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CNN’s Acosta Goes Full Liberal Activist: Trump Is Eroding Our Freedoms! (VIDEO)

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CNN’s eccentric Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta had been all over CNN and social media this week throwing a temper-tantrum over how the White House press briefings were being conducted. But during an appearance on The Situation Room, Wednesday evening, Acosta went full liberal activist as he decried the Trump administration and tried to smear a conservative panelist. “What we’re witnessing right now is just this erosion of our freedoms in terms of covering the president of the United States,” he claimed while standing in front of the White House



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  • SRVES339

    Trump is playing these dipshits for the fools they are!
    His whack on Mika today was epic Trump… low IQ loser was bleeding from her facelift as she shows up with her boyfriend (the Intern Slayer) at Mar a Lago on NY Eve looking for an interview… he declined!

  • fewdegreesright

    They are just mad that Trump took away their face time so they can’t grandstand on television anymore.

  • Unmasked

    Fire that guy…

  • Unmasked

    I just about enough of hiding behind press pass and quoting the 1st while constantly spreading violence and fake news.
    You are only a good reporter when we say so, not what you think of yourself.

  • drdebdrdeb

    Acosta really needs to be investigated and questioned by any government agency that has not sold out. Who could that be? That is my question.

  • Kim Graves

    Aww they have to work by pressing a record button lol