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CNN Analyst Implies Racism Led Republicans To Silence Kamala Harris

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A CNN political commentator implied that race played a role in Republicans interrupting Sen. Kamala Harris as she interrogated Attorney General Jeff Sessions during a Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing Tuesday afternoon.

During her questioning of Sessions, Harris didn’t allow Sessions time to fully answer her questions. Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr eventually had to step in to order Harris to let Sessions answer the questions she asked.

Keith Boykin, a CNN political analyst, implied that race had to do with why Harris, a black woman, was interrupted by Republican senators.

Many Twitter users pointed out to Boykin that Harris was interrupted because she wouldn’t let Sessions answer her questions.

“When she learns how to ask a question and how to wait for an answer, I’m sure they’ll stop,” one Twitter user pointed out.

“No, nothing to do with being black. She is just totally obnoxious & that would be true no matter what her ethnicity,” another user wrote.

Another user made the point that Harris interrupted Session 18 times to Sessions’ two interruptions to complete his answers.

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  • 4godandcountry

    this harris skank is looking to make a rep for herself ahead of the 2020 election

  • Frances Spinelli

    Who the hell is this CNN commentator? Did s/he not hear the same thing we all heard and how she kept rudely interrupting the AG? They always have to make it about race when irbid had nothing at all to do with it. It wasn’t even close. Again they are deflecting because the AG is INNOCENT and they know it!! I really don’t know how CNN is still on the air and has viewers.

  • Khloe Mason

    Yessss! You got that right! She’s following in Maxine’s footsteps. Love watching the Dems implode! Let the games continue, I say.