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Day After Shooting, Pelosi Attacks Trump And Republicans’ For Being ‘Sanctimonious’ About Colleague Getting Shot by Partisan (VIDEO)

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The day after Nancy Pelosi emphasized the need to bring Republicans and Democrats together in the wake of the congressional baseball shooting, she attacked Republicans for creating the hostile environment.

Pelosi placed the blame for the coarsened political culture — the most recent manifestation of which involved a left-wing Bernie Sanders supporter trying to murder Republican congressmen — squarely at the feet of Donald Trump and Republican attacks on Bill and Hillary Clinton.

When asked if she saw the “coarsened political culture” as “equally afflicting the left and the right,” the House Minority Leader was unequivocal. “I do not,” Pelosi said, before proceeding to hold Republicans indirectly responsible for their own would-be assassinations and blasting them for being “sanctimonious.”

“It didn’t used to be this way,” Pelosi said. “Somewhere in the 1990’s Republicans decided on the politics of personal destruction as they went after the Clintons and that is what started and it has continued.”

“Again, I feel as if we’re having a family moment that is very, very serious and we’re talking about things that we can say, the discussion — save the discussion for another day,” Pelosi continued, before immediately attacking Trump.

“When the president says ‘I can shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and nobody would care’, when you have somebody say ‘beat them up and I’ll pay their legal fees’, when you have all the assaults that are made on Hillary Clinton, for them to be so sanctimonious is something that I really am almost sad that I had to go down this path with you because I don’t think it’s appropriate for us to have the fullest discussion of it. It will be for another day.”


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  • Kim Graves

    Amazing wow! So its all Trumps fault oh and the republicans since the 90’s when the clintons were first proven to be thugs

  • Trey Von Dinkis


  • Trey Von Dinkis

    Finally…another person on these TruePundit comment boards.

  • RedPillPlease

    Yet Pelosi held a rally in San Francisco last month where the crowd began a chant of F… Trump and she stood brimming from ear to ear. For her to claim the “politics of personal destruction” going back to the Bill Clinton era with the current climate of today is preposterous. She has used every stage to create an atmosphere of hatred against this administration since day one. What a hypocrite!

  • hammerstamp

    Nancy Pelosi is a twisted individual. I’m surprised she didn’t blame Rep. Steve Scalise for getting shot. These are the lunatics that want control of the nation.

  • Eric the Red

    Leftists are always wallowing in “climates”, like climate of fear, climate of hate, climate change (haha), etc. etc. But now for turnabout:

    Climate of Revenge
    The left creates a Climate of Revenge for both their mohammedan mercenaries and their home-grown thugs like hyper-fa and BLM to operate in. By branding valid criticism of islam as hate, leftists hand mohammedans an excuse to be offended at the slightest perceived insult, and to then feel justified in committing terrorism. By branding non-leftist ideas as ‘hate-speech’, they create a climate of revenge that allows hyper-fa to perpetrate violence. By castigating police, leftists create a climate of revenge that allows BLM to kill cops. By not damning shock-porn from ‘entertainers’, leftists create a climate of revenge that incites shooters at baseball games.

    Leftists are guilty of theft, rape, murder, and terrorism.

  • Kim Graves

    Lol right i had to leave dailyfail its too censored ugh

  • Trey Von Dinkis

    Daily Mail ?

  • Fister

    At long last Congresswoman, have you no shame? Have you no shame?

  • Carolingian
  • Totally_Disillusioned

    Evil demented people are crafty and cunning. They can easily take their character flaws and bad behaviors twisting them onto everyone else. Listen to the rhetoric of the left and you’ll know exactly who they are as their comments attack others.

  • Totally_Disillusioned

    Ask yourself, how many Trump supporters are rushing a candidates campaign rally stage grabbing for Secret Service guns, attacking people physically or pelting with eggs/urine/feces who are lawfully attending a rally, wearing masks/rioting/looting or shouting through a megaphone the white house ought to be bombed? It is the left fueling their violent rhetoric, calling for the ousting of an illegitimate president as they distort truth and the Constitution among their ignorant frenzy sheeple.

  • Kim Graves


  • democrat CockRoach

    I noticed the hag wore her dog chain yesterday. What, is barry the USURPING IDIOT back in town?

  • Trey Von Dinkis

    Their comments board is a pain. I go there sometimes, but the comments are a pain – if you’re trying to track a conversation.