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Donald Trump’s talk of teaming with Russia against Islamic State draws pushback on Hill

President-elect Donald Trump’s talk of direct U.S.-Russian military coordination in the war against the Islamic State in Syria is already drawing criticism on Capitol Hill and has Pentagon and State Department officials scrambling over how to implement the sharp shift in policy in the months ahead.

As a candidate, Mr. Trump — who spoke by phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday night — repeatedly criticized the Obama administration for failing to coordinate better with Russia in the fight against the Islamic State, saying Moscow and Washington had a common goal in destroying the jihadi movement.

Career military officials and diplomats say they will implement whatever policy the coming administration orders, but sources behind the scenes say the most immediate collaboration with Moscow is likely to center on reviving a stalled Obama administration plan that calls for joint U.S.-Russian airstrikes in Syria. – READ MORE

  • Deplorable Me

    Russians are historically white. We know the establishment hates us.