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During Downpour, Hillary Shrieks & Pulls Bizarre Dance Moves on Stage; Then Has Coughing Fit

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A driving rain storm chased a bizarre-behaving Hillary Clinton from her Florida campaign rally stage Saturday.

About the same time heavy rain started falling, Hillary became animated, shrieking into the microphone while pulling unorthodox upper body moves like an unhinged dictator..

Were these some of the secret yoga moves Clinton deleted from emails on her personal server?

The pressure of her campaign’s tail spin in recent days might be wearing on Clinton, although she was laughing hysterically at the end of the rally.

In fact, laughing almost too much for no apparent reason.

After the rally Clinton was spotted offstage by numerous media members and members of the public experiencing multiple coughing spells and drinking bottled water to try to squelch her chronic cough.


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