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Did Hillary Clinton Fall or Collapse Again? Strange Facial Contusion Emerges

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Matt Drudge posted a mysterious picture of Hillary Clinton Tuesday on twitter form her appearance in New Hampshire, showing a strange blemish on her face that wasn’t there on Sunday. Or whenever the last time Hillary was spotted in public. Between naps.



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  • NYGuy54

    looks like a botox injection.

  • Chinaski

    Perhaps she just got the same workover(ahem) work out as harry reid…

  • NYGuy54

    That ridge on her cheek is a little different than botox so now I am not sure.

  • Bob Bobbels

    It’s a scale poking through.

  • Mera Jade

    cosmetic injection bump by the looks of it

  • Mera Jade


  • NYGuy54

    No…juvederm doesn’t have a ridge at the top of the swelling.

  • WheelerDealer

    It’s a horn coming through.

  • Awb12

    No, that’s no cosmetic injection. She had that freeze and seize and just crashed into something as she fell.

  • SameOldGirl

    Mark of the Beast

  • Bartthedog

    Her head is changing to that of a cow.

  • md

    I am not voting for her and not because of her looks but because of her corruptions and ways in which she chose to run her election for President with much bring in the money and pay offs. I definitely do not condone mocking her on her looks or feeling weak or whatever. I do care about what I pasted below.
    see this.

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