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Congressional Black Caucus Lives High In Luxury Resorts, Restaurants

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The Congressional Black Caucus’ fundraising branch has been spending exorbitant amounts on fancy hotels and expensive restaurants, documents reveal.

The CBC PAC, which fundraises for the caucus, spent most of its money on administrative purposes, rather than adhering to its mission to put the money behind candidates, reports The Washington Free Beacon.

A total of $283,100 went to administrative needs, $123, 239 was spent on fundraising events. Only $91,000 was given to federal candidates.

The PAC spent a lot of the money on lavish resorts. They paid $5,000 for a stay at the Buccaneer Hotel in the Virgin Islands in January of 2016. The resort is described as one of the” top 50 tropical resorts” in the entire world.

The PAC spent over $40,000 on the Conrad Hotel in New York City and another $18,000 at the St. Regis Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Money from the PAC also went to catered dinners and fancy restaurants. They spent $25,000 on The Palm in NYC and $27,070 for catering from Bobby Van’s Steakhouse.

The group also spent thousands on fundraising event tickets. Over a thousand dollars went to Broadway and $5,960 went to New York City’s Golden Theater.

The PAC’s website clearly states that its purpose is to help raise up black candidates, support non-black ones and encourage young black voters to participate in elections.

“With your financial support we will continue to grow, and expand our voice in key campaigns throughout the country,” the website claims.

The CBC PAC could not be reached for comment on these numbers.


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  • Elizabeth Raynor Short

    Who is surprised? No one.

  • Hell And A Hand Basket

    Of course they ‘roll’ this way ..I’m a race realist, and won’t ignore the demographic involved…period

  • steve smith

    human frailty, sinful nature, – Corruption!

  • Oliver Wendell Douglas

    Bet the staff working for tips loves to see this group coming.

  • BigBossOgg

    Bet you’re wrong..unless gratuities are automatically deducted. Those folks can be cheap as can be, even with our money, for taking care of the wait staff.

  • Oliver Wendell Douglas

    Yeah, guess my sarcasm was way too subtle. We agree.

  • BigBossOgg

    Oh…Doink! Well, your sarcasm font must be broken!?

  • conservative

    Anyone who has ever worked as a tipped employee got it immediately. Blacks don’t tip. In other news, sky is blue and water is still wet. Denny’s thought it was racism when black customers didn’t get service–it was economics. Whites who don’t tip get ignored as well but they were too intimidated to tell the truth.

  • conservative

    No, you’ve never worked as a tipped employee. If you had, it would have be immediate recognition.