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Columbia University Declares Itself A Sanctuary Campus For Illegal Immigrants

Columbia University will make itself a haven for illegal immigrants and actively defy U.S. government efforts to enforce immigration law, the school’s provost announced Monday.

Provost John Coatsworth says the school will do whatever it can within the law to hinder deportation efforts that may target its students or employees.

“First, the University will neither allow immigration officials on our campuses without a warrant, nor share information on the immigration status of undocumented students with those officials unless required by subpoena or court order, or authorized by a student,” Coatsworth said in his statement. “The experience of undocumented students at the College and Columbia Engineering, from the time they first seek admission through their graduation, will not be burdened in any way by their undocumented status.” – READ MORE

  • Columbia the gem of the Ocean. Columbia U. the gem of the cesspool.