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Disgraced FBI director: More ‘attempted intrusions’ in voter databases

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WASHINGTON (AP) – FBI Director James Comey told Congress on Wednesday there have been additional “attempted intrusions” in voter registration databases beyond what was previously known, and that the agency is looking “very, very hard” at Russian hackers who may try to disrupt the U.S. election.

Comey’s comments come amid ongoing concern about the ability of hackers from Russia or other nations to breach voting systems. The FBI last month warned state elections officials to boost their election security in light of evidence that hackers targeted related data systems in at least two states, Illinois and Arizona.

Comey did not say where the intrusions were or give any additional details. But he told the House Judiciary Committee that the agency is “investigating to try to understand exactly what mischief the Russians might be up to in connection with our political institutions and the election system more broadly.”

Comey said the FBI had also detected a variety of “scanning activities,” which he said are an early indication of hacking. – READ MORE

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  • Sovereign_Citizen

    “Disgraced FBI director: More ‘attempted intrusions’ in voter databases”

    We got an intrusion for you there Comey:)

  • Mary Welch

    Voter databases are only of concern to political campaign party operatives. Whether GOP or DEM. We let our own elections be hacked every year by our own politicians & shadow donors. Until we go back to hand counting paper ballots in public, our elections are a farce.