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Clinton Campaign Fundraises Off of Trump’s ‘Jail’ Threat

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Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is fundraising off of Donald Trump’s threat to prosecute and possibly “jail” the Democratic nominee for her personal email use at the State Department.

The campaign sent a fundraising email Monday asking supporters to donate to Clinton’s campaign, citing Trump’s “words of totalitarianism” at the second presidential debate the prior night.

“Last night, Donald Trump said that if he were elected president, he’d target Hillary and said she would be in jail if he were in charge,” the fundraising email states. “Threatening to jail political opponents isn’t what we do in America.” – READ MORE

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  • discussopinions

    Trump did not say or intimate that, if elected, he would PUT Hillary Clinton in jail…What he said was…he would assign a “PROSECUTOR” to look into what she has done…all within the law…Of course, her people try to spin it “out of context” and to suit their own agendas!!! But he did not say he would pull her out of her house and put her in jail without a trial and jury to convict her…She is clearly guilty of much wrongdoing and is so powerful that she has the FBI/DOJ in her back pocket as well as the biased media!!!
    Our country will be in dire straights even worse than we are now under Obama if she gets in …And look at who will take her place if she drops dead…Tim Kaine!!!!! God help us…

    She has gotten away with destroying thousands of emails and bleached the servers so that not even God could get any back!!! and all of this AFTER getting a supeona from the government…If she didn’t know that ALL her email was government property, how in the world will she know if she is POTUS???? ALL her emails were government property because of who she was when she had that server…She had plenty to hide…$$$$ from foreign countries to the Foundation and into their pockets…that’s how she, Billyboy and Chelsea got so rich in a short time…The FBI/DOJ is owned by the Clintons and it shows with the “immunity people connected to the server and her were given and they STILL took the 5th…What are they hiding I wonder??? And her supports never even question that…These people have no moral…She is laughing in their faces just as she did to the families of the Bengazi murdered by lying to them and then calling THEM liars!!! She is pure evil!!!