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Busted: Lou Dobbs Catches Paul Ryan End-Run Around President-Elect Trump (Video)

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Lou Dobbs may have just put the final nail in Paul Ryan’s RINO coffin.

Dobbs, while questioning Congressman Chris Collins, triggered several interesting facts from Collins, including that Congress will likely vote for Ryan again as House Speaker as soon as Tuesday. Yes, as in tomorrow.

But Collins seemed to back pedal when Dobbs accused the GOP of trying to pull a fast one on Trump. who he pointed out Ryan fought with during his historical campaign. Collins said Ryan was on board with all of Trump’s campaign agenda but it does appear Dobbs painted the congressman into a nasty corner and Collins likely was saying whatever needed to be said to salvage the interview and escape the hot seat.

Dobbs is a throw back to how reporters should carry themselves. He is a pro and GOP flacks who test him end up looking like Collins, who should have known better.

Keep an eye on Ryan. He still is not trustworthy.

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