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EXCLUSIVE: FBI Used Agents As Pawns To Insulate Hillary, Aides & Clinton Foundation From Prosecutions

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In mid-summer a wave of panic and despair began to wash over key rank-and-file FBI agents who were doggedly working the Hillary Clinton investigations. Agents reluctantly pondered a potential, brutal reality that was creeping into the fabric of the high-profile case. What if their collective work wasn’t meant to bring this case to a grand jury for indictments and justice? What if they themselves, FBI agents sworn to uphold the law, were being used as intelligence pawns by superiors and higher powers to actually shield Clinton and her inner circle from ever seeing a pair of handcuffs and a jail cell?

“I got a pit in my stomach,” a FBI insider said. “That empty, sinking feeling you get in your gut. I thought we may have unknowingly been parties to this entire mess. It’s a blow to the ego. We’re supposed to see these things coming.”

Agents, along with the country, had just absorbed the troubling optics of Attorney General Loretta Lynch meeting privately with the husband of the investigation’s primary target on a jet tarmac just days earlier. And then hours after that debacle, the FBI announced Hillary would venture to its headquarters, in a matter of hours, to finally answer the bureau’s lingering questions about how she handled classified and top secret emails as secretary of state.

We say Clinton investigations, plural, because there were really two parallel inquiries that unfolded during the year-long FBI probe. There was the public email and home server investigation but agents were also building a pay-for-play criminal case involving Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and her husband, former President Bill Clinton. And that case was growing serious wings.

The FBI case agents and support personnel are forbidden to “go public” or comment on the record to share their frustrations and dismay because they each signed an unprecedented confidentiality agreement prior to signing onto work the Clinton investigation. Violating that agreement would likely cost them their careers and pensions. Regardless, True Pundit conducted interviews with FBI assets and support personnel who collectively painted a dark insiders’ portrait of the Clinton criminal probe which was commissioned to determine how Clinton and her aides handled, maintained, stored and ultimately botched some of the most sensitive information ever breached in the country’s 240-year history. True Pundit’s interviews and intelligence gathering on the Clinton investigation found:

  • Allegations of pay-for-play involving the Clinton Foundation were not properly vetted, ultimately white washed
  • FBI agents were blocked from serving search warrants to retrieve key evidence
  • Attempts to secure Clinton’s medical records to confirm her head injury were sabotaged by FBI Director James Comey
  • FBI agents were not allowed to interrogate witnesses and targets without warning
  • Clinton and aides were provided special VIP accommodations during interviews
  • FBI suspended standard investigative tactics employed in other probes
  • FBI agents efforts were often blocked, suppressed by FBI, DOJ brass
  • Agents lost faith that their superiors and DOJ wanted to see the case reach a grand jury

Visionary Reads the Tea Leaves

The wheels on the federal investigations started coming loose after the New Year, in January of this year.

John Giacalone was the supervisor of the bureau’s National Security Branch and also the FBI brains and genesis behind the Clinton email and private server investigation. He first approached Comey in 2015 for the green light to probe how the former secretary of state operated her private email server and handled classified correspondences. Rumors had been swirling in intelligence circles. Once approved, Giacalone spearheaded the investigation, and helped hand select top agents who were highly skilled but also discreet. Many of those agents were concerned when Giacalone abruptly resigned in the middle of the investigation.

FBI insiders said Giacalone used the term “sideways” to describe the direction the Clinton probe had taken in the bureau. Giacalone lamented privately he no longer had confidence in the direction the investigation was headed. He felt it was simpler to quietly step aside, walk away instead of fight to keep the investigation on its proper track. Giacalone was a true heavyweight agent at FBI. In fact, he likely should have been running the entire show. His pedigree included running and creating FBI divisions in New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and even serving as deputy commander in the Iraqi theater of operations. But in the midst of the Clinton investigation, Giacalone handed the bureau his retirement papers in Feb.

“John is a strategic thinker. He recognizes patterns and signs and can then see things long before they develop,” a FBI insider said. “Losing him was a major blow. We now know perhaps what he was envisioning. He didn’t want that around his neck.”

Giacalone could not be reached for comment.

In late 2015 through January 2016, Giacalone shared the frustration of many agents who were perturbed about one lingering issue: When was the FBI going to interview Hillary Clinton?

By June, that frustration had reached a boiling point, largely fueled by Giacalone’s resignation months earlier. Frustrated FBI personnel were beginning to question the pace of the case and believed their intelligence gathering and analysis were beyond strong enough for a referral to the Justice Department in early 2016, sources said. Agents were left to wonder if their dogged research would ever see public eyes. There was a fear creeping into the case that perhaps the investigation was being politicized, that FBI and DOJ brass were trying to run out the clock, or “slow-walk” the case, on what should be considered an easily warranted criminal indictment prior to November’s general election.

Suddenly, Giacalone’s retirement in Feb. was starting to make more sense to FBI grunts who didn’t have the seasoning and street smarts of the retired New Yorker to digest the landscape, months prior, of the probe’s downward trajectory

“The window here has almost closed,” a federal law enforcement source told True Pundit in June. “Clinton should have been interviewed months ago. There is no longer enough time to refer it to DOJ, vet the case with AUSA’s (Assistant US Attorney’s), the AG and her staff, prepare the case, call a Grand Jury, and put the case on.”

Officials in June reiterated that all those elements in the legal process, if expedited without delays or legal snags, would put a grand jury decision to indict in late September or October, just weeks before the election.

“Can you imagine the uproar if she was arrested weeks before the election?” a federal law enforcement source said. “There was a window we were shooting for and we could have made it but everything is so slow now. I mean, she hasn’t even been interviewed. It’s incredible.”

The Queen and Her Court

Agents, again, had been trying to interview Clinton since about Dec. 2015 but approval within the bureau has been often delayed, sources said. Agents said the case was running smooth under Giacalone but once he exited, strange things started happening. For starters, in early April Comey said he would personally interrogate Clinton in the coming days about her private server and email use. Days passed. Then weeks. Then months. Comey still had not interviewed Clinton or even allowed her to be interviewed by anyone in the FBI, despite numerous requests. Comey was quickly losing the trust of his frustrated subordinates.

Agents at first thought Comey was joking when he said he would personally interrogate Clinton, who at the time was locked in in a death match to win the Democratic nomination against Sen. Bernie Sanders. Then, when they realized Comey actually made these statements publicly, a wave of dismay quickly built among rank and file FBI.

“He doesn’t know the case well enough to interview witnesses or targets,” a FBI source said. “It makes no sense. It could ruin the case or any case.”

For the first time, FBI personnel started to think Comey was grandstanding for the media while possibly purposely sitting on the case. But why? The FBI was supposed to be above that brand of internal manipulation. They were about to soon discover, that time-tested sentiment, was not shared by Comey.

Three months after professing he would personally interrogate Clinton within days, the FBI arranged with her legal team to finally have the former senator come to FBI headquarters in Washington D.C  for questioning. On a Saturday. In the middle of the Fourth of July holiday weekend. When the country was busy relaxing during its extended recreational break. FBI sources said Hillary’s legal team wanted to avoid a media-like circus and the Democratic candidate was not comfortable having to walk through the J. Edgar Hoover Building with FBI agents at their work stations gawking at her or snapping perp walk-like pictures of her with their camera phones. Her fears of course were over dramatized and completely unfounded. Welcome to Clinton’s tactical tool box.

Clinton arrived with her legal entourage in tow. Attorneys David Kendall, Katherine Turner, Heather Samuelson, and Cheryl Mills flanked Clinton. On the government side of the conference room: FBI Section Chief Peter Strzok, David Laufman from the Justice Department, two unnamed DOJ representatives as well as the two confidential FBI agents conducting the interview.

Following the interview, word quickly spread through FBI circles that Mills was permitted to represent Clinton as part of her legal team during the session. Mills served as Clinton’s counsel and chief of staff at State. But some agents immediately thought news of her presence at the table had to be a simple mistake. There was little chance she could be allowed to sit in on an interview with the target of a criminal case, when Mills herself was a case witness and also considered a potential target. It made no sense.

“What the hell was she doing there and who allowed this?” a FBI source fumed.

What did it mean? To seasoned law enforcement agents, Mills’ presence meant the Big interview with Clinton was part of a dog-and-pony show for the media and American public. No legitimate FBI interview would allow another suspect in the same case to sit in on the supposed interrogation of another criminal target. Ever. Case agents realized they had been played. Their earlier fears about FBI brass tampering in the Clinton case were being quickly realized.

“This wasn’t a legitimate interrogation,“ a FBI source said. “It was more of a proffer passed off to the media as a tough criminal interview so the public would think she (Clinton) was being grilled.”

A proffer. That is when a defense lawyer brings their client to talk directly to the government. It is the result of considerable negotiation and legal maneuvering prior to the meeting, with defense lawyers ironing out permissible questions and ground rules for the interview with an alleged criminal target. Clinton’s lawyers knew the questions she would be asked before they stepped into the J. Edgar Hoover Building and could coach and rehearse her accordingly. The interview was a farce. FBI agents who toiled building this case were bewildered and angry.

For any other criminal target not shrouded by the Clinton’s protective legal machine and political bubble, two or more FBI agents show up at your front door at dawn and ask you questions while you’re in your pajamas and making breakfast for your kids on a school day. There’s no time to contact your lawyer or your legal team. The element of surprise is a powerful tactic and through the years this methodology has paid untold riches and intelligence dividends for the FBI. But Hillary and her aides were exempt from this investigative tool. Why?

Any other suspect would have had a search warrant served at their home while the sun was coming up and had agents rifle through your belongings while the target was isolated in a separate room with two agents peppering them with questions. It’s a known tactic. Agents toss your house room by room in front of you and your loved ones to instill fear as the proverbial stick to get you to talk or agree to cooperate. That never happened with Hillary. Or her aides. Their varying legal teams set the parameters before meetings with the FBI. In fact, from the dozens of interviews conducted with witnesses in the Clinton investigations, agents could only remember perhaps a handful happening at the home of a witness or target. Instead, each key witness talked to the FBI flanked by their legal teams at FBI facilities or legal offices of their counsel. This is far from standard practice and puts the investigation at a severe disadvantage by not showing up without warning at a target’s home.

“You tell the target(s) hey, you agree to cooperate and start talking and I can shut this whole thing down here today,” an FBI agent said. “We pack up, we put our guns away, we stop going through your rooms and underwear, you don’t go to jail today, you get to have dinner with your family tonight and tuck your kids into bed, and we continue this at a later date away from your house and family. You are offering them an immediate out to restore things back to normal. It is a powerful tool and it works.”

But not in this case.

Kid Gloves Instead of Warrants

There were similar special accommodations in play for physical evidence too, sources said. Mills’ legal team worked to get her immunity from DOJ for allowing the FBI to examine her Dell laptop which was believed to contain thousands of unseen Clinton emails from her tenure at State. This was a recurring theme during the investigation because Comey would not allow agents to serve search warrants on the primary players. FBI agents had never seen any case where warrants could not be served which truly handcuffed the investigation and evidence collection.

“Who the f— is she (Mills) to negotiate for her laptop?” a FBI source ranted. “We get a warrant; we show up at her house and take whatever we want to take. Why is she so goddamn special? Let her lawyers negotiate after we raid her house and vehicles and get to see everything we want to see. Why are we asking her for permission for anything? Do the warrant; hit the house, get everything including Clinton Foundation documents and emails we wanted to get. The FBI has been doing this for decades. It’s a methodology. Why do we keep breaking protocol in this case?

“While we were playing footsie with her (Clinton) and her aides, instead of raiding their homes and offices, they had time to turn over incriminating evidence to their attorneys so we could not get at it. If we hit them by the book, we would have that evidence.”

Mills turned the lap top over to her lawyers.  At least one other Clinton associate did the same with an old lap top sought by the FBI. Once in a lawyer’s possession the physical evidence becomes more difficult to obtain as it is protected under the Work Product doctrine between attorney and client and not privy to law enforcement eyes, warrant or not.

“If we hit everyone’s house or office on the same morning with warrants, we would have had it all,” the FBI source said. “We could have conducted interviews too without their legal counsel there to negotiate terms and make our jobs more difficult.”

No special treatment. No negotiating proffer sessions. No hiding evidence via legal loopholes. No immunity agreements before you first provide the FBI with actionable case intelligence. If the case had been handled like other criminal cases, perhaps DOJ wouldn’t have been able to hand out immunity to individuals, including the computer specialist who deleted Clinton’s emails after a federal subpoena to preserve her archived correspondences. All told, FBI sources said there are at least five players who were granted immunity in this investigation and many believe the number could likely total six because it is widely believed Huma Abedin received her own immunity deal for cooperating, sources said.

Collective Amnesia

The manner and circumstances surrounding Clinton’s proffer were disturbing enough. But that was pale in comparison to how Clinton answered questions during the three-hour session. Her legal strategy was to feign ignorance and blame a jostled memory for not being able to recall details of events, emails, conversations with staffers. FBI agents were not seemingly prepared for this type of defense. What normally should have been be a very long proffer session was ultimately cut short because Clinton repeatedly claimed she couldn’t remember even basic details about just about every faction of the interview. Clinton blamed her failing memory on a 2012 concussion she said she suffered after passing out, strangely enough, right after she was notified by the House Select Committee on Benghazi that she was being called to testify. She was excused from that hearing in late 2012.

But ultimately, the concussion tact was working again in 2016 and FBI agents were left scratching their own heads about Clinton’s head. How could she not remember? Well, head injuries, as her lawyers had interjected, are complicated matters. But agents realized Clinton did remember selective details prior to December 2012, but conveniently, nothing about potentially damning events prior to what she described as a serious concussion.

According to the FBI’s 302 report detailing her interview and the bureau’s general report of the email investigation, Clinton could not “recall” the answers to 27 different questions about her private email server and did not “remember” details of her emailing and classification habits at least another 12 times. But those were the numbers released just for public consumption. Agents said during the interview, Clinton didn’t remember details for dozens more questions and scenarios not detailed in the declassified 302.

How do you cross examine someone with amnesia? Or purporting to have amnesia? You simply can’t. It was a frustrating exercise for agents and the team working the Clinton case. If nothing else, agents thought Clinton could perhaps provide bogus answers to some of the questions and perhaps set herself up for possible violations of 18 U.S.C. Sec. 1001, making false claims to government agents, a felony charge which could perhaps be used as leverage after an indictment during a possible plea. That went out the window as well with the amnesia drama.

Perhaps this was the master plan of the collective defense to counter the government’s probe. FBI 302s for the interviews with Meyer, top aide Abedin and other Clinton aides all had a similar pattern. No one could recall any details to the most critical breaches of State Department data and emails. The more sensitive the breach, the dumber Clinton and her aides acted. Mills, at one juncture, told FBI agents that she didn’t even know what a computer server was. Mills has a law degree from Stanford.

Abedin couldn’t remember much during her time at State, according to FBI documents, including how to consistently print documents or emails from her secure Dept. of State system. Abedin told FBI agents in an April interview that she struggled to print secure docs and emails from her secure PC. Instead, she would forward the sensitive emails to:

  • Her personal email address
  • Her personal address
  • Her email linked to husband Anthony Weiner

Abedin said she would then access those email accounts via webmail from an unclassified computer system at the State Dept. and print the documents, many of which were classified and top secret, from the largely unprotected webmail portals. Clinton did not have a computer in her office on Mahogany Row at the State Dept. so she was not able to read timely intelligence unless it was printed out for her, Abedin said. Abedin also said Clinton could not operate the secure State Dept. fax machine installed in her Chappaqua, NY home without assistance.

Perhaps more alarming, none of the multiple FBI agents and Justice Department officials who conducted Abedin’s interview pressed her to further detail what were repeated and obvious violations of a host of federal laws.

Word spread fast through the FBI’s investigative team handling Clinton that she simply didn’t remember any details to any questions that mattered. She with her cabal of aides, in effect, had stymied the probe and agents spent Saturday night largely licking their wounds while outraged that their bosses were buying Clinton’s antics. But even more alarming, they were being permitted by FBI brass and DOJ officials to get away with this anti-law enforcement behavior. No one was pressing them to come clean. Excuses and defenses were taken at face value, absent follow up. For example, Clinton’s legal team called questions about the Clinton Foundation off limits during her sit down with the FBI. Why didn’t the bureau ask her Clinton Foundation questions anyway? Instead, the agents and DOJ official submitted to her legal terms at the expense of a criminal investigation.

Moreover, once agents had access to the completed 302 report detailing what precisely went down during the Clinton interview, agents thought it might be missing pages or portions because it failed to contain key ingredients. There were not questions about the Clinton Foundation and what role it played in her setting up and employing her private server. There were no questions about Clinton’s emails and her aides’ thousands of emails to and from Clinton Foundation personnel. The FBI’s interview, Agents criticized, also never truly pressed Clinton with follow up to her answers. Agents and DOJ officials never presented her with contradictory evidence to counter her claims and statements. Clinton, they summarized, was given a free ride. Any other person would have been skewered for hours, or brought to tears, or simply muscled into contemplating a future plea. They had the dirt on her to do just that but chose to let her off easy, seemingly sensitive to her alleged medical woes. These tough questions were, again, off limits.

Frustrated field agents hedge that Clinton’s head injury was simply a well-played ruse to serve as a get-out-of-FBI-interview free card.

“She (Clinton) was bullshitting,” a FBI source said. “We didn’t believe a word about memory loss. How can she testify for 10 or 11 hours at a Benghazi hearing in Congress with no memory problems but loses her memory when she steps into FBI?”

Agents Hatch A New Attack

Agents searched for a solution to counter her legal team’s maneuvering. By Monday (July 4th), FBI rank and file came up with a plan. On Tuesday, investigators would put the legal wheels in motion to independently obtain Clinton’s medical records. Monday was a national holiday so they would have to wait it out until the next morning. Clinton’s medical records would verify whether she indeed, did suffer a head injury and if it was serious enough to incapacitate her from recalling key details. This would be an investigative lay-up. Agents didn’t even have to go through a formal subpoena process. Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 regulations, health care companies can comply with law enforcement requests for such records, absent a subpoena or warrant signed by a judge. A simple request via facsimile or even email could quickly yield a target’s medical records, and sometimes, even a prescription history.

Plans to obtain Clinton’s medical records leaked up the chain of command and by Monday evening Comey issued a directive ultimately putting the cabash on what otherwise seemed like a smart investigative grab. No one in the FBI was permitted to obtain Clinton’s official medical records. No exceptions. The directive set off chaos within the bureau, especially on the heels of the fake criminal interview with Clinton just days earlier. This wasn’t the first time FBI brass had blocked agents from obtaining Clinton-related intelligence crucial to the probe. Now, it was a pattern. How were agents supposed to work the case to drill holes in Clinton’s interview defenses and tactics without confirming she had a severe head injury?

Despite the explicit impromptu directive, Comey and his inner circle were not out of the woods on the medical records issue. Some agents vowed to do an end run around the FBI itself through a former intelligence contact who could obtain just about any record quietly and quickly for a price. To Hell with Comey, these agents thought. We’re going to get these records one way or another. These medical records could potentially be an ace up their collective sleeve.

“Can you imagine we have to go to the equivalent of dark web for information,” the FBI source said. “We’re supposed to be the FBI.”

The clandestine contact said it would take approximately 72 hours to obtain Clinton’s medical history documents. But agents said Comey knew the FBI grunts would not sit still and simply accept his directive not to pursue Clinton’s health details. Agents believed the Clinton case would follow the mold of other cases following the interview with the primary target: They would have weeks to vet Clinton’s statements from the interview to determine if she was lying. It turned out, Comey made sure they only had hours.

Tuesday morning came fast and its events even faster. The Hoover building was swarming with media, packing a first floor conference room at FBI. Without any warning, Comey had called a press conference for a major announcement about the Clinton case. Agents thought perhaps Clinton or her aides had agreed to a plea deal. Abedin instantly came to mind, as she openly admitted to sending classified and top secret materials to her personal unsecured email addresses. Had Abedin or another player in this investigation worked out a deal even prior to an indictment? No. That wasn’t even close to the the flavor of this press conference.

Comey stepped to the lectern at 11 a.m., Tuesday July 5, to wake the country up from its Independence Day weekend hangover. Comey proceeded to absolve Hillary Clinton, her aides, her foundation, and her husband of any and all criminal wrongdoing from the parallel investigations

Comey’s subordinates were blindsided.

“You spend time away from family chasing bad people, then realize you might have been professionally manipulated to help them,” a downtrodden FBI source said. “I mean, who in the hell were we all working for?”


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    Trump has repeatedly endorsed Clinton and is great friends with her. You don’t really believe this dog and pony show they are putting on do you? Trump said the Clintons were “great friends” and that Hillary was probably “the most qualified person running for president ever”. You’re being lied to and it’s funny as hell, the republicans could have ran anyone but trump and destroyed Hillary, yet they pick the only man that Clinton can use to fear monger independents into voting for her. If you think Trump will actually win, or actually wants to win, I truly feel sad for you.

  • BinaryAgent

    Spreading far and wide. We know it’s not the Russians, it’s patriots within 😉

  • Mike Krause

    I have a hard time believing a credible FBI source would infer having a warrant means they can “take whatever we want to take.”

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  • Trico

    “we all WANT the Clintons and Obama in JAIL” Let’s throw in James Comey & Loretta Lynch. I purposely left their Titles off since they betrayed & don’t deserve those Titles.

  • MikeRazar

    Congress needs to nullify the confidentiality agreements signed by the agents and immunize them. They should vote to censure james Comey and Loretta Lynch. then appoint a special prosecutor. Let Obama publicly try to stop that.

  • Anon Person

    At some point James Comey will be commit Arkancide!

  • Mushrikoon

    I’ll give you this, Hitlery is more qualified than Obama, and actually eligible to hold the office.

    Trump is going to win. Ohio has already been conceded by the Clinton camp and there won’t be any hope in Florida
    landslide coming

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  • James Brown

    Stop with the BS of him endorsing her and being great friends. Any and all endorsements were done when her and her husband were in power and all for the furthering of Trump’s business activities. That is how the game is played, it is pay to play, any Real Estate mogul has to kiss the ass of the politicians to get permits for their projects, that is called pay to play. Trump didn’t make those rules, he just lived by them as does any other successful real estate developer. You effing loser.

  • Constance Danlow

    Just plead the 5th! That’s what her corrupt cronies are best known for.

  • James Brown

    Most of the rumors about what dirt obama used to force a positive ruling on Obamacare from Roberts had to do with the adoption of his children. Apparently while he was working in the White House Roberts and his wife decided to adopt a couple of at risk children from some shithole country. They wanted to get the kids out of whatever risk they were in quickly, so supposedly somebody in the White House pulled some strings for the Roberts’ and the adoption was approved rather quickly by breaking through some red tape. I suspect that someone from the obama administration conveniently ran into Roberts or his wife and let them know, “you got some very cut adopted kids there, hope nobody finds out about how they were adopted or they’d probably be removed and deported. Have a nice day and remember this when you make your obamacare ruling”. And he went right back to work and changed his ruling 180 degrees and basically became what he has always detested, an activist judge that makes rulings not based on the law. If you notice, obamacare is the only case where Roberts has abandoned his originalist type of rulings. No doubt in my mind that he was threatened into that ruling.

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  • Pingback: FBI: Huma Abedin Granted Immunity Too in Hillary Clinton Email Probe | True Pundit()

  • solly

    Great article and reads as genuine, but there is no way to verify its authenticity. The only way this is going to come out is if a bunch of FBI agents whistleblow as a group.

  • solly

    I actually hope none of this is true, because my biggest fear is this is all true and they get away with it.

  • sosorryononame

    If she’s elected she’s going to put the whole government up for sale with impunity. She’ll probably rent the White House to the Chinese.

  • Michele Littlefield Zorb

    I seriously doubt “threats” were offered up to this man. More like “treats”.

  • solly

    I would start a foundation (pun intended) to raise money for every FBI agent and their families that come out as whistleblowers. My foundation would provide the salaries and pensions the whistleblowers forfeited as a result of their whistleblowing; and in addition would pay for any legal fees and private security needed by the whistleblowers.

  • Joethecuckleburr

    By the US Constitution the money and budget bills must originate in the US House of Representatives. US Representatives hold the purse strings of the Fedgov. The US House, one might say the Speaker of the House, could put tremendous pressure on the other two branches. But with Paul Ryan, as with John Roberts, the fix is in. Every member of the House will try to be as corrupt as they can get away with and still get re-elected and stay out of prison. The American experience is over. Prepare accordingly.

  • jjmikemike

    Okay, great, thanks for the info. I honestly think that many higher ups in our government are coerced into committing crimes so that later they can be blackmailed.

  • Sirena Sedat

    I’m so ashamed of my government. I will be voting for the honest candidate. I will vote for peace. I will vote for humanity. I will vote for the greater good not the lesser of two evils. This government needs to be purged! God help us! It’s time for a Revolution in this country. Dr Jill Stein Green Party is our only hope.

  • Randy Smith

    Think need do some firing. And create an independent team to investigate govt officials. That don’t answer to anyone but congress. Cause obama did cover for her to. Think need a reset button on this case.

  • goldie

    He said that in 2008 or so – she has radically changed her agenda since then. Remember her saying that marriage is a “sacred bond between one man and one woman”? Heck, I would have agreed with her then.

  • Dave

    Its time WE THE PEOPLE make our government fear US once again. Route out corruption, hang them all for treason.

  • Dave

    We know to much now. That will start a revolution

  • gnawdoow

    “Any and all endorsements were done when her and her husband were in power and all for the furthering of Trump’s business activities.” Well that is the point isn’t it. Trump will say anything to anyone to further his business dealings, regardless of the truth value of those statements. There is no reason to think that he is doing anything different running for president. And despite your protestations, not every donor lies about his reasoning for donating.

  • I❤️Trump

    Here’s hoping.

  • Al Connelly

    Your are correct about one thing, she is certainly better connected and protected by the Obama administration and her cronies. She is probably the best liar this country has ever seen, but can’t seem to remember which lie she told previously. She claims to be a proponent of the middle class and yet all the programs she wants will come at the expense of the middle class workers and retirees. She claims to support the underprivileged poor and yet she favors substituting foreign labor for the jobs those people need. She supports a $15.00 an hour minimum wage although she knows this will eliminate jobs for people who desperately need them and deter teenage employment. Open your eyes, even MacDonalds has started implementing self serve ordering stations eliminating at least four jobs per outlet. She favors the raising of the payroll amount that a manager achieves to be considered ineligible to receive overtime pay. (This has already resulted in employees being asked to sign contracts lowering their hourly rate to accommodate the increase costs.

    This woman and her minions are not qualified or fit to be citizens of this country much less run the government. The email issue alone is enough to preclude her from ever holding public office. Why don’t you do some research before you make claims that are counter to her true track record and truthfulness.

  • Al Connelly

    Can this country survive the damage already done by this administration and the Clintons? The legacy of Obama is racial divide, diminishing respect for our country by other countries, failure to enforce laws that are in effect to protect our country, paying foreign illegal immigrants for doing nothing and further diminishing our ability to take care of citizens and stealing from the already overtaxed Social Security resources and increasing welfare costs. He is intent on destroying America and dividing the country through racial warfare and stealing from those who work and those who planned ahead for retirement to pay for those who didn’t work and didn’t save. This is not what made this country great.

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  • Mushrikoon

    I only said she is more qualified (objectively speaking regardless of her corruption) and eligible (an actual Natural-born Citizen)

    other than that, I agree with everything you said.

  • Pingback: FBI Director James Comey: Received millions from Clinton Foundation, on their Corporate Partner Board, brother works for law firm that does Clinton Foundation taxes - Alternative Report()

  • Happyallthetime

    Bad thing is the dem’s don’t get it. It has nothing to do anymore about being a democrat or republican! Big red light was how can mills represent her when she’s a suspect her self? They are playing dem’s for stupid. I have seen a lot of dem’s who are very bright say I’ve been a dem for 20 years 40 years but not now. This is sad it’s not about repub or dem right now this is about right and wrong! Civil war or not. A corrupt person and system! This will turn into a civil war if she is elected for sure cause Trump has rilled so many up. The smart will not stand for it! To many are pissed off for this to be ok. Every leak gets pushed aside in a day. Sick! Now to all asking why Assange is waiting? Now you know! It has to be exactly the right time so her minions don’t have time to cover it up and dumb everyone down! This is no longer republican vs. democrat! This is people vs. corrupt!

  • Caroline Davison

    Absolutely disgusting. Grand Jury needed, immediately.

  • Hillary_Lucifer_Clinton

    As we’ve known for some time now, James and Peter Comey have a pretty close relationship with the Clinton Foundation. So it was no surprise that he would protect her. But I sincerely hope that more agents from the FBI continue to speak out.

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  • Pingback: FBI Director James Comey EXPOSED: Received millions from Clinton Foundation, on their Corporate Partner Board, brother works for law firm that does Clinton Foundation taxes | SourcesNews Network()

  • Tired of SJW-Progressive Hypoc

    Absolutely sickening. A complete miscarriage of justice. The good news is that it seems like many in the American public are finally waking up. I mean after all, how many years now have the Clintons been associated with various scandals? To the people who seem to think that this is all a ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ – I feel bad for them, I cannot imagine the mental gymnastics needed to continue to defend the indefensible. Nov 8 comes quick – vote Trump/Pence, he really is the only hope to save this country. If she steals the election (I believe the ‘fix’ is probably already in) we are finished as a nation and only have to look to the EU to see our future. Folks remember, she has vowed to continue to attack the 2nd Amendment, and at the same time she wants to increase the Syrian migration by staggering numbers of 550% MORE than what is being done now. We already see an uptick in problems. Please people, wake up!

  • Tired of SJW-Progressive Hypoc

    How is she more qualified? Because she has already established crooked pay-to-play relationships through the years and has already promised away our country and our freedoms for donations to her money-laundering operation in Canada? Tell me what exactly has she accomplished in all the years she has been in varying roles within the gov’t other than lining her own pockets, stealing valuables from the WH, getting people murdered and having selective memory when it suits her? All she does is lie. She is soulless.

  • Phelony Jones

    No surprises here. Absolute political power has corrupted absolutely. Obama is all about politics, thats why his results are so poor, but the optics from the MSM are great. Still, real people feel real pain and so Trump, the non-bought off candidate. If you don’t like Trump, thank Obama and Lizard Eyes for making him possible.

  • ImajWalker

    The CLINTON’S have escaped prosecution and CONTINUE to play THEIR game without fear..
    I hope America is ‘awake’ enough to not make the same mistake again.

    Hillary is working for a GLOBAL agenda.. thus making the USA just another 3rd world country (it’s taking place right now)
    She doesn’t CARE about people.. even her own security hate her..

    Rumor has it, they are working 24/7 to get as many ILLEGALS registered to VOTE…

    and she also has her program (your dream…my vote) that Lou Dobbs put out..


    September Surprise: EX CIA Operative Outs Bill & Hillary Clinton As Cocaine Traffickers

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  • llewellynh

    They were children from Ireland and Ireland forbids the adoption of children by Americans based on a scandal that happened years ago. The children apparently were sent to either a South or Central American country where the Roberts picked them up and thus evaded Irish law.

    If that is true it is extremely embarrassing to the Roberts because it shows a predilection for white children and a talent for dodging the law of a first world, allied nation.

  • llewellynh

    They were coerced.

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  • Mark Giles

    He has replaced rectitude with rectumtube.

  • Pingback: FBI Used Agents As Pawns To Insulate Hillary, Aides & Clinton Foundation From Prosecutions | From the Trenches World Report()

  • diane

    This is sickening. Spread this around all social media, link to this in comments sections of articles on mainsream media sites. People need to know.

  • Jack

    I wouldn’t expect any repercussions EVER for any of the actions of anyone in this admin, its FBI/DOJ/IRS or State for all the obstructions of Justice, destruction of evidence, treasonous compromising of or grossly negligent exposure of confidential to highest top secret information, and complete lack of accountability, transparency, responses to FOIAs, production of any documents – Obama will pardon everyone for everything before he leaves office regardless and especially if Hillary loses. If she wins, then of course nobody will do anything against anyone. Comey has to have been a long time Clinton/Democrat associate, regardless of what the Senate who approved him may have thought – he is not independent, and he has proven that now. I thought for a moment, he laid everything out for the next admin to really investigate, and simply saved his butt and family by passing on pushing for indictments, but now it is very clear – this FBI, DOJ and State department (and IRS too) are totally compromised. IF Trump wins, he will need to clean house of EVERY appointment Clinton (Bill and Hillary) through Obama has made, since these incipient foxes have infested the hen house, like termites in an old wooden structure. And like cockroaches, they will disappear into the darkness (hide their true colors/allegiances again) only to re-appear when the time is good for their cause.


    TheRUMP would do nothing either. There is no difference between the two parties, they are both sides and WE THE PEOPLE are left with no alternative within THEIR paradigm.
    WE must get a third or more parties at the table bacause two parties will only and always lead to polarization.

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  • Red White and Blue Proud

    Pray in the name of Jesus that Trump gets in office and pray he has the courage of his convictions to turn our country around.

  • TomasPaine

    Let me know when the other retirements and resignations start.

    Otherwise, they are complicit.

  • Name

    The Democrat smear machine would have castrated Cruz due to his wife working for Goldman Sachs. The only acceptable Republican would have been Bush since they are already a part of the Clinton Foundation. HW and Billy are good buddies and HW established the start of NWO with the Tri-lateral commission when he headed up the CIA. We are all living in a reality that we have no clue about. If we can’t have hope in an outsider like Trump then we can just bend over and kiss our assessment goodbye. Atlantis part II.

  • BPagliano

    Sickening! Serves this asshat right

  • fred russo

    I don’t see how anyone could have an once of trust in today American government and that goes for both party’s!

  • Ancalimon

    Agreed, thank you for your insight.

  • Ancalimon

    Lets start with the enablers, the corrupt media by boycotting their advertisers.

  • Ancalimon

    Everyone on earth has a secret they do not want shared. Political operatives will find that skeleton in the closet and file it for later use. This is SOP.

  • AmandaTrebiano

    The one thing that makes us safe and secure in being Americans is this: Our faith in the Rule Of Law and that NO ONE is above the law. It is why being a AMERICAN citizen is a sacred and precious thing: We are all secure in the knowledge that NO ONE who harms us in any way will get away with it because NO ONE is above the law–even the President of the United States is NOT ABOVE THE LAW. It is what gives us peace of mind and glues our culture and social fabric together. James Comey told us that HILLARY CLINTON IS ABOVE THE LAW–plain and simple. No matter how much she lies about how she didn’t break any laws, she isn’t convincing anyone and she is piling lie after lie on top of a FOUNDATION of lies.
    Every single federal employee knows she is now above the law because every single one of them would be in PRISON right now if they had done ANYTHING even remotely close to this. Mere POSSESSION of a SAP file is all that is needed to convict of espionage–ESPIONAGE!! Do you think that ANYONE in America doesn’t realize that if the rule of law is no longer honored then NONE OF US are safe and secure with our homes, property and families?? James Comey is a PATRIOT who did America an tremendous service by telling us IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that the corruption in Washington has reached the point where the rule of law is no longer honored. That is the tipping point for almost every American–NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. We say this about our country when we travel overseas and the people we meet are in awe of how wonderful life must be in America because of the RULE OF LAW–and James Comey slapped ALL OF US in the face with the 2×4 of reality that our government is corrupt beyond salvation and that our most sacred right–and the glue that binds us as a NATION was no more because HILLARY CLINTON IS ABOVE THE LAW. This cannot be and cannot stand. No one can be above the law in America.

  • KChappelle

    Reading this after listening to Comey’s obfuscating responses during his second congressional hearing today, this explains a lot. Needs wider distribution!!! Comey and Lynch should be impeached and Clinton case reopened by independent prosecutor. Will it happen? No. But if our government’s system of checks and balances wasn’t totally corrupted, it would.

  • Molly

    No, he doesn’t “say anything” to further his business activities, but he does know when to be polite, when to build relationships, when to hold his tongue, and when to walk away.

  • gnawdoow

    Clinton is the best! D Trump. When he wants something, Trump will say anything. The recent debate showed this clearly. What does Trump say about donating to politicians like Pam Bondi. Wnen you give you get what you want….

  • Molly

    “Wnen you give you get what you want….”

    Yes, that’s what Hillary Clinton tells all her foundation doners.

  • gnawdoow

    Actually, this is what Trump said. IT worked with Pam Bondi and the AG of Texas. Bribery and influence peddling doesn’t get any clearer than this..

  • Angelo Fulcinetti

    This is not partisan. It has little to do with Liberals or Conservatives, etc. This is the Elites vs. the Rest of Us. This has to do with those with money, power, celebrities, businesses, politicians vs. US! We need to VOTE THEM OUT. Get everyone you know to VOTE!

  • Molly
  • gnawdoow

    Won’t waste a click on the racist site you post. I am amazed that you would even be associated with that cesspool.

  • Molly

    As long as Hillary keeps feeding you talking and thinking points, you’re fine. Don’t ever question the party line.

  • gnawdoow

    Sorry, I don’t do racists. Feel free to bathe in their filth. I will pass.

  • patriot7080

    The FBI has less integrity and morals than the terrorists who flew into the World Trade Center.

    The FBI is a sham and will forever be tarnished.

    The Lawlessness of the FBI is OK with Congress?

  • Trump needs to ask Clinton at next forum>> “Hillery” How did you become multi millionaires “SELLING NO SERVICE or PRODUCT” ??? Crickets !!!

  • This is about LYING CORRUPT HildaBeast … BUT LOOKS LIKE YOU DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT HildaBeast !!!!!! Or dont you care about TRUTH FACTS and LAWS ???

  • Typical brain dead misinformed tool !!!

  • Sn SM

    “I mean, who in the hell were we all working for?”

    Here, in the last line we have the source of the problem… The FBI
    NO LONGER works for the american people. IF the FBI did work
    for the american people Mr Comey would be in a holding cell by now
    awaiting booking on corrupting and obstruction of justice charges.
    Understand this…get this IN YOUR HEADS…the FBI is the enforcement
    arm of the elites.

  • Quantum Paradox

    My fear, they will let Trump win… only if he promise to the TPTB to not make any criminal accusations. Like his predecessor, Obama could have arrested, Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, etc., for war crimes, but nothing happened.

  • gnawdoow

    Good to see that birther magic is still strong among the slow witted!

  • Defiant

    The corruption is palpable…and worse, blatant. And yet it simply continues on as though nobody sees what’s going on! Staggering.

  • cygnusalbus

    Thank you for this, True Pundit. I don’t it is at all a surprise to any of us who have been following the trail of Hillary Clinton and her cohorts. How in God’s name and all that’s holy did HRC get this annointing from the FBI? we see that Comey is in in collusion with the HRC team who put national security at risk. He is a skunk. Not a ‘weasel’ a SKUNK.

    So what do the American people do. I urge all Americans who find this abhorrent to contact their Congressional reps and senators, and demand action. We, the people, are not going to allow these skunks, (Hillary, Mills, Abedin, Comey, Lynch, and the President) to destroy the Rule of Law for this woman who used and abused the authority that was solemnly given to her.

  • Mushrikoon

    the Constitution would not exist without the framework provided by the Law of Nations.

    You are among the idiots that think anchor babies can be President.

  • gnawdoow

    Unless you are claiming that Obama’s US citizen mother didn’t actually birth him, I think that the constitution is pretty clear on this one. Good to see that birther magic is still strong among the slow witted!

  • Larry Bumgarner

    Congress who is investigating this should give the FBI agents immunity so they can testify against Comey and let everybody know what really happened. From there the dominoes fall.

  • Mushrikoon

    Since you claim that his mother gives him American Citizenship, then by that logic, he is absolutely also a British subject due to his Father.

    Since you have proven that Obama is both an American Citizen AND a British Subject that means he is not a Natural born American Citizen or a Natural born British subject since one cannot be both.

  • Mercyneal

    They need to come forward for the good of the country

  • gnawdoow

    ROTFLMAO!!!!!! You would be entertaining if you weren’t so deluded. Clearly you don’t know or understand the citizenship laws. Even Trump has given up this lunacy! I would love to sell you some oceanfront property in Kansas. I guess you have never heard of dual citizenship? I thought that most adults understood the basics of citizenship.

  • Ltpar

    Wonder if the FBI Agents Association would have the balls to take a vote of “No Confidence” on Comey? That would pretty much finish him off for the short term. You can almost take it to the bank, President Donald Trump will ask for his resignation at the same time he replaces the Attorney General. Then, the housecleaning can start at both the Justice Department and the FBI. The FBI is an excellent organization and it is unfortunate that it’s many dedicated employees have been dragged through the mud with this sorry spectacle of criminal obstruction by the politicians.

  • Ltpar

    Grab your undershorts and hold on, because the Make America Great Again Train is picking up speed and will roll into the station on election day. Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States, despite the concentrated efforts of the New World Order.

  • Ltpar

    Hillary Clinton is a disgrace to the American Political System and allowing her to run for the most powerful position in the world is a joke. Clinton is the most corrupt politician ever to slink out of the snake pit in Washington D.C. Her election would finish off the country and turn it into chaos (Which is the Plan).

  • Arcanek

    Just shoot the messenger. never mind the message. You’re a programmed slave.

  • Arcanek

    She is not a good liar. she’s an awful liar. They wouldn’t have to be covering for her if she was a good liar.

  • Arcanek

    We, the people was a term created by a group of overwhelmingly members of a secret society, who met in private, sworn to a lifelong vow of silence about the act of treason they committed. They come from a long line of pirates, slavers, spies and thieves. We, the people does not refer to the populace, who never had a say in the issue.

  • L Garou

    The US of Everything Is Rigged, Illegal (or pending).

  • Mushrikoon

    Why would you want a President with dual loyalties?

  • apeman2502

    Comey sockcucker running interference for the biggest organized crime syndicate on earth. BRITANNIA!

  • gnawdoow

    Obama not loyal to the US? Really? Delusion is too generous a word for your condition.

  • malachismommy

    Killary paid to play with the Clinton Foundation while she was secret(ly-taking-foreign-money)ary of state.

  • malachismommy

    I hope. I pray you’re correct. I pray the highest (not in the stoner sense) White House employees are also exposed at the same time.


    He knows when to hold his tongue?
    Good one…

  • Molly

    And when not to.

  • Ballard Kurt

    Hillary “ROTTEN” Clinton has corrupted every branch of government, as well as every government agency. She is an absolute disgrace to this country. Anyone that supports her should be exiled from America forever, or hanged.

  • Lets hope there aren’t enough traitors to elect her. Anyone who is found to be supporting her needs to be publicly humiliated. They are complicit in a cover-up by supporting her.

  • Yes we do so blow the f*off and do leave us the f*alone. We don’t need your bad attitude.

  • He’s now winning CO – this pig is roasted. Nobody has won without Ohio, and Trump has Ohio plus some blue states – they make it look like she’s still in the election but its already over.

  • Exactly, a criminal is not qualified for any job in public service.

  • She is a disgrace to the human race. Sub-human

  • Trump can have a bad debate and momentum barely slowed down. There’s maybe one or two battle ground states looking good for Hillary- it’s going into land slide territory.

  • Dude, wake up. We have two choices, make one or go play your child games.

  • It’s a very valid concern. The last time anyone running for office cared about the country like Trump was Kennedy.

  • From what I hear the secret service won’t let anyone near him. They know a patriot when they see one.

  • Mushrikoon

    I hope so

  • Banjoboy

    Another one of the sadly uninformed that has never researched the Clintons.history of lies and corruption.

  • Linda Nitzschke

    Maybe you’d see things a bit differently if you were a businessman who had thousands of employees with their livelihoods on the line…families to feed…and needing a boss who is going to be able to sign that paycheck every week. No one can be a perfect angel and do everything in a manner that is going to please the whole fricken world. He didn’t create the climate he had to conduct his business in…he just had to deal with it as best he could. At least he isn’t running a crime syndicate like the Clintoons are. How many livelihoods are they providing for Americans….that are not being paid by our tax monies, that is? They’ve created nothing in this country. Without politics at their absolute worst…they have nothing, are nothing, and have contributed to no one.

  • Linda Nitzschke

    Chicken shit useful idiot. I imagine you’d have shut off Paul Harvey on the radio years ago, too, when he did his famous and well-respected “the rest of the story.” Since you won’t click on a “racist site,” but you are here on this site, you must be agreeing with the corruption of the Clintoons and gang outlined in the above piece.

  • gnawdoow

    Knows when to hold his tongue? You should be in comedy!

  • gnawdoow

    At least they didn’t rip off their contractors and workers. Has he recognized the union at his Las Vegas casino yet? Why no he hasn’t. He is playing the oldest game in the book. Delay, sue, delay….

  • gypsyluv

    gnawdoow, Aren’t you so righteous!!! Calling someone racist is the last resort of a person who has lost the argument. Sorry!

  • gypsyluv

    HAHA right on!! SECRETary of state!

  • gypsyluv

    Oh my gawd, you said it so well!!!

  • gnawdoow

    I haven’t called anyone in this discussion a racist. Breitbart dot com hosts racist and bigoted and anti semitic trash, not worth the ones and zeros it uses to exist. I stand by that comment.

  • gnawdoow

    How is the weather in Farrightwingnutistan, these days?

  • gnawdoow

    I am glad you are enjoying this fantasy now. We’ll see come election day.

  • mudbirdy

    I believe that Clinton is guilty of treason. Here’s why. The Clinton Foundation actually gives very little to charity – as little as 5%. The foundation was set up to facilitate payoffs to the Clintons for favors, special treatment and passing classified information. Anyone, but anyone who has every held a security clearance would absolutely not put classified information at risk on an unclassified server unless THEY WANTED IT TO BE SEEN BY CERTAIN OTHER ENTITIES, namely those that paid for the information. A lot has been made of the “C” paragraph markings – that means “confidential” not classified. What is mentioned less often is some of the e-mails were regarding nuclear capabilities and some were compartmented -meaning only a few people with the need to know would have access to or be able to read those e-mails. I think those thousands of missing e-mails would tell the tale. Classification, security levels, and need to know are strictly followed by the intelligence community. It is never treated in a casual manner. Clinton, her husband and staff were involved in the wholesale selling off our nations secrets, our national security and our future. They are traitors. FBI, CIA, NSA and the service security agencies are instilled from the beginning of their careers to keep a low profile, don’t talk about your job, don’t talk about national or international events that you may have knowledge of because you know that what you say may jeopardize our national security. When I took the enlistment oath the phrase “defend against enemies both foreign and domestic” sticks out. I’m retired now, but I think it’s time all the security services start defending us against the domestic enemies. You took an oath, remember?

  • mudbirdy

    Molly, have you watched the video on judicial There is a 90 minute discussion of the e-mails, Director Comey, the Clinton Foundation etc. It is very well researched and very enlightening.

  • mudbirdy

    Thank God I live in a right to work state. All the workers don’t have to spend half their time out of work on strike – plus they make the same as all you union loonies.

  • Molly

    No, I’ve been watching the congressional hearings but haven’t been to judicial watch. Thanks! I’ll find the video.

  • Molly

    Breitbart is not a racist site. I see some racism from people in some of the comments which bothers me greatly, but I and most people I’ve encountered there push back against it, and its NOT in the articles published by Breitbart. I think most of it is put there by plants. I won’t agree with or defend racist comments I find anywhere, but I can tell you that racism is far more prevalent and extremely malicious on the liberal sites I’ve visited so if you’re claiming to see it on Breitbart but not wherever else you’re frequenting, you’re not being honest.

  • gnawdoow

    For the record, I don’t know if Britain has birthright citizenship. Still it’s about the silliest thing I’ve seen, accusing Obama of somehow having loyalty to Britain, of all places.

  • gnawdoow

    I hope that you never take weekends, get overtime, vacation and sick pay, unemployment insurance, or worker’s comp, because without Unions none of those would exist.

  • gnawdoow

    There are none so blind as those who refuse to open their eyes….
    That’s the day the site featured Yiannopoulos’s lengthy piece glorifying the alt-right. Yiannopoulos had already given interviews in which he stated that “Jews run the banks” and “Jews run the media,” dismissing anti-Semitic memes as merely “mischievous, dissident, trolly.” He wrote, along with co-author Allum Bokhari, this insane sentence: “There are many things that separate the alternative right from old-school racist skinheads (to whom they are often idiotically compared), but one thing stands out above all else: intelligence.”

    But a number of journalists remain, such as Katie McHugh, who support the core tenets of the racist Alt-Right. McHugh, a journalist with Breitbart since 2014, doesn’t shy away from her racist beliefs. As a 2015 Raw Story piece revealed, McHugh’s Twitter page is full of racist rants such as calling for a ban on Muslim immigration and stating, “Indian tribes never bothered to build any kind of civilization. They killed each other and chased bison. Yawn~”

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  • clarioncaller

    This whole episode reads like a Tom Clancy novel. Comey is ‘bought and paid for’ by the globalist elites. What he did to John Cruz, the HSBC whistleblower, while he sat on the Board, is strangely similar to what he did to John Giacalone. Comey even used Loretta Lynch to secure a ‘nothing’ fine against HSBC for laundering money. Some investigators say he was coordinating payments to ISIS.

  • clarioncaller

    Up until very recently, the Trump campaign used a Rolling Stones song following their rallies, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”. I found that selection extremely odd messaging.

  • MacBobT

    But the hag will win unfortunately.
    The voting process has been compromised. Consider no ID allowed in many states, weeks and months of open voting, and best of all – electronic voting machines that can be hacked easily in three minutes! Google it if you doubt this.
    It isn’t the voters who decide. It’s the vote COUNTERS…….!!!

  • Zorba

    They are too stupid to realize what they are doing. There are not too many Americans left these days.

  • Pingback: FBI agents are starting to leak about the Clinton case()

  • Sharon G

    But if our country’s leaders are being forced or blackmailed into making decisions they don’t believe in, then we have become a fake country with people who are merely puppets. That’s really scary stuff.

  • Sharon G

    I’ve heard that Roberts may have been blackmailed regarding the adoption of his two children.

  • Sharon G

    Until a third party becomes a valid party that can actually win, you’re throwing your vote away or worse, you’re giving a vote to Hillary. If you care about our borders and if you care about the choice of Supreme Court justices, you need to vote for Trump, who vows to get people on the Court like Justice Scalia. These are lifetime positions and Hillary’s choices will be disastrous. Please reconsider voting 3rd party.

  • Bruce

    Still waiting for that revolt within the FBI……are pensions more important than the truth?

  • Pingback: FBI Director Lobbied Against Criminal Charges For Hillary After Clinton Insider Paid His Wife $700K | True Pundit()

  • mmknows

    So biggest concern for trump.she also just met with broward cty fla elections commision lady behing close doors 2 person denies it..I’d check that bank worried cause goerge sorps helped massive voter fraud! She needs to rezign..biggest svammers liars and trumps whe mess up..all.found most of proof on wkileaks..but it was all to obvious to most.
    If you have any csn write him on fb special msg think they have
    Prayiing for a wikileak miracle or dissapearing act..o dont know..go away clinton ctime machine and onamma klan..oh they were in on the whole act with females twisting and brainwadhing lying snd goerge dlro.obsma hored the crmjnal visited w.h 600 times nice hey

  • Ida Whanna

    Most union workers actually support Donald Trump. They realize if they don’t have jobs, the unions cant help them.

  • Ida Whanna

    Did you know it was actually Obama who got the birther movement started by putting in his early books he was born in Kenya? Look it up. I don’t know how anyone can blame others for questioning something he put out there to begin with.

  • mmknows

    Heres the real the time of exoneration.every was scratching thier heads..OBAMA scammer ordered them to do it.and ordered other s plead the fifth,and bill went and had a 45 minute call in private with lynch.
    They manipulated them all.saying we have to have her be able to win against him to beat him in election..they made it seem urgent and we cant let him in the whitehouse..what it really was they didnt want thoer cozy empire of scams and corruption to crumble
    Then the obamas?clintons dnc podestta, goerge soro all came up with a rediculous plan to sabotage trump from every directtion..being the criminal minds they have..then they did everything incl bought and paid women bought trained the media (black out to the truth) all edited moments of him,depicting anything bad and twisting it.they hired the criminals on veritas videos to commit all the fights at rhallys,comit massive types voter craud(all in play)kept the publoc in the dark about her obstruction in case and only spoke good of her..spent most of news brainwashing public with persistent advertisements of his comments or words all compilated together.only showed certain miments in speeches and took out of context.didnt talk about all wikileaks exposure truth.fbi and doj did nothing to hdlp him with proof on videos.then they bombarded the public with obamas that he hated womaen sexist musogonist pervert etc….
    They assinated his character,(falsly).twisted everything that came out of his mouth..the media are sick to engage in this..most of the proof is on wikileaks of this plan.I still dont understand why she hasnt been arrested for hiring thlse thugs for setting up all fights at rhalleys or voter fraud.they berbally admitted she and dnc hired them
    Now the abedine new case??? For her to come out to public and demand we see proof and public deserves to see..she must be confident in her voter fraud scheme to do thi (GOERGE SOROS PRO)
    Also these criminals that do all these crime were on whitehouse logs visiting Obama over 600 times.and multiple meetings on wikileaks planned (in emails)with Goerge soros(king of voter fraud) and clinton..its systematically planned out to win!!
    Meeting with broward county elections lady other day found out..probably manipulating her with a big bribe!! Or already in play to win fla.shpuld check her bank acct..they got proof of paid of pollin (NbC heart guy) 200pk super pac
    They are all so corrupt and dont want thier empire exposed or caught.
    They also pit our countru at risk for ww3 by blaming putin for emails and talking about him in every speech and debate..which made him very upset.
    We all know it was julian and wikileaks
    &Trump has no relations with him.thos whole thing shows you how sick and corrupted they all are..
    and obam and his wife are all in on it.
    The cut of doj and fbi from doing anything.
    So for fbi ,either the pressure was on to do something redeem themselves,
    This is to fool us and then come out and say its nothing..but again to sooth us all..had ro do something..or the threats and bribes and plots to get out of this.
    That corrupt liar should resogn..get them out of our govt thier destroying our country from the inside disgusting what theyve done..theyll be nothing left from enrichments to money to funneling $$$$ to foreign enemies..selling for big govt favors giving away our Sectrets..poor choice in all these wars that has led to refugee crisis in most countries…and deaths of 100s of thousands ,clinton foundation is the most corrupt scamming well hidden..fraud ever!!
    Your either bribed, paid off,manipluated threatened,or knocked off if you get in the way of thier shady illegal dealings.
    Iknow it sounds crazy..but i tell you my words are true and its worse than this!!..
    CLINTON IS THE BIGGEST PHONEY LIAR AND THEN SOME AND HER SICK HISBAND..MY GOD DO LOOK..dangerous for our Country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ytube clinton cash
    Clinton body count
    And youll See lists of thier true life
    Hillarys America
    Goes on and on

  • mmknows

    Too bad the matermind soros has fool proof voter fraud in play and nobody lookin into that.when ithers proof!!
    This whole elction is all a set up and fraudelent from the media to the women set up to the polls.all proven..she and obama in on whole plan ..dont want thoer corrupted criminal activity exposex!! THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED FROM GETTONG IN THAT W.H..DANGEROUS TO AMERICA..AND WHAT THEYRE DOING TO US

  • mmknows

    That was a long tome ago when alot of us were duped by her phoney front..she planned to destroy him with obamas and thier all sick and corrupt..trump isnt that way at all..see my article below all true and much more

  • mmknows

    Liste read my article in this thread
    .its all true!!

  • mmknows

    Maybe molley shouldneatch clonton body count and clinton cash on youtube and then eatch all the interviews and personal experiences and writers and ppl who know them yoll see how corrupt and how big this corruption and destruction to america really is and the world!
    Do some research..they set the whole destroy trump up with all nmedia and criminals..all proven
    Watxh 4 veritas videos and listen carefully.clinton hired them
    Meetings with goerge soros at king of voter fraud..its nightmare..shes a very sick me i know well

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  • Caroline Morrill

    They have a right to be .Lets hope they don’t elect Hillary. Let’s hope that these people will vote against all this corruption as well. Maybe then When Trump takes office they can take Hillary and Obama and anyone else that has covered up all this people down for good.

  • jane

    The head of the snake has always been the Clinton Foundation. The private server, emails and FBI and DOJ cover up. The major players: Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton, John Podesta, Obama, James Comey. The government establishment trying to get Hillary into the Presidency to keep the control of their massive corruption. And, the true government patriots who never gave up hope and NYPD who brought Comey to task and demanded he do something or they would go public.

  • frangelica

    I really feel for the FBI agents that worked this case and can understand how demoralizing it must be for these agents. The American people know that this fiasco was not your fault and hope that a real investigation will be allowed to take place by the FBI. We only blame the political superiors for this cover up and hope that there will be some serious ramifications for the top FBI and DOJ personnel involved in this coverup of Hillary and her personnel.

  • James Staten

    It takes a village to burn a witch!!!!

  • secretariat4u

    Bottom line, they need to be charged with Treason, prosecuted and jailed.

  • Pingback: BREAKING: Comey Mandates All FBI Agents Report to D.C. Offices; Prep for Raids, Possible Arrests in Clinton Probes | True Pundit()

  • kathy Wheeler

    So Comey is the leak.

  • Renee Weldon

    Wth? Since when did Criminals get special treatment? They dont have a special gold card for kid gloves either, especially after the crimes theyve commited against America and “children!!!!” Um…hello! A title does NOT entitle them to anything!

  • Alan House

    Mainstream media is largely responsible for this. Of course they knew of all the roadblocks and farce being played out. They didn’t report it that way…their reporting was all about exoneration and closure and nothing about the internal turmoil. They sent their stories to the HRC for approval (in case they missed anything that could be negative). Obviously, this is not news… is propaganda plain and simple. Fortunately, the NYPD, the heroes of 911, are our heros again…..they let it be known: WE HAVE COPIES so you better do your job or we will become Wikileaks; USA style. Thanks NYPD…we WILL remember.

  • Alan House

    I’d love to see that traitor Soros in jail for indirectly inciting and directly supporting a group to commit civil disobedience with violence. That’s right …..tens of millions to Black Lives Matter. Since a death is now involved…..Soros should be indicted for 2nd degree homicide.

  • Alan House

    A lot of opinions about a lot of Top political people are changing due to wikileaks, some brave independent reporters and by the liberals’ own bungling. Believe me, Trump does not consider Hillary even a friend, but despises her and her secretive stacking of the WH, just like we do.

  • Alan House

    Even if all your conjecture were true……Trump will not sell out our nation for some multi-million dollar slush fund. He will actually try to do something to give us back our country and restore our values.

  • Alan House

    And some of those were terrorist dictators….she doesn’t care.

  • Alan House

    You are another media robot…..”Good little Robot”

  • Joe

    Why is it that all our congress and Washington brass know about this but do nothing! This goes to show us all that we are slaves to the people not the law for they are shielded from any laws. Now we know why Hillary runs around having people killed and doing whatever she wants to others, she is indefensible in her own right. What do we have to show for our Country when all of our government is guilty by not standing up to Comey, Lynch and prosecuting everyone in Washington that is guilty of crimes. My god, these are crimes against innocent children and nobody cares. Im not sure who’s worse Clinton and those commiting the crimes or Lynch and Comey covering for them! What in gods name has our country come to. What travesty!

  • Deplorable_Pam

    I feel bad for these guys (and gals) 99% are upstanding, by the book, law abiding, agents who take their jobs very seriously. They were muzzled, handcuffed, & blindfolded. I’m sure it was heartbreaking to find that you thought all along that you worked for the good guys just to find that there were no good guys, no justice.