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Calls to Sell ESPN Grow Louder as Network Hemorrhages Viewers ‘In Record Numbers’

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no matter how well the movie does, the film will likely get “overshadowed” by ESPN’s hemorrhaging of viewers “in record numbers,” resulting in growing angst and alarm among investors in the Magic Kingdom.

“Let’s face it – sports has changed,” noted Disney analyst Jim Hill. “It’s gotten so expensive … it’s a scary time all around the barn right now for sports, and that’s another thing that Disney’s eyeballing.”

The fear factor Hill references has to do with the price of sports broadcasting rights, the exorbitant and ever-growing amounts of money that broadcast networks pay to sports leagues like the NFL in order to broadcast their games. – READ MORE

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  • huntress

    Well maybe espn should keep their big fat noses out of politics and stick to what they barely know,…sports

  • Son of Rusty Shackleford

    It has become the Especially Stupid People Network!

  • Andrew

    Shut the eff up about politics, then I might reconsider on changing the channel back.