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Disgraced Former Obama adviser Ben Rhodes: Macron win is the end of far-right nationalism

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The former deputy national security adviser to President Obama believes the defeat of Marine Le Pen, and victory for Emmanuel Macron, in the French presidential election shows the end of a wave of nationalistic populism.

Ben Rhodes celebrated Macron’s victory as a defeat for the movement that he associated with the Brexit vote and President Trump’s election.

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  • lechevre

    This moron has a BS in creative writing and a MFA in literature and Obozo gave him this position which Rhodes knew nothing about but it was because Rhodes brother was president of CBS so Obama knew he would get positive press by hiring this schmuck Rhodes.

  • Eric

    I disagree lol.

  • ancirnhao

    Maybe for now. At least until the next few terror attacks. Then they may be singing a different tune. It seems as though it may be already too far gone though.

  • BulSprig

    Benny Boy, the Frogs of Paris have NEVER known what they want.
    Trump is The American Phenom. You URBAN Leftist Marxists are Toast.306 is The number Toad.

  • MatFan

    So he thinks an election means people will stop developing opinions?