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Assad is assembling 10,000 troops for final assault on ISIS in Aleppo

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An army of 10,000 troops is amassing outside of the besieged city of Aleppo as the government prepares for an unprecedented assault on rebel-held areas of the city after a week of airstrikes and artillery fire has left the city burning and hundreds dead.

According to senior government sources speaking to CNN, the US is now considering how to react to the latest move by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad against opposition forces in eastern Aleppo.

The troops, which have been gathering for the last week and are believed to include as many as 3,000 soldiers from Iran, are reportedly preparing for a final ground assault as al-Assad looks to crush rebel positions in eastern Aleppo and retake the strategically important city. – READ MORE

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  • RockyFjord

    US and NATO destroyed a secular welfare state with the highest living standard in the Mideast and beautiful cities, and kicked to bloody death on CIA video a head of state who bent over backwards to accommodate the US to no avail, and Hillary Clinton laughed upon seeing this gruesome atrocity. Russia will have preserved a state which will still function,
    and a head of state who the CIA and Pentagon black ops have been unable to murder in the name of some delusional democracy, America’s deadliest export. God bless Rodina
    and Syria and the sacrifices made by the Middle East to liberate itself from the exceptional empire of chaos and supreme arrogance.

  • Your Night Mare

    Good Luck in regaining the upper hand against foreign inspired, financed, armed and trained terrorist.