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Ex-CIA Head John McLaughlin — ‘We Really Are Close To Cold War II’ (VIDEO)

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Former CIA director ohn McLaughlin told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Thursday that the United States and Russia are “really” on the verge of a second Cold War.

McLaughlin, who served as acting CIA director under George W. Bush, recalled being in “Russia in October” 2016, where he “met with both the Kremlin and the Foreign Ministry.”


McLaughlin claims he “came away realizing we really are close to Cold War II.”

“We really are,” he repeated. “This is another reason why it’s important to get to the bottom of this thing for the administration because, in truth, the president has a point when he says we need to think about whether it’s possible to have a better relationship with Russia.”

“When I was there, it felt like we were just one mistake away from a shooting war.”


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