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De Blasio Denied Ordering Homeless Off Subway So He Could Ride. Then a Damning Email Emerged…

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A New York Police Department email sent on Saturday night outlined the plans for police to clear the homeless from two separate subway stations in Brooklyn before Mayor Bill de Blasio (D.) arrived on Sunday.

Despite City Hall claiming that the email does not exist, the New York Post received a copy of it Tuesday that outlined the instructions for four police officers to divide and conquer the sweep of the two subway stations.

“Before the Mayor arrives at the 4th Avenue station, the officers are to sweep the station for homeless persons as well as the Jay Street station,” the email said. “There will be press at the 4th Avenue station.”


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  • egnima

    Am I surprised? No….because De Blasio like most Dem Politicians are true elitist’s at heart, despite what they portray to the world. At the end of the day, liberal NYC deserves a person like De Blasio. Someone who will pretend to show compassion, espouse liberal ideology and be a ardent champion of taxing & spending on popular liberal causes. As long as he is able to live like a true 1%’r, not be burdened by crime, homelessness and the poor.

  • Dianna9490

    They have got 2 b taught they r NOT ELITE THEY PUT THER PANTS ON SAME WAY AS EVERYBODY ELSE! They just think their shite doesnt stink but it does & IT STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN! THIS IS PATHETIC!

  • Daniel R Cundiff

    This really doesn’t surprise me at all

  • MatFan

    I can’t believe New Yorkers consider themselves superior to others when their main elected official is DeBlasio.