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Congress: True Pundit’s Expose on FBI’s Handling of Hillary Email Case Disturbing, Vows to Examine

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Members of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee promised to take a closer look at troubling revelations the FBI failed to unearth, or perhaps even worse, failed to disclose that Hillary Clinton and aides used covert Google servers to hide Benghazi-era emails.

Members of the committee, which held its second public hearing of the week on the unfolding Clinton email case Tuesday, said they were concerned by True Pundit’s story that outlined large discrepancies which never appeared in the FBI’s alleged comprehensive investigative report on Clinton’s use of a home server and emails while secretary of state. Committee members spoke both off the record and on the record. Members said they would take the issue up with Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), Chairman of the Oversight Committee, who is running point on the house probe.

Congressman Chaffetz’s office issued a statement Tuesday afternoon following the newsworthy hearing. Oversight Committee spokesman and the Chairman’s press secretary MJ Henshaw confirmed that “Congressman Chaffetz is aware of the story.” Chaffetz was not reachable, especially given the drama that unfolded yesterday on Capitol Hill after key witness Brian Pagliano evaded a subpoena to testify and key witnesses from Platte River Networks cited their 5th Amendment right to not answer any of the committee’s questions.

True Pundit’s story, published Monday, pinpointed investigative gaps never reported in the FBI’s recent “comprehensive” report released to the public detailing the bureau’s alleged dogged investigation into Clinton’s emails and home servers. According to its report of the year-long investigation by 30 agents and administrative personnel and a secondary detail of its interrogation of Clinton, True Pundit detailed the FBI:

  • Failed to report that Clinton along with her top aides routed official State emails through Google’s public Gmail
  • Failed to pinpoint these missing post-Benghazi emails
  • Failed to subpoena Google for such stored or archived messages from its servers
  • Failed to even question Clinton or her aides about use or rerouting of emails through Google
  • Failed to question Google personnel involved with the setting up the server to handle Clinton’s emails
  • Failed to disclose Clinton’s use of Gmail for State business during sworn Congressional testimony

Read True Pundit’s original expose here.



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  • probablyatroll

    Journalism didn’t die, it relocated. Great work.