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Democratic Seattle Mayor Ed Murray resigns after fifth child sex-abuse allegation

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Seattle Mayor Ed Murray resigned Tuesday, just hours after new allegationsthat he sexually abused a younger cousin decades ago in New York.

Murray, a former Democratic state legislator elected mayor in 2013, said in a statement he is resigning effective 5 p.m. Wednesday.

“While the allegations against me are not true, it is important that my personal issues do not affect the ability of our City government to conduct the public’s business,” Murray said in a statement.

The Seattle Times reported Tuesday morning on the allegations by Murray’s cousin, Joseph Dyer, 54, who has become the fifth man to publicly accuse Murray of sexual abuse. – READ MORE

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  • Abesurd

    I bet he is a card carrying member of NAMBLA

  • ooddballz

    Raid his house and check his computers for child porn.

  • Duke LaCrosse

    Quick trial
    Start in Seattle and work back to D.C. if we have to

  • stixx813

    High-velocity lead projectile to cranium cavity will suffice.

  • Lainy

    Where are the charges??? He must be prosecuted! Resigning doesn’t get him out of a hopefully long jail sentence! These kinds are monsters and cannot be cured. Our government seems to be full of them!