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Donald Trump gets zero honeymoon with the press, major media attack now underway

It’s all chaos, mayhem and fraught with peril: That is the media narrative leading up to President-elect Donald Trump’s press conference on Wednesday. This is not the case, of course. The press is in full cry, however: The New York Times warns. “A note of caution: Mr. Trump has a record of scheduling and then postponing promised events” while the Huffington Post declared “Trump’s infrequent press conferences often turn into spectacles that provide few answers, and he might use Wednesday’s event to take shots at President Obama.”

The latest round of “fake news” possibilities has also surfaced following the publication Tuesday of unverified claims about Mr. Trump in BuzzFeed, which were immediately discounted by the incoming president and his staff. Ironically, the report drew some sympathy for Mr. Trump from other journalists, including David Corn, Washington bureau chief for Mother Jones. “Even Donald Trump deserves journalistic fairness,” he tweeted Tuesday evening. – READ MORE