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BUSTED: Open Borders Hero John McCain Lives in Exclusive $15 Million Remote Mountain Compound Surrounded by Water, Fences, Ridges

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While millions of Arizonians and Americans have to battle the incredible influx of illegal aliens daily, Arizona Sen. John McCain is tucked safely away in a heavily guarded and shrouded remote compound in the Arizona mountains.

McCain’s property outside Sedona is so secret that very few photos even exist of the property. The fortress and its road share the same appropriate name: Hidden Valley. Photography of the six or seven or more residential buildings on McCain’s collection of adjoining lots is not permitted. Likewise, the McCain compound stands alone, appearing like its own remote neighborhood development from satellite photography. Even local helicopter companies are not permitted to buzz the property.

McCain and his federal security detail have initiated a local no-fly zone over and around the compound. That includes personal drones.

McCain’s compound is protected by a large creek on its eastern border and rocky mountain ridges and ranges on its other sides.

Perhaps this is why the multi-millionaire, long-time senior U.S. senator seems impervious to the plight of illegal immigration in his own state and beyond. What does he have to worry about living on a guarded compound worth an estimated $15+ million? The mountain compound is not to be confused with another Arizona property, a north central Phoenix house McCain sold for $3.2 million. Photos and video of that residence have been widely shared on the internet. The mountain compound is where McCain relocated to after that sale and apparently built a number of the structures on that now-impressive property.

Oh, we forgot to tell you. In addition to the six or seven or eight residential structures in the McCain mountain compound, the senator owns another seven or eight properties spanning from California to northern Virginia. Why don’t we know exactly how many properties, you might ask. Even McCain doesn’t know how many homes he owns.

Let’s take a look at the photos we do have of the McCain compound.

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  • Lonni Clarke

    So much for xeriscaping.

  • HMS Lion

    Following in the inglorious footsteps of that other open borders advocate, J K Rowling.

    Here is but one example:

    She also has a huge mansion in Tasmania. Plenty of room for a few refugees, perhaps.

  • lechevre

    Who is McCain to apply a no fly zone over his property? This would make a good court case for lawyers with balls to take him on.

  • PatriotPride

    He is such a shill – makes me sick. He should be living ON THE BORDER!!!

  • theo

    Well, since people fly drones all over and spy in our windows, I say we fly drones over his place, spy in his windows, see how he likes it.

  • Praying_for_a_Blaze_of_Glory

    We would be arrested in a heart beat. McCain is another nasty elitist that needs to be “dethroned”.

  • Patriot76

    It is remote. His wife’s family is loaded. Hence the bankrolling of his career.

  • ArizonaSun

    Distribute that Budweiser and it will make you very rich!

  • staff office

    Good place to have pizza parties right Johnny?

  • huntress

    Of course. Another hypocrit. All for me, but not for thee. You don’t need no stinken fence, gates, or armed security. You’re not important like I am. Arrogant imbeciles!

  • Oh Jesus for years he lived a couple of house down from by my best friend in the middle of Phoenix Not A fan of his or this stupid article.

  • FreedomFighter

    Looks like a great location for a new missile test range.

  • FreedomFighter

    Hi Glory! Voter fraud. Any wonder he is against an investigation? He is also popular amongst jihadi extremists.

  • My, my.. someone must have a guilty conscience.

  • RightVote

    John McShane….is a NIMBY…………….Not in My Back Yard !

  • Moses Jones

    I, John Sidney McCain III, as a senior U.S Democratic Senator from
    Phoenix, Arizona am guilty of war crimes against the Syrian country
    and people. I bombed their cities, towns and villages and caused many
    injuries, even deaths, for the people of Syria. – Songbird

  • E_Lyn

    They have kept him in office 30 years!!!! Very good example of why term limits are needed.

  • John Volpe

    While he will always be an American Hero the time has come for him to retire. Pass the torch let his daughter run for senator

  • DimpleNut

    Isolated, secluded, impossible to breach. The better to hide the screams of children.

  • ps952

    Who in their right mind would WANT to be married to that wimpy pussy backstabbing boring traitor? He does not have a single redeeming value. He certainly cannot be trusted. No disrespect but I wonder about his poor wife. She nuts or desperate?

  • RobietheCat

    How is his daughter qualified for the Senate?

    Since when did our politics become a heriditary oligarchy?

  • Surf such

    Not jihadis it is isis is his baby given birth by bush,blair,EVIL satanyaho uk and the french.mccain has met elbaghdadi the isis leader twice and al baghdadi is a mossad agent who speaks arabic fluently and when Evil isis gets injured they go to merciless israel for treatment.

  • Toro

    I haven’t heard a conservative from AZ praise the man in over a decade, yet he manages to keep winning elections – insanity

  • Toro

    she’s more liberal than he is

  • Toro

    hell- he’s probably there 2 months out of the year, at most

  • Doubtom

    No she’s just an opportunist like MCCain is,,,,she thought she was marrying a real hero, instead of a manufactured one.

  • 2tor

    I don’t know why no-one mentions it, but this pos is almost as responsible for isis as Obama’s is. He definitely as guilty of supplying them arms, if not even more so, than Obama was.

  • Doubtom

    All true, except for the party affiliation. You don’t get to dump on the Dems, just cause you’re pissed off at one of your own. You own him!

  • william couch

    Got that right!! He’s was the reason the USS Forrestal went up in smoke in 7/68.. Killed 13,,,,,,, 2 were friends of mine!!

  • Ben

    This is the guy who assisted the North Vietnamese in break our men?

  • Lookinforawayout

    Where did the money for this monstrosity come from?

  • Dragonheart

    McCain should be the poster boy of why we need term limits on every elected office.

  • nunya business
  • Booga20

    Article at a minimum is half truths.. He can’t make his property and no-fly zone. It’s absurd.

  • Takiwa

    He married a millionaire, after he divorced his first wife.
    Another John Kerry story.

  • Takiwa

    That’s just for the little peeps.

  • dcooper

    Fat and stupid also.

  • Tricia Walker McGaughrin

    McCain is a traitor to our country, his party, his President , & his voters…. He stuffs his pockets & jumps when Soros says jump… He is not a patriot.. He is loyal only to himself ( ask his wives )….. He is an arrogant, self seaking , nasty old man …. No one likes him or respects him …… Look him up & learn ….. Not a good man… Not even a decent man… He should never be in Washington…..

  • Sharon

    I read that he married his current wife while still married to the first wife.

  • Timothy Thompson

    Probably he doesn’t want his helecopter to be interfered with when he takes off or lands. This guy is a perfect example of the power that these people accumulate and go to their head. He probably could afford it after he threw the election to Obama, a payback for not vetting Obama or using his past associations like Bill Ayers and all Obama’s missing college records and missing information that has been held secret from the American people so mysteriously to this day.
    If Obama is ever found out to be the fraud we believe he is, all hell should brake loose and the American people will finally demand that the communists that have infiltrated our country through the Democratic party will once and foreall be thrown out once and for all. They have and continue to lie, cheat and for the most part given themselves to the devil and the perverted who seem to hate American and want to destroy our constitution and bill of writes. God Bless America.

  • william couch

    Yeah, it urks me that he’s so celebrated. When he got out of Hanoi,,,,, when he hit the America’s,, he should’ve been walked right to Leavenworth, KS. And his daughter on fox,, should be !F ING! slapped so hard her teeth rattle!!

  • William M. Silaghi

    The portion of the article that states “Likewise, the McCain compound stands alone, appearing like its own remote neighborhood development from satellite photography. Even local helicopter companies are not permitted to buzz the property. McCain and his federal security detail have initiated a local no-fly zone over and around the compound. That includes personal drones.” is pure b.s. That might have been the case nine years ago when he lost to Obama as the Republican Candidate, but there are no regulations or temporary flight rules prohibiting any one from flying a plane, helicopter or drone over his property.

  • Benford Hughey

    I toured the Hanoi Hilton located in Central Hanoi back in a September 2011 and I was hoping I’d still see John McCain locked up in there.

  • MOOSE4U2

    Are you kidding ? One McCAIN IS MORE THAN ENOUGH .

  • Jerry Kelly

    well from reading these comments I believe he is smart to have fences to keep the rabid dogs out..

  • jim marcum

    I guess if we want any lip off of McCain we can peel it off the canopy of that fighter jet he got shot out from under him.

  • DT

    I’m sorry to hear about your friends and the other deaths caused by McCain…
    I read that the U.S. had to change flight patterns and codes used on flights because McCain was giving them to the Vietnamese…I believe the Vietnamese called McCain songbird.

  • DT

    McCain managed to give away Indian land down around Mt Graham in AZ without the Senate approval or voting on it…so yes McCain.

  • DT

    I don’t think McCain won the Republican primaries in AZ…we’ve been trying to vote McCain out for years…he’s a phony.

  • DT

    McCain dumped his first wife after her bad accident

  • DT

    Well said!!! McCain is a lying phony and well paid by the Hungarian communist George Soros, who’s trying to bring down the U.S. of America, and the presidency of President Donald Trump…

  • william couch

    Yes, thanks about that. There were a couple of other things that they had to change because of him that day.. He was saved because of his father..

  • Wendy Williams

    now his daughter, meghan who came out as a lesby and talked against her father in the 2008 election, she now has a
    national daytime squawk box! her families money bought her the keys to a fox news spot! just watch her speak out of turn and have an opinion on every single thought. it seems sometimes she just repeats another idea worded differently just to rush in and speak first or talk louder than a softer speaking female!

  • Frito Bandito

    His slag of pos daughter makes me puke. Phony anti american just like him.