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BREAKING: 4 Dead in Seattle-Area Mall Shooting, Gunman on the Loose, Say Police (UPDATED) Suspect still at large

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Four people are dead following a shooting Friday night at a shopping mall about 65 miles north of Seattle, Washington State Patrol said.

The shooting occurred at Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington.

“4 confirmed deceased in the mall, shooter(s) left scene b4 police arrived, unknown # of shooter, possibly just 1, police clearing mall now,” Sgt. Mark Francis, a public information officer with Washington State Patrol tweeted- READ MORE


A search is underway for an armed man suspected of killing at least three people and injuring two others in a shooting at Cascade Mall in Skagit County, the Washington State Patrol says.

“We’re doing everything we can to find this person. Stay vigilant. If you see something, just like they say, say something,” said State Patrol Sgt. Mark Francis. “Avoid the area. If you live close to the area, stay inside – lock your doors.”

A photo of the shooter has been released. The suspected shooter is described by authorities as a Hispanic man wearing black or grey clothing.

Possible second shooter – READ MORE

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  • Sovereign_Citizen

    Hmm…questions, questions, questions…

    1 – guy walks around in a mall in the 21st century and this is the best image we have of him?
    2 – Or, is it because we have so many good images of him this is the worst we have so they are using that to “find” the guy?
    3 – It looks like his shirt is the ISIS print on it…why is the shirt blurred more than the rest of the image?
    4 – in a major hunting area nobody know what kind of gun that is?
    5 – no cell phone videos?
    6 – no other cameras anywhere in the mall just this one lousy shot…really?

    I am going to call a rat here…

  • Auggydog

    Looks Middle Eastern to me.