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EXCLUSIVE: FBI’s Own Political Terror Plot; Deputy Director and FBI Brass Secretly Conspired to Wage Coup Against Flynn & Trump

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Mere days before Gen. Michael Flynn was sacked as national security advisor, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe gathered more than a dozen of his top FBI disciples to plot how to ruin Flynn’s aspiring political career and manufacture evidence to derail President Donald Trump, according to FBI sources.

McCabe, the second highest ranking FBI official, emphatically declared at the invite-only gathering with raised voice: “Fuck Flynn and then we Fuck Trump,” according to direct sources. Many of his top lieutenants applauded and cheered such rhetoric. A scattered few did not.

This was one of several such meetings held in seclusion among key FBI leaders since Trump was elected president, FBI sources confirm. At the congregation where McCabe went off the political rails and vowed to destroy Flynn and Trump, there were as many as 16 top FBI officials, inside intelligence sources said. No lower-level agents or support personnel were present.

If you are among the millions of Americans who have pondered in recent months whether the Obama-era “Deep State” intelligence apparatus and FBI are working for or against Trump, this is the first definitive proof that the country’s once-premiere law enforcement agency has gone rogue.

The non-elected hierarchy that steer the FBI have declared war on President Trump and his White House inner circle. Make no mistake.

Days after the McCabe tirade, Flynn was forced to resign. That was no coincidence. This is how secret coups waged by the top law enforcement personnel in the top law enforcement agency in any country operate. Efficiently. If the FBI wants you silenced or out of a job, you’ll be unemployed. Ask Michael Flynn and countless others.

Part of the plan hatched at that gathering was to make sure Flynn’s wiretapped conversations were leaked to the media, FBI and intelligence sources said. They were. Did the FBI leak this classified intelligence to the news media? Isn’t that a question President Trump and Congress should be posing? If nothing else, McCabe and his FBI secret council are certainly now suspects of who possibly leaked the intelligence. Seems that a number of polygraphs should be in order.

Embattled FBI Director James Comey did not attend these private meetings of his interoffice revolutionaries, sources said, though he was aware of the gatherings yet did not discourage them or McCabe’s inflammatory and dangerous rhetoric. Some FBI agents have questioned if the Anti-Trump attitude shared in the secret sit downs with the bureau’s top brass is now the official platform of the FBI. The FBI, many agents quietly agree, has proven no friend to the newly minted US president. And they are beginning to understand why.

As far as waging political coups go: So far, so good. The FBI’s secret plan to ruin Flynn worked. And fast. Flynn is long gone. Now they can focus on ruining President Trump. After all, Isn’t that the role of the FBI? Tampering with the president of the United States and his inner circle, neither of whom have broken any laws?

It turns out, however, the FBI isn’t very good at the spy game. McCabe’s dictatorial tone ruffled a number of agents at FBI headquarters who still believe the mission of the bureau is not to wage clandestine warfare against the sitting president and his administration.

McCabe and Comey did not respond to requests for comment. Flynn could not be reached for comment.

This isn’t McCabe’s first rodeo in the cross-hairs of controversy at the FBI where he is outranked only by Comey. In fact, McCabe garnered problematic headlines during the 2016 presidential election.

Democratic factions controlled by a Hillary Clinton insider paid the deputy director of the FBI’s wife almost $700,000 in campaign funds before McCabe, who was supervising Clinton’s investigation, lobbied against charging her criminally, according to records and interviews obtained by True Pundit.

Dr. Jill McCabe was a Virginia state senate candidate in 2015. Longtime Clinton family consigliere and Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, sent her approximately $675,000 to fund the Democrat hopeful’s campaign coffers. Dr. McCabe, a physician, is married to the FBI deputy director. Mrs. McCabe is a registered Democrat. FBI agents who work with McCabe say he and his wife were both staunch Hillary Clinton supporters.

According to one FBI insider, the McAuliffe-generated campaign funds may have ultimately bought Clinton some strategic breathing room.

“McCabe was one of the few people who backed Comey’s decision not to refer Hillary Clinton to the Justice Department for indictment,” a FBI source said of the July 2016 decision not to refer Clinton for criminal charges for violating email and document safeguards for classified and Top Secret national security intelligence. “McCabe and Comey are both lawyers. They aren’t street agents. They’re more political. We wanted her (Clinton) indicted. They did not.”

Gov. McAuliffe has been an important Clinton family insider for decades. During Bill Clinton’s presidential candidacy and subsequent reelection, McAuliffe often spearheaded investigations into Clinton critics and helped silence women who alleged Bill Clinton harassed or sexually assaulted them, sources said.

Ironically, McAuliffe is currently under investigation by the FBI for alleged campaign-related finance infractions.

McAuliffe’s contributions to Dr. McCabe’s campaign match the exact time frame of the FBI’s parallel Clinton investigation. No contributions were made prior to the FBI’s probe of Clinton. McCabe was overseeing personnel decisions, including assigning agents to the Clinton investigation team, at the FBI’s Washington D.C.’s field office when his wife began her 2015 campaign. His wife lost the election after spending an estimated $1.8 million on the senate run. Three months later, Comey promoted McCabe to FBI Deputy Director in February 2016. The promotion helped fill a very large void created by the retirement of John Giacalone, who was the supervisor of the bureau’s National Security Branch and also the FBI brains and genesis behind the Clinton email and private server investigation. Since the inception of the case, Giacalone had spearheaded the Clinton investigation, and helped hand select top agents who were highly skilled but also discreet. Many of those agents were concerned when Giacalone abruptly resigned in the middle of the investigation.

FBI insiders said Giacalone used the term “sideways” to describe the direction the Clinton probe had taken in the bureau. Giacalone lamented privately he no longer had confidence in the direction the investigation was headed. He felt it was simpler to quietly step aside, walk away instead of fight to keep the investigation on its proper track. Giacalone was a true heavyweight agent at FBI. In fact, he likely should have been running the entire show. His pedigree included running and creating FBI divisions in New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and even serving as deputy commander in the Iraqi theater of operations. But in the midst of the Clinton investigation, Giacalone handed the bureau his retirement papers in February 2016.

The day after Giacalone’s departure, Comey tapped McCabe to help oversee the ongoing Clinton case and personally serve “as the eyes and ears” for Comey, sources confirmed. Since early July 2016, Comey has come under intense fire from critics and the majority of Americans who believe he granted Clinton a get-out-of-jail-free card by refusing to refer the case to the Justice Department for a probable slam-dunk indictment on at least one of potential dozens of criminal charges.

Now Comey, McCabe and their rogue FBI Sanhedrin face a new dilemma: Colleagues who have blown the whistle on the partisan agency, specifically how personal and political philosophies have crept into the FBI and commandeered the bureau’s powerful reach and resources to tamper with law-abiding White House personnel, including the president. That’s called public corruption, a crime the FBI is tasked with investigating.

Just like it “investigated” $700,000 in donations from the Clinton family to the wife of the FBI’s deputy director who, during the exact time frame was tasked with overseeing the investigation of Hillary Clinton. She ultimately was never charged with any crime and McCabe received a FBI promotion. Does anyone have the phone number for the FBI’s public corruption unit? Or does that line ring directly to McCabe and Comey?

We would normally demand a federal investigation into such allegations of collusion. But who would conduct it, the FBI?


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  • The Darker Side

    Jesus F’n Christ. I can see this, it can totally see this now.

  • Mister Misanthrope

    FBI needs a cleansing. Maybe a full blown enema.

  • Grandma_of_3

    well, and then theres that!

  • Troy Ounce

    Comey, McCabe are part of the swamp!

  • Amy B

    President Trump, start draining the swamp immediately. A good start would be with Comey. Why he asked him to stay on is a mystery, other than he didn’t want to be perceived as being a tyrant, as the left likes to insinuate anyway. As long as McCabe & his cohorts are not put in charge, it’s definitely time to get Comey out. Time for Pres Trump to take the damn gloves off & fight back!!! The American people have waited 8 long years for someone to clean house. I have faith he will do just that.

  • Alti

    What a mess. The FBI has been forever tarnished by Comey, now McCabe. McCabe needs to be investigated for illegally leaking classified materials. Someone also needs to clarify what he meant by “then we F*** Trump” – sounds like excellent grounds for firing him.

  • Jim McAdam

    We need public executions of the traitors. This coup has to stop now.

  • Pat Engness

    It looks like the Hannity Show guest on Mon. March 13, 2017 is trying to take credit for getting to the bottom of Obama SPYING on Trump (at 13 min. 20 sec. if you look it up on YouTube)…..but Thousands of us heard THIS Revelation a WEEK ago, about the McMullin/McCain/$HilLIARy Alliance,on a radio Show. gets going at 6 minutes:

  • Hapa

    Severe rot at the top. May this be the beginning of the end for McCabe and Comey. I wonder who at the FBI is able to do an end run around them and find an ear in the media?

  • t1618

    High time for a hy-colonic……………..

  • cygne noire

    Excellent article. The pieces are fitting together now. This confirms what George Webb’s Youtube series said about McCabe. In that series he also traces Comey’s protection of the Clintons back to Marc Rich scandal, his money laundering at HSBC, his taking kickbacks at Lockheed. Comey and McCabe are slowfooting the CF investigation just like Preet was, ditto the Gullen investigation. Trump won’t be able to operate until he gets rid of these saboteurs.

    I follow True Pundit and George Webb for my news, along with Wikileaks…most reliable around.
    For the latecomers can start at Day 90 – George himself a victim of similar smear campaign by JTTF. Episodes are footnoted.

  • legal eagle

    This is certainly believable, but not definitive proof. “According to sources” is not evidence. It is hearsay.

  • Wink

    Why are these ppl vehemently anti-Sessions, anti-Trump: Jake Tapper (CNN), Sen.Warren(?) Sen.L.Graham, McCabe, McCain, McAuliffe, John Podesta, John Brennan, Comey, Clintons, Obama?
    There has to be a much deeper/darker reason that feeds their hatred… are they all pedophiles?
    Defenseless children have no voice. May God expose the lies and reveal the truth.

  • SAM

    “McAuliffe’s contributions to Dr. McCabe’s campaign match the exact time frame of the FBI’s parallel Clinton investigation.”

    If true then Deputy Director Andrew McCabe had to be aware his wife had received campaign loot from the Clinton controlled Democratic party as he led the investigation into Hillary Clinton and her minions national security crimes and graft, pay-for-play Clinton Foundation crimes. He then betrayed his oath of office and the American republic. Not to mention why would this despicable person be an FBI agent? How’s the investigation going Director Comey?

  • SAM

    Should be easy to prove Dr. McCabe did receive the donation (bribe). That’s proof.

  • Dmd

    When will Trump clean out the FBI? All holdovers from BHO must be removed.
    Thank you True Pundit for your hard work.

  • Wayne Ville … a Deplorable

    Trump needs to fire and replace the top 10 management levels of the FBI.

  • oic

    I hope Trump rehire Flynn and get him to lead effort to route out leaks

  • Julian McCrann

    This can’t possibly be true at all. If any of this were true Trump would have fired this mole already.

  • Dave Weiss

    I would not fire him, I would hang him!

  • Wesley Dodds

    There is simply too much evidence of the Deep State activities and political involvement to ignore it. With McCabe’s wife heavily involved in Democratic politics including receiving significant funds from Hillary Clinton’s bagman, our federal law enforcement is seriously compromised.

  • Dd

    There’s probably so much dirt on McCabe and Comey you won’t even get them to squeal.

  • legal eagle

    I am not saying it cannot be proven. I believe McCabe and Comey are on that same page. I think McCabe was setting Reince up when he approached him at the WH. I am merely saying that the headline is a tad hyperbolic. A hearsay statement by an unidentified source is not definitive proof. But that is how this journalistic game is played with sources. We will have to wait and see if anything comes of this report, or if we continue to get more of the same. I hope something does.

  • He should be charge immediately under
    18 U.S. Code Chapter 115
    § 2383 – Rebellion or insurrection
    § 2384 – Seditious conspiracy
    § 2385 – Advocating overthrow of Government
    § 2388 – Activities affecting armed forces during war

  • Frank

    The breaking of this news gives me hope. Why hasn’t Drudge shared any of this. The dam needs to break. Trump needs to pull the switch on the trap.

  • Or he or a family member were threatened or otherwise generally in fear of..

  • Liberty4ev

    Terry McCauliffe’s huge donation to Jill McCabe is “old news” and something else that has never been investigated.

    It boggles my mind that we pay the salaries and bennies for these swamp rats. The entirety of it needs to be burned down.

  • Short answer. Trump railroaded their Communist in Mao fashion Dictatorship.
    Take for example. The abdication of Congress to the Executive Branch. Smith-Mundt Act repeal. Then a few of Obama’s Dictations (EO) like the one little known and signed on Christmas Eve 2016 to silence “Fake News” and allow the military and intels with State to decide what constitutes.

    All of this and more, I feel was in anticipation of Mrs Mao Clinton taking her seat or the Xmas Eve EO was for one the oligarchs and Mrs. Mao would control once Trump was gone.

  • Liberty4ev

    Also, Richard Black, the state senator Jill McCabe was running against, traveled to Syria to see what was going on. Let’s just say he wasn’t complimentary of the US involvement in Syria.

  • Indeed. A case could be made they are levying war upon government. Which they are. War is fought many ways, after all.
    After a speedy trial if found guilty should face the punishment. “Shall suffer death”

    And those who are involved to some lesser extent and degree and all those however minor an act even knowingly delivering a a hamburger while they plot and knew of it, or burning the shredder buckets content should face the lesser provisions of this law.
    Along with, Misprision of Treason. And a few more under Chapter 115.

  • All those hired since Bush 1 need to go. And Let’s face it. Reading the dumped emails on WikiLeaks makes clear Hilda was in charge as she was in the the 90s.

    Since then her and the traitorous Bush Clan have merged both parties into 1.

    Mattered not which usurpers puppet won or if the usurper themselves did. They have ran the show since the end year of Reagan

  • Paul

    Yes, many are pedophiles..

  • Hearsay is always enough to begin a preliminary and cursory investigation. In fact with something of this magnitude​ I think it 100% compulsory

  • I would like to know what is meant by the vauge term “key FBI leaders”
    Is this someway to scirt printing Comey?

  • These are accusations of such magnitude that with his traffic and reach he may or has been asked or decided to hold.
    Or he is late for work.

  • Indeed. I would like to add it is also how the game of journalistic abuse is played as well.

    In the days of the United States having an official political party mouthpiece(s) papers and channels, as well as bitter divisions it is or should be eveident that all sources the Plebiscite are allowed should be taking with a grain of salt until otherwise proven.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Aeffesstoo

    …and everyone knows, hearsay is only a valid argument when used against Trump

  • Mr Twank L Bang

    I don’t think he can fire Comey or McCabe. He can ask for resignations, but sounds like he still needs leverage.

  • Jedd McHead

    Trump moved quickly on some things but draining the SWAMP wasn’t one of them. He should sack any Fed judge Obama appointed (as Obama did with Bush appointees, w/Eric Holder citing “elections have consequences”) and clean house in the FBI (and DOJ, in general). Trump was (and still appears to be) incredibly naive about how these holdovers are a danger not just to his Presidency but to our nation and national security, as well.

  • Joseph Contino

    I hope to God this gets to Trump and/or he knows whats going on. And then Assange’s tweets today.

  • Comey is a Cabnient level pick. He Serves at the Pleasure Of The President, he picked his #2….

  • LouAnnWatson

    So when will he be indicted for a Hillary quid pro quo? Doesn’t anybody go to prison anymore?

  • 8675310

    The Inspector General’s office, can investigate and report to the AG. McAuliffe was involved in, I believe, the Comcast bilking back in the nineties. He got rich and the company, it may not have been Comcast, went belly up. This was during the time ERON was getting such headlines and heads were rolling. People were going to prison. But not McAuliffe. He was Clinton Connected. He didn’t go to jail, he went to the Governor’s Mansion.

  • Flick Yoli

    McCabe = Dead Man

  • Mr Twank L Bang

    Shows what I know. Lot’s a Trump’s picks are a mystery to me anyway. Seems he has a strategy. Just not sure what it is yet.

  • I admit. I googled it before replying. @[email protected]

  • He did say he would never broadcast hisb battle plans.
    As it should be. I think even my dog knows that, literally. She has been after the same squirrel for years. She never barks at him before the chase.

  • Mr Twank L Bang

    All I know is that I don’t know as much about T as I thought I did. I didn’t vote for him thinking he was just a sideshow to clear the way for HRC (I left the pres slot blank this year; I know, shame on me). I was very wrong about that, dude’s got serious game. Should’ve known that when he neutralized Hot Mic with Billy Bush by bringing the Clinton accusers with him to the second debate. That took balls. And since he seems to be at war with the deepstate/msm, I can understand why he’s keeping his cards close to his vest. I mean, Schumer talking about “Intelligence” having 6 ways from Sunday to get Trump, a US president, back? I mean, WTF is going on?

  • Random person

    HELL YES WE DID. Keep an eye on Soros in Albania and Macedonia. He is currently operating in Albania. Preparing mayhem for the spring and plenty more refugees coming from Erdogan in Turkey destined for Germany.

  • Fred Doe

    These CRIMINALS are obviously among the leakers! Why do any of them still have a job? Why are they walking free? What they have done is known as SEDITION!

  • buy the judge,key to cover up

    no more Mormons in any branch of govt or law enforcement agency

  • buy the judge,key to cover up

    shadow party…name soros gave to his govt insider public employees…

  • Yes it was the #Russians – #Hillary’s Russians inside the #FBI obviously!
    Unless #Trump is a MASOCHIST it’s time 4 TREASONOUS Andrew McCabe 2 go.

  • George Webb is about the best investigative journalist out there if one wants 2 know the REALITY of political life in the good ole US of A. And if you’re a fan, I think you’ll dig the free advertising I just got him in Times Square, >

  • Matthew

    looks like nothing has changed since the days of hoover and his goons….

  • babydriver

    Trump needs to begin, IMMEDIATELY, large scale firings in ALL of the alphabet agencies.
    All of them.

  • Grandma_of_3

    trump should get pence to quietly resign over “stress” issues and quickly swear in bannon as vp for better insurance.

  • GrumpyGrandpa

    From a former FBI employee in the old days, this really hurts if true. There’s smoke and stink; I just hope the Executive branch can make good overcome evil.

  • Obama’sMovedOutta

    Does anyone know if McCabe is a paranoid, cross-dressing, pedophile freak like his hero J. Edgar Hoover? Much of the FBI, CIA, DOJ, NSA, and our military is populated by sociopaths, and psychopaths. Part of the screening process for these agencies is to recruit sociopaths, and psychopaths with no integrity.

  • Uncool

    No integrity left. Only power and money.

  • FlPatriot98

    These are all Obama cronies and they must be fired and then indicted for their treasonous activities!!!

  • Deplorable jala thil

    like the Air force was infiltrated with/by revealing air force corruption(?) – now FBI to be infiltrated? AF replaced by open border/Israel friends/tribes at the expense of US lives/finance- Is the FBI done the same with Trumps help????

  • RadioPatriot

    SEND HIM A TIP — I just did. It’s on his page — right hand column below the headlines.

  • Christian Huffman Baldwin

    Somebody in the FBI needs to do the right thing and blow this WIDE OPEN. We are being controlled by CIA/FBI NOT who we elect. This is ridiculous. I am starting to smell a revolt coming by Trump supporters who voted for him.

  • Renov8

    Drain the FBI…lots of draining to do boys.

  • Retired vet

    He needs to go to prison for insurrection…Seriously….So does any member of the FBI who was there and did not report it…

  • Retired vet

    They need to be arrested and charged and given a trial…Wait long enough and the nation may decide it’s time for justice to occur in another fashion…We don’t want that …

  • Poke


  • gringott

    First the polygraph, then the indictments. Then SuperMax FedGov prison, in Noriega’s old cell.

  • NoBS NoSpam

    Might as well include both the Amish and Buddhist. Seriously?
    I’d rather go after Luciferian’s than the criminally insane. Freemasonry is a good place to start.

  • NoBS NoSpam

    General Flynn is vetted.

  • Dan

    Nothing more than treason.. Yime for AG to take action

  • Robudahbi

    The maximum penalty for treason is death. I think some of these socialist liberal elites need a reminder of what is possible for committing treason.

  • cutator

    It time to GUT the entire department. Full of corruption………

  • JJCaro

    Trump’s allegations about Trump Tower wire-tapping and subsequent investigations will expose what we all already know. Comey is up to his neck in political espionage and is about to be forced to resign. When THAT happens Trump will have won the FBI drain-the-swamp effort. He will appoint a REAL director who will purge the agency from bottom to top. Can’t do it until Comey is gone. Comey, remember was the jr. FBI investigator into the Bill Clinton pay-for-play Marc Rich pardon. Comey dismissed the case and was subsequently named as FBI director. He, too played and was paid. Comey is crooked as a dog’s hind leg. Can’t wait for a new FBI, one with integrity… no more intrigues. Just good clean investigating and corruption house-cleaning.

  • Dave Mende

    We Americans have the best government money can buy.

  • Grandma_of_3

    good point…..flynn would be good too

  • hihellothere

    Death to traitors.

  • ndnbs (Nominal Drama, No BS)

    Yes they are!

    Covering for Zero, Hildabeast, and their “enablers” ALL THE WAY.

  • MadGramma

    “Drain the Swamp”

  • Acecool

    So far we’ve heard evidence and conspiracy to sedition, misprision, treason and all sorts of corruption from all three branches of Govt.

  • Jacque Sherlock

    Right behind McCabe is David Bowdich who was #2 at LA office when San Bernardino happened. Just a month later, he was promoted to HQ as Associate Deputy Director (#3) in DC. Bowdich got promoted by pulling off a convincing false flag shooting and another one at LAX in 2013. All these guys are dirty.

  • the one

    These cretins need a “night of the long knives” to level their shit. No federal agency should wield this much power… Time for a purge.

  • True Pundit

    Drudge has been out to lunch for a decade.

  • Jennifer Harris

    Would someone please explain why this man has not been fired?

  • A. Yoo

    F–k McCabe.

  • Patriot76

    So far the White House has proven to be ineffective when dealing with these insubordinate employees of the government.

  • Kathy Lawrence

    They need to expose him and belittle him and drag he down.

  • Kathy Lawrence

    No they are all globalists and are for a NWO like old papa Bush said at the UN and all the way down to Obama.

  • Tom

    Shows Trump is full of it; and nothing is getting cleaned out. …Still waiting for somebody to give me the name of even one illegal deported from Minnesota. Fact is I’m seeing even more of them. Easy to spot in area of German, Irish and Nordic progeny of legal immigrants.

  • Rebecca Warren

    The Clintons and Obama have corrupted the entire govt….half the FBI, And lots of every Intel division…McCabe was bribed for making sure Hilliary was not prosecuted, many being blackmailed, unbelievable what some bad apples can do! With God’s grace the good people in the FBI and other Intel agencies will save our country from these bottom feeders…

  • C Berg

    First, when Andrew McCabe said F Trump, it is the same as saying F America, F the American people, in my opinion. Second, I hope the writer follows up with all the important points left out in the article that George Webb (YOUTUBE) points out from “Day 142, Part 2”.

  • Rebecca Warren

    He will…I have faith…He will bring them to their knees for their crimes against His children!

  • endofwatchersbegan1/28/2011

    These are the guys that create terrorists so that they can increase their budget. Don’t give a F*CK for the law or the American People. So who should give a F*CK about them? NUKE the swamp. If there are good ones, they had better step up before they end up at the end of a rope with the rest. Don’t think things can not change in a heartbeat, They WILL, much sooner than you comprehend. Better be on the side of right. God no longer bleeds.

  • Julian McCrann

    That’s no good. These creeps will destroy his Presidency if he doesn’t neuter them first.

  • Brad Dueringer

    Most of the people against Trump are members of the CFR. Trump is not a member of the CFR. Not sure about Sessions.

  • Brad Dueringer

    Nope…not the big boys….

  • Lem Renrek

    Full blown firing of all long term questionable political personnel everywhere. Time to gut the Executive bureaucracies – starting with the entire DOJ and all compnonents

  • Bew


  • Liberty4ev

    Sometimes I wonder if Trump is giving them some rope so they end up hanging themselves. Otherwise, I wonder the same thing. It doesn’t make sense.

  • Nam Marine

    Why aren’t these clown traitors in Gitmo?

  • Nam Marine

    You don’t like it here pal…………………..Move to Iran !

  • Connie Alsip

    HE and his minions are DONE. Bring charges of TREASON against Comey and McCabe, and sedition he other attrendees. No wonder Comey tried to get the DoJ to put the lies to bed His goose is now cooked, I see some very high profile arrests very soon. Those weinies WORK FOR US/ e can fire them at will. Hoping for LOTS of Democrat/intelligence agency blood n the floor. Traitors should be hung.

  • L Garou

    Obama’s commies are planted everywhere within intelligence and the military.
    The good thing is they never were the popular choice, they were thrust upon both bodies and the vast majority of the rank and file detest them, as well they should.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see very soon a few of them slipping on banana peels and falling off balconies. Whoops..

  • nvrat

    Starting at the Head.

  • buy the judge,key to cover up

    fbi just another corrupt labor union

  • I have a feeling McCabe will be FIRED

  • wait for it, grasshopper

  • President Trump is giving them rope to hang themselves; and I do believe McCabe just did

  • bodica

    Tom I understand your frustration but don’t blame Trump. He inherited this mess. And if you knew one gazillionth of what I know you’d stand and applaud him every minute of every day. Obola had 8 years to make this disaster – already set up for him by the Clintons. It will take more than 6 weeks to clear the swamp, but he’s getting the job done. He’ll get to Minnesota…

  • bodica

    The answer is in Hillary’s enraged and terrified statement … ” we will all hang.” I believe that they are pedopervs and child murderers, not just murderers, but murderers in the most vicious and cruelest faction if those photographs are credible, and I cannot think of anyone who would photo shop such suffering and such evil.
    I believe they all deserve to hang – including the media that supported them, refused to do their job, and obstructed truth and justice at every turn, God save us all.

  • bodica

    Power hungry, satanist pedo perv globalists.

  • Observant_One

    Can the President fire the head of the FBI? If so McCabe should be removed immediately!

  • Skyking239

    I hope there is an attendees list for that meeting of senior FBI staff. My guess the emails invites to that meeting are being deleted as we read this. If Director Comey doesn’t fire this hack they should both be sacked. They are bringing discredit on the FBI much worse than JEH did back in the 60s.

  • Patriot76

    Master Po, I cannot wait, my youth is in a hurry.

  • harrydweeks

    Come on Session get them the hell out now.

  • OldSaltUSNR

    The only “cleansing” that is effective for corrupt senior law enforcement officials is jail time. Fire them, and they go merrily on their way with their pensions and a $500K salary at the next private sector job, and WITH their “retired” badge in their pockets. That will not stop this sort of corruption. Only a special prosecutor, reporting to the AG, with his own investigators can open this can of worms and gather sealed indictment from a grand jury.

    Sessions needs to appoint Rudy Guilianai to the S.P. role ASAP, and Guilianai can pull FBI agents out of retirement to support his investigation. Get the facts, publish them, indict, prosecute, and imprison. Add a review of facts of Hillary’s “investigation” scam and the Lois Lerner IRS “investigation” as well.

    Until something like this happens, I for one, will consider Justice dead in American. It’s all one big partisan rigged game, where progressives make $bucks and American’s get **cked. Is Trump going to do something about this crap, or not?

  • wen2dogs

    Flynn was NOT sacked. He resigned because of all the corrupt lies. I’m not saying that the major part of the article isnt true but please, if you want to convince more people of the truth, even the little facts matter because the leftists liberals will find anything to pick it apart

  • disqus_X4zDidVpdI

    Why is McCabe still employed? Why are the senior folks at his meeting still employed? Trump, tell Comey to fire them all by morning or you fire them and Comey too. Unbelievable.

  • disqus_X4zDidVpdI

    Every one of them needs to be in jail for the various laws they have broken and Comey for allowing it. They will destroy Trump if he does not get them first.

  • Frances Spinelli

    This jerk needs to be fired. Along with Comey. I say get rid and start fresh. That man will never respect the Preaident and is looking to sabotage him. Wouldn’t be surprised if he would plant something on the President. Fire him!!!

  • Rapunzel46

    Why hasn’t President Trump fired him and Comey?

  • Rali

    All the push back is over immigration. The globalists plan is to replace Americans with foreign nationals who can be controlled, who come from countries that don’t have constitutional rights, that don’t have the right to bear arms. It was all going swimmingly until Trump showed up and threw a wrench in their plans. Now they’re doing everything they can to take our President down so they can get back to destroying America.

  • Si Simmons

    I’m surprised that Hillary hasn’t had Trump murdered by now !!!

  • Tom

    I am completely unracist. I am however a realist and know these illegals do not come from a culture that the great freedoms we live under come from. Anybody of any color that espouses the ideals of Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin is a brother or sister to me. People like you who were probably born in this country and educated in leftist public school systems are the threat to our freedoms. I kindly ask you to get on the boat and leave with the illegals; who, probably like you, are looking for free stuff and not freedom. By the way, Iran has more active synagogues than Israel does. And every minority is guaranteed seats on their parliament. You ignorance is showing.

  • “He and all involved should be charged immediately after investigation”
    should have clarified as I did in subsequent posts in this thread that these are at this oint accustaions from unkown sources. Yes, needed in journalism but abusable all the same. But enough to begin a cursry investigation and no dout has. If not then God Help us and our children & their childrens children.

    As for myslef I would or can or could see many making it a lifes mission to find the 535 or 550 in the Exeutive branches whom caused all this since Bush 1. They have cozy bunkers, indeed they will make money off it. Until those so scorned find them.

  • Rebecca Warren

    Unbelievable! Drain the swamp!

  • Rebecca Warren

    He is!

  • Rebecca Warren

    They have no heart

  • Tiger

    Trump is no fool and so far he has been ahead of these people every plot. I don’t know why he kept Comey. I only know that Trump is president and he has his ways.

  • Aeffesstoo

    Trump will end their gravy train

  • wildbill2u

    How does an investigation of the claims of this article get started if the whistleblowers don’t come forward to the intel and oversight committees. Otherwise this can be dismissed as more fake news. The old tradition of believing that reporters had valid anonymous sources just seems like a quaint ideal in the era of fake news based on anonymous sources..

  • Who are these “FBI sources”? They need to be identified. Anonymous sourcing about a secret coup attempt by national police is not acceptable.

  • BarbedStar

    Sadly, Rudy may well be part of the corrupt mix.

  • BarbedStar

    Clintons AND the two Bushs. Trump is doing an amazing job considering all the nonsense, trickery, falsehoods and down right treason being used against him from throughout the swamp.

  • OldSaltUSNR

    I’d trust him to do his duty more than many others, and he has both the political and proprietorial experience to establish credibility for the investigation. Most of all, he’s not an ex-Congressman or ex-Senator, who will debate things to death, compromise, and never pull the trigger.

  • McGabe should either be forced to resign or reassigned to polar duty. North or south it does not matter.

  • Lori Kaye Roberts

    Minnesota has deported 26 illegal’s since Trump took office… Don’t know if its good or bad but a simple google search gave me the answer and a big story of how it went down. It was interesting and maybe would give you a little peace … PEACE

  • Tom

    I saw that. It happened the other day. An extremely small number. I heard Obama deported more. I live in a very rural area and three small towns are all over 20 miles away. One of them has lost 90% of its businesses on its main street (about six blocks long) and four businesses that are in Spanish have opened. The traffic directional signs going up are now bilingual. My daughter worked in the hospital and after three months announced to me that the first white baby was delivered there. i asked, ‘how do they stay in business?’ She said Mexican babies are delivered there every 2-3 days.See my response to Nam Marine on this blog to see why this disturbs me. Thanks for your kindness.

  • Tom

    The CFR lists all members on its web site.

  • disqus_vM1Ts0vZ7C

    Several things to consider here:
    – In 2014, a national security lawyer named Kel McClanahan noticed that the FBI had changed its primary mission statement
    from law enforcement to national security.

    The United States has, among others, the following “Intelligence” agencies:

    National Security Agency
    Department of Homeland Security
    Defense Intelligence Agency

    Office of the DIrector of National Intelligence (established in 2004)

    How Many “intelligence” agencies does one country really need???
    Point Two: Does one even want to think, that hclinton, as SOS,
    had anything to do with the change in mission of the FBI

    planning way ahead, so that NO Law Enforcement Agency would ever be able to
    come after her for her criminal activities?

    Point Three: With the evidence of Andrew McCabe, now #2 man in FBI behind Comey,
    NOT filing evidence of his wife receiving $750,000
    from Democratic Virg. Gov. Terry McAuliffe (who was Bill Clinton’s campaign manager)

    And Comey himself having worked for Clinton in earlier days,

    DOES Anyone in America really believe that the FBI has not become tarnished,
    and has the same foul smell about its shenanigans, that New York City sewers have?

  • ssandkj

    The only way to stop all his corruption is to start throwing these criminals in jail. Start at ‘ttop so they realize we have laws and they are not above them. Start clean clear out the FBI appoint a special prosecutor and drain that swamp. When these Obama and Hillary lovers get caught they will start singing like birds. WATERGATE 2.0!

  • Wink

    After researching CFR, your statement makes perfect sense. Thankfully, Trump is not a member of the CFR, but am certain he is surrounded by those trying to indoctrinate him (the reason he has an army praying for him daily). Thank you for your post.

  • Brad Dueringer

    Any time. The CFR is a subversive group. In their magazine, Foreign Affairs, Richard Gardner wrote in the mid 70’s that they would “get rid of the U.S. constitution by conquest or consent”.

  • Bob Schoenle

    Trump needs to clean the house of the FBI!

  • pusherswithdegrees

    I tell you who can start the Mother off all investigation: Lionel Lebron flanked by Trey Gowdey and Jason Chaffetz . Lionel Lebron should set up a website to take donation to put together a grand jury and start prosecuting these criminals. I’m sure we would ALL happily donate to this cause. Our nation is on life support. We have to do something.

  • Never. Take for an example of qn hypothetical. Man caught for second time smuggling ecstacy across a border of our very own Hermit Kingdom to the north. This person caught with hundreds of thoisamds of them. One would think… Game over prison. Well the right attornies and willingness to legally bribe (Donate to campaing or party) and viola dismissed. True story. Price tag. 1.7 million. Value of haul 10x that. Caught 2 times l. How many did this oerson get acrosee? Apparently enough to be out on bond and pay thebcompletley legitimate donation and attorney fees. Well caught again. This time prison. This time 2.5 million tablets. Sentence? 2 years out in 1.7
    Another true story. All bemch trials dissmissed less the 3rd. That was sealed. How do I know this? My towns drunkard told me.
    He said “Got any change? It pays to have money Ibhave a story to telm you” Anything else I cannot recall.

  • I knkw may who were disgusted with both picks. I now know orders of magnitude more that have like you awoken. In no small part thanks to the DCCC Minister Of Propaganda and subsidiary papers. I thankbthem. In fact Ibeagerly wish them a lomg eternity in a Stalin Gulag or Hitler Death camp hell upon death.

    My 2 cents. We all meed to asap smack the fu***** reality

  • Tralbry

    So an unsourced claim of what he supposedly said in a private meeting. Given your obvious bias, how do we know you just didn’t make that all up?

  • Tralbry

    “I am completely racist”. It’s so cute when they start it that way.

  • Betsy Raus

    And Rudy has not been purchased by hiTlery either. 🙂

  • Betsy Raus

    I believe Pres. Trump knows the inside stories on all these characters. He might be playing them to reveal themselves…and then let his cabinet do their magic. We know they are all on the ‘same page’ and we also know Pres. Trump intends to drain the swamp. He is simply doing it in his own way…and the facts will all be revealed. That’s going to be a beautiful day !!!

  • Betsy Raus

    Remember…Trump has been a big donor to many politicians on both sides of the aisle. Some of them couldn’t go to him this past election because he was using his own money. LOL

  • Betsy Raus

    Ted Cruz and his wife are members or were…She was an officer in the CFR wasn’t she?

  • George_Semper_fi

    Is it not time for Dir. Comey to ask for this (in) subordinate’s resignation or fire him for sedition and dishonoring the FBI sworn allegiance to the Constitution and the POTUS… else POTUS should ask for the resignation of both individuals and any other agents of similar traitorous mind-set.
    Semper fi America

  • Billy S DuBose

    Why would we or should we have any confidence in our Intelligence Agencies? Never have I seen such behavior in America, by any Party! But when you look at those that supported Hillary, it was every radical faction in America. They do not wish to make America equal for all, they want to rule America, and they are not wanting to allow any opposition a say in the matter. They are a group of elitists who think their way is better than anyone else’s ways or ideas. The actions being taken against the incumbent Party , are not only unprecedented , they are seditious and most often times completely unlawful. If there is a fascist element in America, the left is it!

  • Behind every blade of grass!

    They seriously believed that “WE THE PEOPLE” didn’t have a clue that they’re as DIRTY, as Clinton?? … and these people are the heads of the department? haha Are they demented or have they just flat dab “lost all of their marbles”? If I didn’t know better, I would think this was some kind Hollyweird movie. We have a “JOB TO DO” to get rid of the mob-like imposters woven though-out our FBI! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU SUPPOSE TO TRUST, NOW?? These same who were put in to put the ‘bad guy away’ – has turned into the ‘bad guy, themselves’! Obama and the Clinton’s have poisoned everything they have touched including the FBI, so to SAVE THEIR OWN AZZES!!

  • Behind every blade of grass!

    NDNBS … This goes deeper than the old hag, Hillary, I’m afraid!!

  • Behind every blade of grass!

    Yeah sure Tom, President Trump has had the reigns for a whole whopping -2 mo’s. and you’re already screaming when you could never do the job he’s done to this point!! GO SIT YOUR AZZ DOWN AND SHUT-UP!!

  • Behind every blade of grass!

    I THINK you’re right, Betsy!

  • Wink
  • Loupdegarre

    Flynn to McCabe:
    . I mean to beat you to death and drink your blood from a boot! Now that I’m fired I disappear. And if you’re smart, that scares you. Because I’m in your blind spot. And I have nothing better to do.

  • Machobunny

    I wonder if we can believe that someone in so visible a position as a Deputy Director would be stupid enough to think he could announce a plan to “fuck Trump” without someone leaking it to the press. But since the mainstream media has not published this, where DID the info come from? I do not doubt that ALL government agencies are stuffed with liberal terrorists, but I also suspect that the majority of them would prefer to not violate their oaths. I do grow increasingly impatient with the lack of concrete results from the various investigations that are underway. Having waited and hoped for so many years to have a president who wants to fix the festering rot in our useless government, impatience is an easy feeling to fall into, but investigations do take a lot of time when no one can be trusted. I wonder if Trump can hire outside private firms to do the work?

  • Jeff Brodhead

    This is unacceptable. The corruption cannot be allowed to fester.

  • Jeff Brodhead

    I can see how BS-Barry’s FBI could think it is okay to conspire to murder LaVoy Finicum. There is no justice in them.

  • Tom

    All Trump has to do is have one mayor and one governor charged and arrested for breaking US code for assisting illegal immigrants. Why won’t he do it? The rest would get smart real quick and the few that didn’t should then be rounded up and also put in cages. Also he should take away the tax free status of one refugee church. Simple, in short enforce the law!

  • 4grands

    Men like McCabe make all the agents look bad. He needs to grow up. It’s embarrassing to have the next in command of the FBI, act like a 13 year old. Very sad to see this.

  • 4grands

    took the words off my page. You are so right.

  • Steve Sykes

    Replace Comey with Michael Flynn. That will spin some heads.

  • Jimster

    I dont buy this black helicopter conspiracy theory. He ranted to a room full of 12 plus people? That said, the fact that Mr. McCabe did not have the dignity, nor care enough for the FBI’s reputation to resign after the revelations about the moneys received by his wife is exceedingly troubling. I don’t care if he “ran it by a government lawyer” for ethics sake. It stunk to high heaven and a decent man would have protected the reputation of the agency and stepped down nobly.

  • BorderResident

    When you seek to bring the big sharks to the hook you first have to chum the waters.
    In this case an evolution of real and material information, of which this article appears to be one, cause those tell tale dorsal fins to break the surface. Looks like a world record Great White just surfaced.
    In this story I get the impression that some at FBI are true to their oath and suspect they intend to carry the day or they would not have tooted on the whistle.
    Right on patriots. RIGHT ON ! Ready the flying gaff and haul those sharks in Jeff.

  • Barry White

    James Comey AKA Jimmy the wheasle.

  • Smokey

    Comey and McCabe should have been purged in the first draining of the swamp. Should have happened within the first week of the inauguration.

  • ShikokuPrincess91

    It seems like he is fighting against his own government, who are trying to stop him at all costs.
    In the end he will be victorious and you will see him restore your area.

  • c me once

    POTUS isn’t a dictator, and the MN governor is on his way out, in more ways than one, so be patient Tom. We all are. Peace brother!

  • Mighty Infidel

    Reading comprehension from libtards is appalling.

  • Zaphod Braden

    A “Knights Templar” one night round-up and fumigation.

  • Zaphod Braden

    Did CREEPY Comey get J. Edgar Hoover’s dresses altered ? Or does he just squeeze into them?
    James CREEPY Comey is a Traitor who did more actual damage to America than Benedict Arnold.

  • dennodog

    Shakir ali ongawa was deported last month. Now shut the feck up hillary crotcher.

  • mikemiracle

    A cleansing is in order, but who has the power to do it?
    The CIA has proven to be compromised. The NSA is hip deep in our data and not interested in actually protecting us so much as controlling our future.
    Who could do it? In my mind, there is only one faction of this country that still can make that sort of change, and it is us, the citizens of
    this country.
    Most countrymen won’t stand up until their food is taken away, its a historical fact. Unfortunately you will be fed well until you are
    completely boiled and ready to be someones meal.

    So, what’ll it be, typing on a screen as your world is crushed? Will you move when the screen goes black? It will you know.
    Maybe when you can’t buy an egg mcmuffin? Or will you stand to protect the life of the man that won the election and his family.

    Just taking an impromptu poll.

  • mikemiracle

    Well, its as reliable as unsourced russian claims isnt it?

  • Behind every blade of grass!

    Tom, I agree, but COME ON, it hasn’t even been 3 months and look at what they’ve been throwing at him day after day, from day one! I have no doubt that he won’t do go after those judges because, they all need to be thrown off the bench and their license revoke permanently! He needs to put his foot down and ‘show them who’s boss’ because, I guarantee each one of these cowards are all in it together (by Obooma order’s)! WE WILL HEAR these little girly screams when it happens!!

  • Behind every blade of grass!

    He is, and this is maddening ..

  • Tom

    Your right. Trump has to quit reacting to critics and start leading. It worked during his campaign but somebody needs to tell him he won and can ignor them now. The left is attacking his Archilles heel, they know that Trump is thin skinned. Immigration and infrastructure rebuild is why we elected him. Not to spend that money on his neoconservative staffs wars that they are trying to pick with Syria, North Korea, Iran, Libya, China, and Russia. None of them are threating our borders, only international corporate interests. I hope Trump focuses and spends the money here and not on killing brown people overseas in the name of profit for people who have more money than they know what to do with it.

  • Kenneth Wiezer

    Now that the fish are on the hook, it’s time to reel them in! Justice will prevail.

  • yennikcm

    Quislings need to go.

  • James Simpson

    Comey, McCabe and those who cheer them = jail.

  • plusaf

    Talk about “draining the swamp…”?
    We have discovered some of the most powerful denizens of the swamp!
    And whom can we trust to investigate THEM???

  • plusaf

    Well, Tom, a quick Google search said that there are ELEVEN… or maybe THIRTEEN synagogues in Iran… estimates FIFTY in Israel. from Wikipedia seems to list a boatload of active synagogues…

    Which one of us is ‘missing something’?

  • conservative

    It’s time to clean HOUSE–and the SENATE and the federal agencies. Enough is enough and We The People have FN HAD ENOUGH of this ongoing spectacle of public corruption called Washington, DC. Drain the swamp. No more partisan hack appointments as political payoffs and outlaw campaign contributions. Term limits. We the People are watching and furious over the way we’ve been robbed BLIND and STUPID and we are sharpening our pitchforks and making torches while stirring a big pot of tar and feathers.

  • Tom
    So the are
    about equal. Point being is that most people would have guessed zero.
    And been even more surprised that religious minorities, including Jews,
    are quaranteed representation in the Iranian parliament. US media and
    Washington political propaganda is trying to take us into war by
    misrepresenting Iran. They are not a bastion of freedom, but neither are
    they the epitome of evil we are led to believe

  • Tom

    I am an amplified mirror of what people present to me. Be kind and I will be even kinder. Be a smart ass and I will treat you like a dumb ass.

  • Fran Richmond


  • Larry Darling

    McCabe, the second highest ranking FBI official, emphatically declared at the invite-only gathering with raised voice: “Fuck Flynn and then we Fuck Trump,” according to direct sources. Many of his top lieutenants applauded and cheered we are going to have a orga hey boss can we go bare back McCabe must be a gay

  • LiberalFascist

    I understand your feelings, hell a couple of the 911 scum lived down the street from me while attending flight school here in Fl.
    Ive yet to be buying groceries and not have ppl from south of the border online with carts full of food using the EBT cards WE pay for to purchase their food.
    However it takes time, its only been 4 months and with the campaign being waged against President Trump by everyone in the media, the fbi/cia/nsa/dia, hollywood and on every college campus its a miracle that anyone has been deported yet crossing the border is down 70% from Obama, a whole bunch of gangbangers were just arrested and will be getting the boot, an effort to secure our elections is now underway and hopefully President Trump is done playing nice and will now pull the plug on the drain but even so it takes time.
    Everyone needs to hang in there and not fall into to trap the left is trying to use to discourage us.
    Remember its only been 4 months and he has basically everyone in power against him, yet HE is still fighting as we should be

  • Old Crow

    McCabe is a POS. Politics is the ruin of law and order. Law and order is the glue that holds the Republic together thus we see why it is coming apart.
    As a side note, thanks to California law non-enforcers for doing your part in destroying America and to all police depts. who choose to not enforce the law.

  • Tom

    I’ve got to wonder why Trump is using presidential directives, that can be frozen by liberal judges. He is a smart man and should know that he doesn’t need directives because the laws are already in the book to do it. If his agency heads would just enforce the laws then the judges could do nothing to stop them. Also, Trump is wishy washy on so-called dreamers. He has stated that he is just going after law breakers. But aren’t all illegals by definition are law breakers? I see more illegals than ever, in rural Minnesota, after Trump was elected. So my eyes question the reduced border crossing number. I feel like they are like Obama’s economic numbers, made up. When my eyes see different I will believe Trump’s sincerity.

  • Elizabeth Craine

    McCabe needs to go. He is a Clinton partisan.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    Dead on. Sessions is an honest, professional, southern gentleman and needs the help of some blood thirsty tigers. There needs to be a dramatic armed storming of FBI HQ by appropriate law enforcement teams – big teams with big guns for drama – and several accused carted off in cuffs.

  • Belle


  • Belle


  • Belle


  • Belle


  • Belle


  • Belle


  • Belle


  • Tom

    Yes, Liberal in its original meaning; as derived from the word liberty. Today, because the definition has been fraudulently stolen by the left, the term libertarian is used.

  • Tom

    Minnesota, like many States, is a sanctuary State. There is no one to report them to. I called the FBI during the Clinton years to report a terrorist incident. I couldn’t get past the operator. But when I became a Republican State representative and county rep for Ron Paul the feds show up at my house asking if I have guns. And I have no criminal record. Do you really believe they are there to protect us?
    FYI: 34 of Minnesota’s 40 Republican National delegates voted for Ron Paul. The other delegates in my county also got a visit and as did other Paul supporters. But as the county rep it appears I got special attention.

  • Kim Chul Soo

    Damned right.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    Right on. But spell it right – Giuliani -Gee-you-lee-yahny. I had hoped that Rudi would become A.G. in the first place. I’m afraid that Trump made a number of appointments to please the GOP establishment and they’ve proved themselves to be sleepwalking for the past 8 years. It may still come to the point where we will need to get the pitchforks, torches and flintlocks to set things straight.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    P.S. There is no more need for lengthy investigations of the criminals behind the present turmoil. The evidence is on the table all over the place. Time for indictments – Obama, Hillary, Lynch, Holder, Comey plus a few individuals in MSM

  • Tesla_X

    With ‘friends’ like them, who needs enemas?

    Scorched earth….FIRE THEM ALL.

    Then prosecute, convict, INCARCERATE.

  • NeronWillRise

    Yes, count on to bring you the truth while CNN is supposedly fake news lol. Believe whoever will lie to you and tell you what you wanna hear and that your crook-in-chief is honest and every reputable news organization who reports on every lie that comes out of POTUS’s mouth must be crooked. Trump has some powerful mind control lol.

    Stuff like this is the original and true definition of “fake news” before Trump co-opted it and made it mean “anything that reports things I don’t like”.


    So which agents finally came forward to admit this, why were they silent until now, and which one is going to end up coincidentally dead of two bullets in the back of the head at the bottom of an elevator shaft in their “apparent suicide?” Coincidentally.

  • tavistock

    Rudy was involved with 911, he can’t be trusted.

  • Mari

    This guy needs to face the power of the law, since he doesn’t have to follow it.

  • cowboybob

    The Trump forces have regrouped and are starting the counter attack.

  • Teressa BluesBabe Brewer

    I love that idea! Rise Templars!

  • Debora Accettura Berry

    Fuck Mc Cade, Fuck Comey, Fuck Chucky boys, Fuck Lynch, Fuck Obama, Fuck CIA Brennan.. “FUCK THE DEMOCRAT’S REALLY FUCK” “ACTBLUES.COM

  • Kim Chul Soo

    Why is this POS still there?

  • theGOONIES

    Name names …..and then fire the lot of them

  • John Klein

    Name your source who was the eye witness, who must be an FBI employee. Otherwise your entire article is bunk and can’t be believed.

  • aliswell

    Everyone should familiarize themselves with the McCabe/Flynn backstory. There’s a reason why McCabe has it in for Flynn.