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Bill Maher’s Message To Hollywood: ‘We’re The Losers Now’

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(Daily Caller) Bill Maher sent a message to those in Hollywood thinking about attacking President-elect Donald Trump saying, “we’re the losers now” and urging them to break out of their liberal “bubble.”

In an interview published by The New York Times on Sunday, the 60-year-old host of “Real Time with Bill Maher” commented on the Golden Globe speech by actress Meryl Streep in which she attacked the president-elect, urged him not to kick out foreigners and called on the press to hold him accountable.

“We’re the losers now, so it behooves us to break out of that bubble more,” Maher responded. “It looks very insular. Just the liberals talking to themselves, which they are very good at doing.”

Maher’s talk show returns from hiatus the day Trump is sworn-in as the 45th president of the United States.

In a recent interview the TV host said that “we’re just in unchartered waters” when it comes to a Trump presidency.


“Other presidents are not like this cat,” Maher said. “I mean, George Bush hated me and I didn’t like him, but no matter how bad they were–all the Republicans– it was like a glass bottom boat. I’m looking at those sharks, but they can’t really get me. And now, I feel like the shark can get me or anybody. We’re just in unchartered waters.”

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  • Terry Rains


  • Booga20

    Insignificant assholes in the entertainment industry. And they continue to get FaceTime.

  • Bob

    What was the difference in popular votes? Or are you hanging on the word ‘win’?

  • Ken Hoag

    hang onto your fantasy that the popular vote has a meaning. 306 electoral votes is all that matters.

  • Bob

    You must be thinking of someone else, Ken, chill the beans. Simple question was about if the 2.5m popular vote disparity is still accurate.