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CBS News Deletes Poll Story Crediting Trump for 5+ Point Lead in Pennsylvania; Mysteriously Vanished

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True Pundit is issuing an Amber Alert for a missing CBS News story. The story was short, weighed very positive for Donald Trump, was last seen at a CBS affiliate website, and vanished early Monday morning, approximately 3 am EST.

Voters with any information on this story’s whereabouts are encouraged to be quiet and act like nothing happened, just like CBS who is refusing to comment on our questions of what happened to the Trump poll story. I mean, if the poll showed Hillary Clinton leading by +5 chances are there wouldn’t be a story on a missing story.

We now know that CBS reported/moved a favorable Trump poll on Sunday at 11:08 a.m. EST showing the Republican nominee up by 5+ points in Pennsylvania, Then hours later, the story was mysteriously scrubbed from


Fortunately, through the magic of vigilant journalism, we were able to reconstruct the full original CBS publication.


CBS, however, can scrub the story from its web site but cannot delete its existence from search engines.


The contents of the poll fall directly in line with True Pundit Intel received from Harrisburg sources one week ago who confirmed Trump was surging in the state.


If needed you can read the original story here, as released by the polling firm.  If that story should end up vanishing too, just give us a holler. We saved that one too.

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  • tom dunkle

    Odd that the media has lost all pretense of being honest. I suspect this election will be a black swan event. The media will joyfully lose their collective minds.

    Thanks for posting this information.

  • waffleater

    its a poll from a Canadian gas company that polled +25 republican

  • waffleater

    it got deleted because it was unreliable, it was done by a Canadian gas company that polled +25 republican and yet still Trump only lead by 5 pathetic!

  • Nov-cubed

    Ya needs to get a refund from your reading tutor.

  • Aoi Warai

    Please hire me to do research for you, since no “journalists” these days seem capable of using modern research tools.
    I’m tired of finding this stuff for you guys for free.

  • Aoi Warai

    Thank you for Correcting The Record!

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  • waffleater

    no problem

  • waffleater

    you need to learn how to read!

  • innessa

    And real information about that? Where’s the polls from that “Canadian gas company”? Polled +25 republicans? You, people, are LAUGHABLE!

  • innessa

    How much more stupid someone can get in believing that WE would just believe the junk these lying nobodies would post:

  • innessa
  • Mulder Fox

    liberals are becoming pathetic

  • waffleater

    go to the who we are section… or their front page for that matter

  • waffleater

    project execution is a Canadian gas company, go to the pie chart that shows demographics

  • Rose Marie Sandlin

    Americans deserve honesty and integrity from the media. You would think with social media they would be smarter in telling the truth. People are going to find out the truth. All that can not do their jobs honestly……YOUR FIRED !!!!

  • Michael Onoo

    Did u write about the part where CBS hid the story ?

  • Doug Larsen

    Maybe because that “poll” was never legit to begin with? LOL! I swear, some people are so easily duped.

  • DoSe420

    So then polls like monmouth that are weighted to favor democrats arent true either. The media should stop showing them along with many of the other polls that are favored to one side.

  • DoSe420

    I believe you do need to learn to read.


    43 republican
    14 democrat
    4 independent
    11 other
    18 unknown


    44 dem
    14 rep
    27 unknown
    7 other
    5 independent

    Where do you come up with the weighting you say is in here? It was done via robocall where respondents push buttons. 1 question would be party affiliation.

  • True Pundit

    The link you provided was in the story we originally posted.

  • Setsurinvich

    its doubtful ONLY 43% of gop would vote trump and 44% vote Clinton

  • TruthTeller111

    Your intel would line up with Axiom Strategies poll of Luzerne County, PA. That county went 5% for Obama in 2012. Trump is winning it BY 23 POINTS!!! Their new poll has not been released, but that was from mid June. This is the company that just polled P Ryan’s primary race and called it almost exactly…

  • Nick Hall

    Have always wondered if not for social media how ugly would this presidential election be

  • i2luvmyusa

    WE are so screwed with the corrupt Bias mains street Media and the lying

  • Debra Blank

    Then why wouldn’t the network just say that??

  • Pat Onorata

    The Hillary Bill Clinton Machine needs to be stopped!! This is outrageous that supposedly neutral news agencies are doing this type of thing…

  • Grunt

    We would have won in Vietnam if not for Dan Rather Walter Cronkite CBS tag team. Communist sympathizers both.

  • Robert C Glass

    The best way to get back at broadcast media that is dishonest is to give negative comments to the FCC when their license renewal comes up. As far as print or online media, just stop reading or visiting their site. No clicks, no money.

  • Renov8

    Becoming??? More like “ARE”.

  • Scott D

    Hillary hasn’t pulled her despicable, untrue Trump ads in Pa. I saw one yesterday. The only pro Hillary one she runs promises to tax the rich and businesses hard so they will hire more people. It’s like they were drunk when they wrote it

  • Scott D

    Says the easily duped guy

  • Doug Larsen

    No idea what your comment is supposed to mean, Scott. I wasn’t the one who was fooled by an obviously phony poll. Being easily fooled and/or conned seems to be the domain of Trumpkins. BTW, have you looked at the most recent LEGITIMATE polls, Scott? Clinton is up by 8 points in Pennsylvania as of today. She’s also leading in every other swing state. And by more than the margin of error in most of those states.

    Too funny. “Conservative” dolts nominated the ONE Republican candidate who was certain to loose to Clinton. And now they’re acting surprised and angry that the obvious, is becoming even more obvious by the day. I swear, people like you are your own worst enemies. Even more funny, you’re too dumb to even realize it.

    Joke’s on you, Bubba. 😉

  • Rob

    Why would CBS post it then and publish on newswire?

  • Doug Larsen

    Man, y’all are a little slow. CBS did not publish this on Newswire. The creator of the phony poll published it on Newswire (because anyone can publish anything on Newswire for $149.)

    This local CBS affiliate then picked-up that Newswire press release because their auto-filter detected keywords the affiliate had identified as newsworthy. But as soon as an actual human at that CBS affiliate realized this poll wasn’t legit, they took it off.

    That’s it.

  • Rob

    scroll to the bottom half of the page

    they yanked it because they didn’t like the results

  • Doug Larsen

    Rob, that’s quite the nutter conspiracy theory. If they “yanked it because they didn’t like the results”, can you explain why NO other reputable media outlets even covered this “poll” to begin with? Why did this single CBS affiliate (out of 100’s) even run the story to begin with, when no other affiliates did? I already answered that question: because it was a phony poll that accidentally got picked up by a computer screening system, then removed when a human noticed it wasn’t a legit poll or piece of news.

    But I know, I know Rob. You’re the type of person who will create whatever narrative suits his own pre-conceived beliefs. Facts, logic and reason have no place. It’s all just a big conspiracy!

    I swear, America’s right-wing has simply gone bat-sh*t crazy the last 10 years. It’s like the land of misfit toys, with every under-educated, conspiracy-minded half-wit crawling out from under their rocks to support their fellow ass-clown Don the Con (who, interestingly enough, was a life-long New York liberal until four years ago.) You can’t even make this kind of comedy up. Hard-core conservatives supporting a big-government, “free health care for all”, Putin-loving, pathological lying sociopath. Because that’s exactly what Trump is. Ain’t nothing conservative about the guy.

    When Trump inevitably loses in a couple months, people like you are going to have to decide if you want to reform from your asinine political theatrics, or if you’d like to keep marching straight towards total irrelevancy. Knowing how people like you think, and how you’re frequently your own worst enemy, I have no doubt you will continue to marginalize yourselves with your offensive brand of politics. Eventually the grown-ups will again regain control of the GOP, and the loonies & nutters will have to crawl back under their rocks.

    I can’t wait until November 9th. I’m gonna laugh my rear off at all the dullards who actually thought nominating Don the Con might be a good idea. Youll learn that day that, in fact, most Americans do NOT support the kind of idiocy Trump represents.