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De Blasio: Being A Sanctuary City Means Less Terrorism

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday that New Yorkers will be at risk of terror if Attorney General Jeff Sessions follows through on cutting federal law enforcement grants to sanctuary cities.

Sessions appeared at the White House to say that jurisdictions that ignore immigration detainers will lose Department of Justice grants, which total $4.1 billion for the upcoming fiscal year.

“President Trump’s latest threat changes nothing. We will remain a city welcoming of immigrants who have helped make our city the safest big city in the nation,” de Blasio said in response. “Any attempt to cut NYPD funding for the nation’s top terror target will be aggressively fought in court. We won’t back down from protecting New Yorkers from terror – or from an overzealous administration fixated on xenophobia and needless division.”

The attorney general, on the other hand, argued that sanctuary cities make America more dangerous. “Countless Americans would be alive today if these policies of sanctuary cities were ended,” Sessions said.

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He pointed to a recent report from the Department of Homeland Security which highlighted over 200 cases of local law enforcement agencies refusing to turn serious criminals over to federal immigration officers.

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  • Big Bird the liberal asshat!

  • FreedomFighter

    Another insane fruitbat with no grasp on the real world.

  • SilverDragons

    De Blasio needs to read some of the US laws. Not only does the federal government have the right to withhold federal funding, I believe it can also arrest politicians who help illegals. BTW, I seem to remember De Blasio had to deliberate if a bomb was just intentional or a terrorist act. I guess the intentional bomb must make a smaller boom sound than a terrorist bomb. If De Blasio had any sense, he would keep his mouth shut.

    Since the democrats are constantly calling for investigations of the President for conspiracies the dems themselves concocted, perhaps the American people should start insisting on REAL investigations into some politicians for corruption–say De Blasio for instance. I for one am getting fed up with crooks trying to act like they care about the country.

  • Elizabeth Raynor Short

    all victims of crimes by illegal aliens in sanctuary jurisdictions should start suing the jurisdiction and elected and appointed officials enforcing the sanctuary policies. and file criminal charges as well.