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Bolton: Comey Should Have Been Gone On Day One

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FBI Director James Comey should have been released from service on President Donald Trump’s first day in office, former United Nations ambassador John Bolton told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Bolton’s comments come after President Donald Trump blasted the FBI for being unable to find leakers of classified information Friday morning. Trump also suggested that the FBI was even unable or unwilling to police its own ranks.

“The way the Clinton administration was handled from the get go, his public appearances several times during the campaign on the subject, and the conduct on the overall investigation were unacceptable,” Bolton declared.

Trump indicated in his first days in office that he would ask Comey to remain at the helm of the FBI, despite Comey’s decision not to recommend charges for Clinton in the wake of the email investigation.

Trump and Bolton’s ire with the FBI follow a CNN report that the bureau refused to defend the White House from allegations of contact between Trump campaign workers and Russian intelligence agents during the 2016 campaign. The White House confirmed aspects of the story but disputed the inappropriate nature of the conversation.

“When the FBI came to the White House to inform us that the story wasn’t true we asked them if they’d be willing to correct the record,” White House Secretary of Sean Spicer told ABCNews. The FBI then declined, saying they should not “get into calling balls and strikes on everything,” according to an officials comment to ABCNews.


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  • John

    What’s that you say about a day and a dollar………um…….um……..oh wait!!!???

  • CindyI

    Please show our Leader respect and stop callin him trump. You are so disrespectful. It is President Trump

  • benoNetanya .

    So many Trojans the abortion industry will be out of business. Comey should be gone for his name alone, I wonder what President Trump is thinking, he must know that Comey is a shill.

  • prairie_canuck

    Yes, I couldn’t agree more. Try to keep it straight. He is the president. You are an insignificant punk.

  • Deplorable_Pam

    I’ve supported President Trump since his announcement, but he’s opened the doors for a whole lot of these attacks , leaks, smears by the Left . He appears weak and indecisive and they’ll continue to attack. There’s blood in the water now and I’m sorry, but he did part of this himself.
    He shouldn’t have allowed them to bully him into accepting Flynns resignation. Even if he DID want rid of him (why- he just appointed him.) HE should have waited until it was on HIS terms not the liberal msm and Obamas operatives.
    I’m beginning to ❓ Trump’s motives all the way around. He’s replaced Flynn with a man who spouts the same pro Islamic garbage that Obamas ppl did. Why? Next we have the joke of a travel ban.
    Fact: Nothings changed, refugees and Islamists still pouring in. He should have immediately gotten with Congress who was also usurped by the rogue 9th circuit Court and that court should have been slapped down decisively and hard. Nothing was done. Now the ← has already said they’ll be filling lawsuits throughout his Presidency and the courts will be more than ☺ to oblige. His fault- weak.
    Next, he’s the head of the Republican party, what has Congress done? Nothing! McDonnell is loving it -so is Ryan they’re free to follow their agenda not Trumps. Again weakness. Never thought weak would be a term for Trump. But that’s what he’s been.
    Let’s not forget, → out of the gate allowing Clinton a free pass.Now Obama’s using tax payers money to actively oppose (violently) his agenda! And we’re paying to train them.
    And back peddling on #DACA & #DAPA everyday his Adm is issuing work permits to illegal immigrants. How’s that putting America first?
    He better get on ball, quick. Winning wasn’t enough.

  • Wake up Sheeple

    You are delusional Pam. He is several steps ahead of all these clowns. Patience….you will see that I am correct.