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Emotional Video: Historic Moment Trump & First Lady, Children, Grandchildren Exit Air Force One; Raw Feed without Media

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History. If you love the United States of America then this video will prove special. If you hate America, we hope you watch it twice.

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  • huntress


  • Als2Cents

    That’s one smooth gentleman.

  • Sheila Cloudcroft

    WE LOVE YOU !!! GOD BLESS AMERICA – This time is MONUMENTAL. Thank GOD we have our nation back from #tyranny.

  • letstalkcandidly

    Such a great-looking family. And everyone of them working for the USA!

  • jonesinaeus

    Why can’t this piece of shit wear a goddamn tie without looking dumpy as fuck. His suits are bad enough, but Jesus Christ learn how to wear a tie, we all know you’re fat and have a hunched over kyphotic spine, this isn’t doing you any favors, you fat fuck

  • jonesinaeus

    Fuck you

  • jonesinaeus

    Fuck you, he can’t even wear a tie right, go fuck yourself fucker fucknugget mcfuckerton

  • jonesinaeus

    shut the fuck up, he sucks

  • The American Beagle

    My eyes teared up a little watching President Trump and our elegant FLOTUS.
    The United States will be in good hands.

  • The American Beagle

    She lost, go to your safe room.

  • Noble Gunnz

    Sooo…..that head gonna explode tomorrow or you going to do it now and avoid the rush? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • C.A.Martin

    This is why Trump won, because all he had against him was people like you. An inarticulate, unartful, small-minded, petulant, hateful, disgraceful man who laughs at his own nonsensical unfunny jokes, (see below) with a complete lack of self awareness. I’m glad someone like you is pissed, you deserve your misery.

  • benoNetanya .

    Finally an American president, huge middle finger to all America haters, great looking bunch. God bless America and the Donald. 12 hours to lock them all up, the old world order.

  • Luke Vader

    He looks far more presidential then the last one that walked off Air Force 1

  • Jeff Poore

    Just watching this makes me feel proud of our country … again.

  • huntress

    Ha,ha,ha,ha, sorry your hitlery ho lost, but thats kinda what happens to criminals.
    W I N N I N G!!!!!!