump will have 8 years to clean out all the trash…