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Death Watch: Donna Brazile To Be Fired as DNC Chair

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Amid media jeers, True Pundit was the first news source to report Debbie Wasserman-Schultz would get booted from her DNC chair post approximately two days before she was unceremoniously fired hours before the Democratic National Convention in July.

True Pundit’s inside source at the DNC for the Wasserman bombshell now reports that current DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile’s position as the party boss is on life support and there does not appear to be enough support to resuscitate the embattled Democrat to remain in that national role.

How long will Brazile last?

“She could be gone by Thursday or Friday,” the DNC source said. “Wikileaks is her undoing. Who knows what else they have on her. She’s a complete liability and is hurting Hillary at this point. She has no long term upside as chair. She’s not that charismatic to begin with.”

The DNC insider said Brazile might last until after the election next week, given the FBI-provoked tailspin the Clinton campaign is trying to pull out from. Firing Brazile this week may ultimately throw gasoline on what appears to be a week-long Democratic bonfire, the source said. But the party might not have a choice.

Brazile, thanks to Wikileaks recent releases of her emails, has been busted twice now for supplying verbatim TV debate questions in advance to Hillary Clinton in 2016. Brazile was privy to those questions as her alleged role as a journalist/commentator employed by CNN. However. Brazile was fired by CNN today for those same infractions, seen even by a corrupt media, as outlandish.


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  • Co Co

    Donna Brazile made a mistake and should face the consequences;but I still believe that Donna is essentially a good person manipulated by the corrupt Clinton camp.It is truly a shame that it has taken almost 30 years for Clinton to be outed for the criminal that she is. She has been given a pass so many times that her own people believed that she was omnipotent and above the law.That is when good people start making bad decisions and do bad things. I am sure that Donna will not be the only one to be discarded, along with her political career, due to participating in Clintons campaign. At the end of the day Hillary will destroy a lot of careers and lives and probably walk away scot free with all that money. That’s what she is good at.

  • Sovereign_Citizen

    Turds of a color flush together. No, she is not an essentially good person. Donna Brazile is like so many in American Politics an inherently bad person. Nobody can make you make bad choices, you make those for yourself. People don’t automatically become bad people because they are around bad people, they are already bad people.

    People give people a pass because they too are bad people. Good people make choices like bad people do, the difference is that good people are responsible for their choices and bad people blame everyone and anyone else for their choices.

    The Vast majority of people in Washington DC, whether they are movers, shakers, watchers or bystanders is that they are very bad people. People with Loyalty, Honor, Integrity who are essentially good people don’t associate with people like politicians. They stay far away. Just like people who have no Loyalty, Honor or Integrity don’t associate with those who do.

    The ugly Truth out there is quite simple, most people are NOT good people; if they were, the world would not be in the position it is in.

  • taxpayer22

    After Giving Clinton Question in Advance, Donna Brazile Promised ‘I’ll Send a Few More’

  • Translation: I believe thieves and liars are good people. It is everyone around them that causes them to do bad things.
    Wake the f up bro.

  • Benito Mussolini

    I Love It!!! As TRUMP would say “GET HER OUTTA HEAR!!!”

  • gadgetfreaksta

    And Bernie still campaigns for Hillary..what a fraud

  • Alan

    Bernie has become the definition of a cuck. The loser lost me when he started calling his followers brothers and sisters.

  • Michael Lang

    How very naive of you.

  • Paul W.

    But Bernie has his new &600k “lakeside home” out of the deal just like the Commissars in the Soviet Union had their dachas outside Moscow.

  • Paul W.

    I really doesn’t matter what they do at this late date. But kicking her out will not quell the outrage over her behavior.

  • Waterdances

    No, most people ARE good people, it’s just the BAD people are so horrifying it overshadows all the good people.HRC’s spent a LIFETIME being corrupt.
    Good people don’t typically have a lot of money so they are invisible to the world. Remember what Balzac said: “Behind every great fortune, there is a great crime.” If MOST people were bad people, MOST people would be a LOT better off financially than they are. Donna sucks; but the rest of us, are a pretty good lot. Follow the money.

  • Hawaii Dave

    Apologies to Michael Franks:

    Donna Brazile
    she takes her time to spew some bile
    she knows the drill
    And when the Leftists hear her lies they just can smile
    They still believe in guile
    They swallow lies of sambo shill
    They really know they’re down with ol’ Brazile
    They can tell they’re down with ol’ Brazile

  • Sovereign_Citizen

    That is so untrue as to be laughable. So, the only good people are poor people? Which I guess explains why there is so much less crime in poverty stricken areas.

  • jackbenimble333

    Donna Brazille’s email was a two-sided affair and both sides of that exchange participated in the cheating. I believe it was addressed to Leon Panetta, the Chair of Hillary’s campaign for President, and to Jennifer Palmari, a long time Hillary confident and spokeshole.

    Where are the calls for these two corrupt scumbags to step down? Why aren’t Democrats demanding that Hillary denounce their corrupt behavior and demand their resignations?

  • revrnjim

    Yes, fire Brazile so the DNC can maintain their integrity. Gobbledegook!

  • maribel

    It is a lead pipe cinch that she was doing what she had been told to do. Maybe some day the foot soldiers will wake up.

  • genann59

    And anyone really believe that anyone they replace her with would be less corrupt? Until THEY too get caught. The only person I’m really aware of with the DNC who might not have been corrupt, was murdered because he wasn’t corrupt, or corrupt ENOUGH. That would be young Seth Rich.

  • Harvey Dent

    Most people are not “good” they choose to be so when they know there will be consequences and choose not to be so when they know they won’t face any.

  • Thomas D. Plorable ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Fired TWICE for FRAUD and yet she remains the dnc chair………if she stays, it speaks VOLUMES as to the lack of integrity of democrats

  • revrnjim

    Yep, not only are scum-o-crats dirty, lying, cheating poltroons, they’re just plain evil.

  • Walter Teague

    I have watched Donna Brazile earning her large salary pretending to be a “journalist” and commentator. Long before this evidence of her dishonesty, it was clear she regularly tailored her response to fit the argument – which was usually defending both the establishment and the Clinton’s. I never thought she was anything but dishonest. Now she has been caught and even so she tries to lie her way out. Watch her interviews. She is losing what little credibility she has left. Big bucks and phony prestige. She is too typical of corrupt politics.

  • reelinNrockin

    “..inside source at the DNC..”

    More of the same. No one likes Hillary but come on. Every attention getting story you guys publish fit this pattern.

  • empiresentry

    and “(Christina ) Romer has some more”

  • empiresentry

    Disagree. There are people with integrity and honor.

  • MN Jim

    After Hillary called Brazile a brain-dead buffalo, Brazile should be screaming racist to the media.

  • Snellville bob

    They cannot fire Brazile, that would be racist!

  • bestforex

    DNC is corrupt from top to bottom. Debbie resigned in disgrace and guess what happened, she was immediately hired by the corrupt campaign. So, how can democrats defend this kind of behavior? Which company turns around and hire a crook? Only a crooked company will do such a thing. If the democrats have only Clinton for a candidate, then the democratic party needs to be dismantled.

  • Chopra TP

    Hillary is as guilty as Donna Brazile. She was the one receiving election debate questions in advance. She was involved in at least 2 fraudulent election debates. The real extent of this is probably much bigger. She probably received questions for all the debates. Hillary must step aside.

  • mgj48

    It never ceases to amaze me how all these people are willing to throw away their integrity , self respect and careers to protect this corrupt , lying witch. At one point in their lives they had to have some talent , some intelligence , you would think.

  • AlfalfaDoLittle

    Poor Ol’ Mammy Brazile.

  • TheGeminiCusp

    Donna Brazile is unethical and self-serving.

  • Beenthere
  • Charlotte Erickson

    Not so. He is the most powerful Senator in Washington and.he is still fighting for YOU even though you make fun of him. Shame on you!.

  • Alan

    I was a fan of Bernie…His comments against the Iraq war were dead on right. His stance against big Banks and regime changes were right….then he backs the Wall street regime changing candidate. He sold out. If he backed Jill Stein I would have his back. He clearly sold out. All Talk no action. He bought his third house after baking Clinton…coincidence…I sure do not think so.

  • Dee Plorables

    Anyone else remember the NBC quiz show “21”? Anyone seen the Robert Redford movie “Quiz Show”? I think CNN is pulling a “Van Doren” on Brazile. She’s falling on her sword for them, FOR NOW. We’ll see if she gets fired from her DNC position.

    Donna Brazile, it’s time to lawyer up. You can redeem yourself by exposing those you worked with at CNN. From the Flint, MI debate, we know that the questioners claim to have never met with Brazile, which would indicate that at least one other person at the network worked with Brazile. Methinks there are many, many more CNN people whose fingers were in this rotten apple pie. Drain that media cesspool.

    Even more troubling is her statement to Jennifer Palmieri of the Clinton campaign, “sometimes I get the questions beforehand…”

    1. Why was Palmieri not FIRED for accepting the question(s)?

    2. “sometimes” Brazile gets the questions beforehand? WHAT OTHER TIMES DID SHE GET QUESTIONS BEFOREHAND?!
    Beforehand in the CNN debates of:

    Obama v Romney?
    Obama v McCain?
    Kerry v Bush?
    Bush v Gore?

    Her statement seems to imply that she’d received questions before this Hillary v Bernie debate. Ms. Brazile, what other debates did you and CNN contrive and cheat at?

    The NBC quiz show scandal in the 50s involved a federal investigation! THIS WAS A GAME SHOW! As a voter, I watch the debates to inform myself about the candidates. Debates shape election results. Therefore, when a debate is skewed to favor one candidate over others through a network’s CHEATING, one could argue that that network is INTERFERING WITH OUR DEMOCRATIC PROCESSES.

    This is just the tip of this yellow-stained iceberg. Ms. Brazile, it’s time to lawyer up and cut a deal while you still can.

  • Noble Gunnz

    Dan Rather needs a maid. Nuff said.

  • Noble Gunnz

    Political affirmative action at its worst. Not a good person. Just a field boss cracking the whip.

  • Magdalene

    I’m glad she’s going but, LOL – “She’s a complete liability and is hurting Hillary at this point.”??? Hillary is hurting Hillary. We all know who the REAL nominee is: BERNIE SANDERS! She can threaten him & make him stomp for her, but no one wants her; the DNC needs to have Hillary step down and #BringBernieBack. #ReturnTheBern!

  • Magdalene

    First Bernie couldn’t back Jill; he had a contract when he decided to run on the Democratic ticket. He deliberately walked into the lions den for us. You think they’d let him use their stage and then leave to go in another direction? Bernie is a man of his word; but the primaries were rigged, (which is TREASON), he was stripped of his secret service detail before the CA ballots were all counted and he become a POW. Anyone who loved Bernie could see he was in distress. He told us not to listen to him if he told us how to vote. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that threats to lives were on the line. I’m always surprised to hear people whose votes were stolen and their leader taken prisoner; so eager to abandon him and call him names and think the worst of him; especially those who went to the Green camp. Jill knew Bernie couldn’t and wouldn’t go against his contract and she used it as a psych op on her on supporters and on grieving Berners to gain sympathy and enrage them. Jill Stein started bashing Bernie as soon as he announced his candidacy and she didn’t stop until she threw the bait of “sharing the Green ticket”. She didn’t do that for Bernie, I assure you! How dare you speak about this precious man that way. His wife, Jane sold HER inheritance; a lakeside house in Maine, and they used that money to buy the one closer to their home. YOU ARE A SELL OUT!

  • Magdalene

    Well, Tulsi Gabbard refused to become corrupted by Clinton and the DNC. You can’t be a “good” person unless you you say no to criminal activity.

  • Susan

    Pure IDIOT!!!!