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BREAKING NEWS: Jeff Sessions Attorney General: Trump Makes Offer, CBS Snaps Pulls Race Card

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We are posting this only because it is Breaking News from CBS who didn’t miss packing the story with unwarranted cheap shots painting Sen. Jeff Sessions as an alleged racist which is truly seething of journalistic irony given the anti-white public service records of Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.

CBS News: Ignore the last two allegedly racist Attorney Generals who were African Americans and focus on besmirching the white guy who hasn’t even been sworn in.


President-elect Trump has offered Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions the post of attorney general, sources directly involved in the selection process tell CBS News.

The choice of Sessions to be the nation’s top prosecutor is sure to be controversial.

Sessions has been one of Mr. Trump’s closest and most consistent allies.

But when Sessions faced Senate confirmation for a job 30 years ago, it didn’t go well.

Nominated for a federal judgeship in 1986, Sessions, R-Ala., was dogged by racist comments he was accused of making while serving as U.S. attorney in Alabama.  He was said to have called a black assistant U.S. attorney “boy” and the NAACP “un-American” and “communist-inspired.”

Sessions was the first senator to back Mr. Trump during the campaign and is an architect of Mr. Trump’s immigration, counterterrorism and trade policies.

His name has been floated for attorney general and secretary of defense. The Trump transition team released a statement Thursday saying the president-elect is “unbelievably impressed” with Sessions, citing his work as a U.S. attorney and state attorney general in Alabama.

But confirmation for the four-term lawmaker, even in a Republican-controlled chamber, is not guaranteed.

Sessions had been confirmed by a Republican-controlled Senate in 1981 to be the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Alabama.

In 1986, however, his racially-charged comments and record on civil rights as a U.S. attorney, which Sessions denied and defended, prevented his nomination as judge from going forward, even in a GOP-majority Senate. Sessions later withdrew from consideration, though he went on to become state attorney general and won election to the U.S. Senate in 1996.

“Mr. Sessions is a throwback to a shameful era, which I know both black and white Americans thought was in our past,” the late Massachusetts Democrat, Sen. Edward Kennedy, said during the 1986 confirmation hearing. “It is inconceivable to me that a person of this attitude is qualified to be a U.S. attorney, let alone a U.S. federal judge.”  READ MORE

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  • weneedtowork

    Hillary said in an email to John Podesta that Black People are professional neverdowells. It doesn’t get anymore racist than that does it?

  • Bucky Barkingham

    If only Sessions had been more like Robt. C. Bird the LibDem propaganda machine would be down with him.

  • Miguel

    I hope you don’t mind if I use a version of that…

  • huntress

    It wouldn’t matter if trump picked jesus himself to be AG, the lefty loons would say their same old song,…your racist, your a bigot, your blah, blah, blah. When in fact these anti trump paid protestors are the BIGGEST racists ever to exist!

  • Miguel

    Dem: “This drunkard ruins perfectly good water by changing it to wine! He proves he can’t swim by walking on top of water! Heck, he can’t even get dying right! Every other human on this planet has managed to stay dead! Even my dog, Spot, is still dead! Look he’s back alive! Incompetence!”

  • Casey

    I will say it again….time to change the definition of “racist”.
    RACIST: anyone winning an argument against a liberal.

  • Alan

    If Sessions was a Democrat he could do or say anything and the Democrats would still eagerly support him.

  • Patriot76

    Trump should pull all of their Press credentials and eliminate the WH Press room. Sorry MSM no more free access if you can’t print the truth, you won’t print anything.

  • CarolinaPride

    Well thankfully ted Kennedy is burning in his new home this time

  • Adios cucarachas!!!!

    The liberal senate in the 1980s killed his nomination for the horrible “crime” of demanding respect from a subservient employee. That dog won’t hunt this time, it’s a Tea Party Nation now!!

  • lilbear68

    hoping sessions has a ‘special prosecutor’ already picked out

  • Ange Crowell

    As a Fan of the Oversight Hearings, Senator Sessions will be Perfect for Attorney General. With the Unfiltration and Invasion, Acceptable WhiteHouse Riots, I Totally Agree with Not Only the MSA Activists operating Their ‘Political Agenda’ and Trying to ‘Organize’ with Obamas Approval. I Also Think Every College Professor and Administration Should be Revetted as Far as Projection of Their “Ideology” Its a Division that is Placed Between Child and Parent with the Implementation of Common Core and the ILLEGAL “Charter Schools” Which are NOW Federally Funded and Owned and Operated by Known Terrorist Gulen. Parents have go to Step in and Look with Open Eyes EXACTLY What the Campuses are Truly Like for American Christian Students. May I Suggest the OKeefe Veritas Videos “Cornell and Yale RIP UP Constitution to Appease” One College Campus “Shredded The Constitution” Another Let an Activist Group “Raise Funds to Help ISIS” Its Time for Our Kids Get the Education WE PAY TAXES FOR!