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CNN reporter gets caught tweeting deceptively edited, Trump-mocking video from Poland

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(The Blaze) CNN’s Chris Cillizza was caught pushing a deceptively edited video that is being shared on social media that makes it appear as though Poland’s first lady snubbed President Donald Trump. A longer version of the video shows what really happened.

Cillizza tweeted, “OHMYGOD” repeated multiple times, with a link to the video that is cut to only three seconds in length.

But a longer version of the video shows that Kornhauser-Duda merely went to greet Melania Trump because the president was himself greeting her husband. A moment later she warmly shakes the hand of President Trump. The later portion of the video was edited out to make it appear that she snubbed the U.S. president. – READ MORE


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  • Nice. It’s amazing that WE have to monitor CNN “reporters” for tricks that would get people like us kicked off most conservative web sites and blogs.

  • Crusader

    CNN keep stepping on its collective d**k and, yet, insisting that it isn’t a member of the Mainstream Propaganda Ministry. americannexusDOTnet

  • justagramma

    Best not to watch them because they really believe they have a right to lie about everything. It is too tiring to keep up with their lies, so just tune them out or vett every word they say.

  • geoh777

    Mutual Slavic interest trumps German-Polish interest. lol