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CNN’s Fake News Cop Busted: Has More Fake Twitter Followers Than His Network Has Viewers

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We’ll make this short. Just like CNN’s future.

Brian Stelter, who rants all day on social media and when they allow him on television about alleged “fake” news published by conservative web sites, has between 138,000 and 236,000 phony followers on Twitter alone, according to two prominent Twitter audit sites. estimates roughly 60 percent of the self-appointed fake news Czar’s alleged followers are as legitimate as Sasquatch or unbiased news coverage from Big Media. But that doesn’t stop his employer from providing him with a platform to produce countless fabrications while slamming legitimate news providers, flanked by a rogue’s gallery of mainstream media hacks and career flunkies.

Another Twitter auditing site, Status People, rates Stelter’s fake followers even more problematic, citing only 43 percent as verifiable. That would mean 57 percent, or 236,000 of Stelter’s followers, are in the same category as 33,000 emails once belonging to Hillary Clinton: Missing in action.

Yikes. Glass houses.

What’s next, an ’embedded’ war correspondent blog from the Ritz Carlton with Brian Williams?


Are TwitterAudit and Status People accurate? Let’s just say far more reliable sources that CNN or the New York Times, not surprisingly Stelter’s previous employer.

From TwiitterAudit’s site:

Each audit takes a random sample of 5000 Twitter followers for a user and calculates a score for each follower. This score is based on number of tweets, date of the last tweet, and ratio of followers to friends. We use these scores to determine whether any given user is real or fake. Of course, this scoring method is not perfect but it is a good way to tell if someone with lots of followers is likely to have increased their follower count by inorganic, fraudulent, or dishonest means.

Likewise, Status People employs an algorithm to flag fake Twitter followers, examining how often a user tweets and how many people they follow that follow them back.

What’s the point of purchasing fake Twitter followers? For a couple dollars, egocentric Twitter users can purchase a large number of accounts that aren’t active, except for distributing to buyers of phony followers. The number of followers on Twitter, many stooges believe, provides social cache and portrays the user’s account as an authority in their given profession or field. In today’s media, fake followers can help make a hack look like an accomplished professional. All major credit cards accepted. But are we seriously to believe Stelter, a bit player in Sunday TV media, has almost as many followers to Matt Lauer?

Some fake news is just too phony to believe.



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  • Cheryl ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    Everything about CNN is Fake. Brian Stelter is just one of many Fake Reporters at CNN. I can’t even watch them any more. When they were all Laughing and making fun of Ben Carson because of his HUD appointment, that was the last Straw.

  • Lyn Portello

    Brian just another slimy, filthy creature with a very short career..soon your sorry azz will be gone and so will CNN…not one of you sickos will be missed…